Mandy's Mon Blog: Restaurants are Suing Governor Polis Over Last Call

200 RESTAURANTS ARE SUING THE GOVERNOR And I've got Blake Street Tavern's Chris Fuselier on today to talk about it as he is spearheading the suit over the arbitrary and ridiculous 10pm last call and 100 patron limits the Governor has in place. He joins me at 2 and you don't want to miss it.

DR. GARY IS BACK TO TALK STAYING HEALTHY If you've got questions about how to boost your immune system or regenerative medicine, today is your day. He's on at 1.

WHEN THINGS ARE BAD THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE INSPIRED TO BEAUTY And I have to thank Loni, who is a band and orchestra director who sent me this today:

You know I love sharing great recordings of music with you (must be the music teacher in me).😊 This virtual choir recording had me in tears when it premiered last week. I had an alarm set on my phone to listen to it as soon as it published to YouTube (because I’m a nerd). I was not in my condo where I normally would’ve been, I was in my garage working on resurfacing our coffee table, a task that was meant to be a distraction from worrying about the school year. As a band and orchestra director, Covid stripped away the one thing that makes my content special and impactful, that is making music with others for others. I have no idea what the school year will bring, and that has been heavy on my heart. So, I sat in my garage with my Bluetooth speaker and sobbed uncontrollably as I listened to this. I hope this all lifts eventually and I know that the day I get to hear young students make music together will be another day where I cry tears, but this time it will be tears of gratitude and joy.

And she sent me a recording of a new song written by a man named Eric Whitacre and this is what he wrote about the piece:

In March of 2020, as the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold around the world, it became clear that this moment in history was going to be remembered as one of great suffering for many people, as well as a time of growing division and dissent. It seemed that as the global community began to isolate physically from one another, the same kind of isolation was happening on a social level, that the very fabric of society was tearing at the seams.
In that spirit I wrote the music and words to Sing Gently with the hope that it might give some small measure of comfort for those who need it, and that it might suggest a way of living with one another that is compassionate, gentle, and kind.
Sing Gently received its premiere online on July 19th, 2020, performed by the 17,572 singers of Virtual Choir 6. (emphasis mine)

There were 129 countries represented in this and yes, I cried listening to it from the sheer enormity of the voices. It's beautiful. I just had to share it. The song is only 3 minutes long, the credits took seven minutes.

SOMEONE IS DEAD AT A TEXAS PROTEST And so far, all we know is that a man driving a car tried to turn onto a street where protesters were walking. He was approached by a crowd of people, one of whom was holding a long arm rifle. The driver shot and killed that man. The rest of the details are not so clear. The guy who was killed seems like a stand up guy, and as we don't know anything about the shooter yet, we should wait and see what comes out. But a man is dead from a protest. We had to see this coming.

PEACEFUL PROTESTERS IN AURORA BREAK WINDOWS AND START FIRES AND BLOCK 225 And someone decided to drive THROUGH the protesters on 225 and someone was hurt, and then some idiot in the crowd opened fire and shot TWO protesters. This is why you don't carry a weapon if you don't have training, people. Fires were set at the Aurora PD and windows were smashed as well. So things are going well in Aurora right now.

THE JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT IS PUNISHING BANDIMERE BY BEING INCOMPETENT If I told you that a business on the verge of being shut down by a governmental agency was working hard to do what they needed to do to comply with ever shifting regulations that's believable, right? And if I told you the governmental agency CANCELLED A MEETING with said business as a means to punish the business, that's believable too, right? Because that's exactly what Jefferson County's Department of Health did to Bandimere Speedway. This is pure retaliation.

BLACK LIVES MATTER UNLESS YOU'RE A BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER Because one of Milwaukee's most prominent Trump supporters, who was a black man and a Rasta preacher, was gunned down in broad daylight and murdered. Police say they are investigating whether or not the well-liked man was killed because of his political beliefs.

MARTY CONIGLIO MADE A DUMB CHOICE AND NOW HE'S FIRED Longtime 9News weather man Marty Coniglio is out of a job after tweeting out this image:

Marty Coniglio Tweet

Apparently someone at 9News realized that comparing federal law enforcement to Nazis is NOT appropriate and now Marty is out.

BERTHOUD'S BACK THE BLUE RALLY WENT MUCH DIFFERENTLY THAN DENVER'S When counter protesters showed up to disrupt the planned Back the Blue rally in Berthoud, they were met with shouts of USA and a line of police on horseback who escorted the unwelcome crowd away from the rally. Well done, Larimer County Sheriff and Berthoud citizens! No one was hurt, silly stringed, or set on fire at this event.

ZOOM IS MAKING US ALL WANT PLASTIC SURGERY As people are faced with their own aging image day in and day out on Zoom meetings, more people are opting for plastic surgery than ever before. Why? They have bad lighting and don't understand how to look good on camera. Just saying. Conversely, I have gotten used to my face WITHOUT makeup and hardly EVER wear it anymore. When you're wearing a mask, who cares?

MICROSOFT DID A STUDY ON WORK FROM HOME AND YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED Because when they analyzed how much people were working, they found out the average worker spent four MORE hours working a week than when in the office. I think there are a lot of reasons for this, but when you factor in how much commute time you are losing, it's a fair trade in my eyes. Read the whole thing here, it's very interesting.


RIP REGIS PHILBIN, YOU WERE ONE OF A KIND And I mean that in the BEST possible way! This is a lovely column about how Reg made us all look at the world a little bit differently and little bit funnier.

FOURTEEN MARLINS HAVE CORONAVIRUS And today's game is cancelled. We'll see how this works out for the rest of the season.

NOW A BLOOD TEST CAN DETECT CANCER YEARS EARLIER THAN SYMPTOMS APPEAR And this is amazing. Israeli scientists say they can use the new PanSeer test to detect five types of cancer including stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer, all fairly common. Game. Changer.

EVER FEEL LIKE EATING TWO AND HALF PIZZAS? IT'S A-OK! Just don't do it a LOT. Researchers tested what happens to people after the shove a whole bunch of pie in their pie holes and the answer is...not much. Sure you are super full and lethargic and may not have room for dessert, but it goes to show that ANY pizza is a personal size pizza if you believe in yourself enough.

THE RESCUE DOG NEEDED A RESCUE And Daisy the Saint Bernard was carried down the mountain when she collapsed on the way down in the UK. Here she is being carried down and it's adorable. I can't show Jinx this, she would fake an injury to get a ride.

DOUGCO SCHOOLS ARE ALL IN FOR A HYBRID MODEL FOR SCHOOL And what a NIGHTMARE for working parents. Read about it here and if you're a DougCo parent not happy, I'd call the charter schools and see if there is space. Just saying.

CHRIS WALLACE CALLS OUT JOE BIDEN For dodging an interview with him. He should call him out. Joe Biden is afraid to talk to Chris Wallace? And yet he wants to be President? I wouldn't hire him to be my latex salesman.


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