Mandy's Tue Blog: My Head Exploded This Morning

Y'ALL TODAY'S SHOW IS GOING TO MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE Between my interview with Chris Fuselier from Blake Street Tavern to the CPR story on the dumpster fire that is the Colorado Department of Health right now, you are going to be ANGRY. Really, really angry.

CHRIS FUSELIER IS LEADING THE FIGHT AGAINST ARBITRARY RESTRICTIONS AGAINST RESTAURANTS And I talked to him earlier today about the lawsuit filed by over 200 local restaurants in the area. I'll play it for you at 1.

THE GOVERNOR MADE ANOTHER BAD HIRE AT THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND IT SHOWS Much like his horrible appointment at CDOT, he hired someone who was not suited for the job at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment just as Coronavirus reared it's ugly head. Colorado Public Radio has done some really good work digging into the situation and uncovered some very unsettling news. Apparently there has been a high level brain drain, an angry email about how incompetent current Director Jill Ryan Hunsaker is and more. It's really infuriating when you find out that Polis put a guy who built an email marketing company in charge of figuring out medical testing. I'm not even making that up. The story is FULL of EVERYONE in charge passing the buck UP to the next person they can. From the CEO of UC Health (which made 2 BILLION in profits in 2018, btw) to everyone trying to blame the Feds for everything. We are a federal form of government with a tremendous amount of power given to the states. We certainly asserted that with Amendment 64. Polis asserted that his is Commander in Chief of Colorado recently. So stop bitching about the Feds and do your jobs. Read it all, and at the end click through to the second story and read that. It's really, really bad.

I AM RELATIVELY CERTAIN I'M GOING TO HELL FOR LAUGHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO AS HARD AS I DID THIS MORNING Steve Inman does sports guy commentary on protesters acting badly.

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS DOCTOR GO OFF ABOUT HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE And I have to say, she's got a lot of fire and credibility. I love her.

WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE CHINESE UIGHUR SITUATION REALLY IS? This video with John Oliver has some bad language because he can't help it. However this video is entertaining and very informative.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD FINALLY AGREES THAT MARGARET SANGER WAS A RACIST Even as they continue to carry out her racist eugenics plan. A New York clinic has removed the founder of Planned Parenthood from it's building while issuing a statement that said in part:

“The removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color,”

The "historical reproductive harm" they speak could be the 20 million black lives snuffed out since Roe v. Wade. Or that black women get 38% of abortions while only making up 13% of the population. Read this from the Wall Street Journal story:

“Planned Parenthood does a large percentage of its abortion business in minority neighborhoods,” says Kay James, president of the Heritage Foundation and founder of Black Americans for Life. “Some employees may believe they are helping women, but whether they know it or not, they are doing the work of white supremacists, which is eliminating an alarming number of black people before they are born.”

Don't expect Planned Parenthood to accept their culpability for the destruction of 20 million black lives.

BOULDER GOVERNMENT IS INCOMPETENT AND NOW THEY ARE GETTING SUED Let's be real here. The Fine Citizens of Boulder have no interest in making it easier for a bunch of unrelated people to share an overpriced rental house. So the City gave bad advice to a group gathering signatures to get a measure that would allow it on the ballot and then refused to put the issue on the ballot when the group followed the city's bad advice. And how about this bit on nonsense as a defense:

Boulder City Council members candidly acknowledged that a failure to place the Bedrooms Are For People initiative on the ballot would likely result in litigation,according to live tweets of the meeting from Boulder-based reporter Shay Castle.
Nevertheless, the majority argued that it would be unfair to send the proposal to voters if the required number of signatures hadn’t been reached, that the campaign had ignored early warnings that the city’s election guidance might not be accurate, (emphasis mine) and that occupancy limits would be better dealt with legislatively, rather than at the ballot box.

Got that? The campaign relied on the city for good information, the city gave them bad information, and the city is now BLAMING the campaign for following their bad information. This is rich. Can we stop pretending that the rich liberals in Boulder give a crap about people at the other end of the economic spectrum? The campaign is now suing the city. Good.a

ABOUT THAT DECRIMINALIZING MAGIC MUSHROOMS THING DENVER DID The Feds did not get the message, and since psilocybin is still illegal federally, a local mushroom dealer is facing 20 years in federal prison for selling them in Denver. Whoopsie.

WHAT WOULD JOE BIDEN HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY FOR CORONAVIRUS? NOTHING. But he sure wants you to think he would. He even put out a video demonstrating that very thing. Watch it here if you must.

WE'RE ABOUT TO FLY A HELICOPTER ON MARS LIKE NO BIG DEAL And OF COURSE it's a big deal because it's freaking Mars. The air there is very thin, so scientists are not certain how the new helicopter will do, but I can't wait to find out. Lots more nerdy stuff here.

HEY, LET'S OUTSOURCE OUR PETS If these two creepy robot "dogs" are any indication of what that might look like I think Jinx is safe for now. Fluffy and Spot, two robot dogs, are now working at the Ford factory and it's sort of creepy. And not cuddly at all.

THE WORLD'S CREEPIEST...ER...MOST IDENTICAL TWINS I don't understand this. Two sisters who are twins want to get pregnant at the same time from their shared boyfriend so they can experience everything in life together. I'd like to repeat, I don't understand this.

AND NOW, BABIES BEING CUTE Because you need this today after your head explodes.

THE NFL GOES ALL IN FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE CAUSES And players will be able to wear the names of people killed by systemic racism in law enforcement, the NFL will play the "black national anthem" before the games in week one and there will be messages on the end line about stopping racism. No word on if they will even play the games this year or just use Sundays to remind us how horrible the United States is. Wouldn't it be cool if some of the players put the names of black people killed by black on black violence? Sorry, that's probably not allowed.

BUT ONE STEELER SAYS HE WON'T KNEEL FOR THE FLAG Because his grandmother was an immigrant who "did things the right way" so he won't kneel. Good for him, I'm sure he caught all kinds of crap for this.

DEMOCRATS ARE STOKED ABOUT BIDEN, CALLING HIM A BOWL OF S-H-I-T And I couldn't make this up if I tried. Just check out the kind words progressive Democrats have for the presumptive nominee by clicking here.

THE CHICAGO GUN CONTROL MYTH IS UPENDED BY PESKY FACTS And you can read all the facts about where Chicago's numerous criminals get their weapons and it ain't gun shows.

COMEDIAN RYAN LONG DID THE PERFECT VIDEO FOR OUR ERA And he joins us at 2 to talk about THIS bit of magic!

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