Mandy's Thu Blog: A Hodge Podge of News I Find Interesting

NOTHING MADE IT'S WAY TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS TODAY But there are lots of interesting little stories that I will bring to your attention, K?

NO, CHILDREN ARE NOT SPREADING THE CORONAVIRUS TO ADULTS And if the media weren't very lazy and unintelligent about reading reports, they would not have BREATHLESSLY reported this week about a South Korean study that THEY say showed kids WERE spreaders. Read this about what was actually IN the report and why we really need to not worry about this as we send our kids back to school. The report actually said the exact OPPOSITE.

REMEMBER THE GUN WIELDING COUPLE IN ST LOUIS? The pair who stood outside their stately home to protect it from passing protesters by waving long arm rifle and handgun? Well it seems the handgun waved by the wife wasn't capable of firing at all. That is no problem for the St. Louis DA's office, who had the weapon disassembled and fixed before the DA charged the woman with unlawful use of a weapon/flourishing. In order to charge her with that, the gun MUST be capable of firing. I don't see how any judge would let this prosecution go forward knowing this, but I don't know the judges in Saint Louis. Missouri also has a Castle Doctrine law that allows someone to protect their home with force so this is really just a nuisance charge by the DA if you ask me.

IF YOU HAVE DRONE MADE IN CHINA THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT MAY BE SPYING ON YOU And I have no reason to believe that all of our Chinese smart tvs aren't gathering up data on us all the time too. Now we KNOW that there is a bug in the system on some Chinese drones that can be exploited by the Chinese government. So essentially, while you're flying that idiotic thing around, you're spying for the Chi Comms. Well done. By the way, I hate drones unless they are being used for business. And then I hate them slightly less.

THE R LINE NEEDS TO DIE AND AURORA IS FREAKING OUT RTD is in a death spiral. Yes, I said it. They are trying to figure out ways to keep the thing afloat during this period of disappearing ridership. The R Line has never worked. It's not popular, most of the time there is ONE light rail car and IT is not even full ever. But when RTD began discussing the elimination of the R Line in Aurora things got real and now Aurora is pushing back. Sorry kids, but there is only so much money and just because we built an enormous monstrosity for billions of dollars doesn't mean it will work. And in the era of Coronavirus I'm not getting on a train or bus right now, are you?

WHAT A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS SUCK And this one from the Springs. A Business Improvement District is a tax scheme set up under the guise of commercial development to revitalize an area. That seems like a good idea, right? The issue arises when the Board overseeing the District is stacked with people who WORK for the private company tasked with the areas redevelopment. So they are managing THEMSELVES, all while overseeing sweetheart tax breaks FOR THEMSELVES. Do you see the issue here? Now businesses in the Springs are suing to get access to records of where and how tax benefits are doled out and to whom. They should NOT have to sue. There needs to be oversight and all of these boards everywhere need to be reigned in until there is.

THEY FOUND THE ANCIENT IRS BUILDING IN JERUSALEM One thing I learned when I went to Israel is that much like Greece, whenever you dig, you will find SOME kind of ruins or artifacts. In Israel, any building site has to be cleared by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). A recent built in Jerusalem was stopped when a large building was discovered underground and now they believe it was related to tax collection during the times of Hezekiah and Manasseh in the Kingdom of Judah some 2700 years ago. Just cool nerdy archeological stuff, that's all.


THIS SOPRANO HAS A SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR NERDS IN THE AUDIENCE Skip to the 1:17 mark for the singing part.

THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING YOU'LL SEE ALL DAY And I feel the same way the moms felt, that these sweet girls are going to get a rude awakening from this world we live in.

ALL OF YOUR PAIN IN ONE VIDEO! This is oddly satisfying.



HOW ABOUT SOME QUICK GRAPHS ON COVID IN SWEDEN? Remember, Sweden did NOT officially lock down, their schools remained OPEN and this is what happened:

Hmmmm. It looks like this virus ran it's course naturally. Even without draconian shut down measures. And to give context to the death numbers, as of July 17th, Sweden had 5,619 deaths. Of those, 5,009 were OVER THE AGE OF 70. Another 382 were over the age of 60, meaning that 228 deaths under the age of 60 have occurred in Sweden. They obviously did a garbage job protecting their elderly citizens, but they have the exact same curve that we see in every nation or state as they get hit. Just something to stew about as your favorite restaurant closes forever and your kids are robbed of a proper education.

DOES THIS BODE WELL FOR A TRUMP SECOND TERM? Sixty-two percent of Americans say they have political beliefs they are afraid to share. This is totally unsurprising. Just ask the Back the Blue Supporters how they feel about their opinions and how they were treated on Sunday. This survey shows that young people are the most intolerant of people with opposing viewpoints and believe in cancel culture wholeheartedly. Read it and weep, but then think this. Any polling you see between now and election day is garbage. People will NOT voice their true opinions about Trump. They just won't. The Silent Majority may be larger than we think.

I'M PLEASED TO KNOW I'LL NEVER GET HEART DISEASE! Because I eat chocolate MORE than once a week, I eat it DAILY. Five dark chocolate almonds from The Chocolate Therapist after dinner. EVERY day. And now we know that eating chocolate staves off heart disease! Chocolate for the win! By the way, the Chocolate Therapist now delivers!


GREG GUTFELD IS RIGHT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIAS HEAVIEST USERS He says they are the worst people in the universe.

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