Mandy's Wed Blog: Baseball is On at One So Let's Hurry Through the Show!

BASEBALL TODAY AT 1!! So we're going to cram a whole show into one hour. Have some coffee and buckle up, peeps!

DEMOCRATS HAD NO INTENTION TO TALKING TO AG BARR And I watched about two hours of yesterday's shameful House Committee meeting. It was an embarrassment. Just watch this montage of Democrats making accusations and then REFUSING to let AG Bill Barr simply ANSWER them. What the actual you-know-what is the point of this????

Good grief. These people suck so bad.

THERE ARE NEKKID PHOTOS OF SOMEONE FROM JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S HOUSE! And we know this because Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged human trafficker who provided teen girls for powerful men, has turned them over! From The Daily Mail:

'Highly Confidential Information contains nude, partially-nude, or otherwise sexualized images, videos, or other depictions of individuals,' the court documents said. 

WOW. I wonder which powerful men are crapping their pants today?

CALDARA CALLS OUT THE GOVERNOR As well he should because listening to Governor Polis try to deflect blame from the homeless city in front of the Capitol has been laughable. Read Jon's column about it here.

BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THE LINCOLN PARK HOMELESS CAMP IS BEING CLEANED UP RIGHT NOW And by RIGHT NOW, I mean RIGHT NOW. Check out the video in this story about it to see a city worker picking through trash to find used needles he sets aside. But I'm sure these people are living on the streets because rents are too high, amiright?

BANDIMERE IS BACK TO RACING! After some complete stupidity from Jefferson County they seem to have settled on the terms of what Bandimere Speedway needs to do to get the blessing of bureaucrats who tried to shut them down after July 4th. By the way, have there been any cases to appear from that weekend of racing? No? Hmmm, I wonder why that is when the bureaucrats seem to know that every group of people except protesters are covid hotspots.

I WONDER HOW THE GOVERNOR FEELS ABOUT ALL THE BUSINESSES THAT ARE BEING DESTROYED RIGHT NOW I am starting to get panicked emails from business owners who have been hanging on by a thread but are running out of money right now. The coffee shop that made big news for opening on Mother's Day is closing their Castle Rock location permanently now. I'm sure the Governor is stoked about these rabble rousers who dared to defy him losing their business.

ANGIE SENT ME THIS VIDEO FROM SUPER SECRET ARMY TRAINING And I laughed really hard and I'm not sure why but here you go.

SOMEHOW I DOUBT ANY OF YOU WILL LIE TO DATE A PROGRESSIVE But apparently people LIE about being uber woke to get chicks. This is 100% not surprising for me, as I've maintained for YEARS that men who profess to love feminism are just trying to get laid. Now there is a name for it: wokefishing. It's a play on "catfishing" where people create fake social media profiles to trick someone for some reason. This whole story made me laugh honestly because it's so pathetic that people put politics and virtue signaling over real human relationships. I hope they enjoy dying alone.

THE NAACP IN PHILLY LOVES HATE IF IT'S DIRECTED AT JEWS This is turning into something really interesting to watch. At the moment in this nation when we are told we (as white people) must deal with our history of hatred and racism, apparently black people are allowed to treat Jews the same way they don't want to be treated. At least it seems that way as the NAACP remains silent while on of their leaders sends out anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter. The Oppressed always become the Oppressors.

WILL WE SEE MORE OF THIS AS BASEBALL SEASON CONTINUES DURING COVID? The Marlins have had their season "suspended" for a week while they battle Coronavirus in the clubhouse. I think this will be an ongoing issue for clubs during the year. Here's hoping it doesn't hit the Rockies...

PERHAPS ELLEN SHOULD TAKE HER OWN BE KIND ADVICE We love to build people up in this country and then destroy them. Now it's Ellen DeGeneres' turn. Anonymous former employees have come forward to put her show on full blast for not being nice. Read it here if you want to.


POLICE AGENCIES JUST SAY NO TO THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION And can anyone really blame them? The Milwaukee PD may have a tough time finding the additional 1,000 cops needed for the convention, which will be severely limited in size but still a target for protests. What if Antifa decides to descend on the city? I'm not hoping someone gets hurt, but honestly, it would serve these jokers right.

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