Mandy's Wed Blog: Let's Talk about the FUTURE!

FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS BACK AT 1! And I've been feeling rather hopeless and melancholy these days, so I'm excited to find out what Thomas sees coming down the pike that might pick me up. Get his company's help with your company's future by clicking here.

THE DENVER POLICE WERE ORDERED TO STAND DOWN AT SUNDAY'S RALLY And this morning on Peter Boyles show on KNUS the President of the Police Union ADMITTED that the incident commander gave a retreat order and if it weren't for one Lieutenant who defied that order things could have been a LOT worse.

THE GOVERNOR SENT MILLENIALS TO THEIR ROOM By deciding that last call for bars is now 10pm. Because the virus only comes out at night, amiright? Now I'm not sure going to a bar is a GREAT idea now, but if they are open, this doesn't make ANY sense from a health perspective. He is just trying to take away spaces where younger people are gathering and spreading the virus to other young people who are more than likely NOT going to need to be hospitalized or die. HOWEVER, if YOU are that young person, PLEASE keep yourself away from older people. You want freedom? It comes with responsibility. Now a group of 200 restaurants are suing.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE COVID FEAR PORN RUNNING THE MEDIA THESE DAYS? And yes, I know I WAS SCARED TOO in the beginning but now we know more, people are keeping themselves out of harm's way if they are older, and far fewer people are dying these days. So what's with the horrifying news coverage? I mentioned it a few days ago about Florida, where many of my people still live. If you watched the news you would think Floridians are dropping dead in the streets, when THEY TOO have seen a drop in deaths. By the way, Florida is now moving the needle in the right direction, so expect them to be dropped out of the news cycle. Here is a handy article explaining how a lazy media is distorting the way deaths are reported to create their terrifying headlines.

I FOUND THIS VERY ENTERTAINING THIS MORNING And if you're a nerd like me with a special affinity for barbershop quartets you might like it too.

DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF A DOCUMENTARY? The film your day this Saturday and send it to these people!

IS YOUR MASK BREATH NOT-SO-FRESH? First off, it's sort of horrifying to realize YOU are the bad breath guy or girl. There are many reasons for bad breath, but the most common is untreated gum disease, which doesn't have to be very bad to make your breath stank. Here are some more reasons for dragon breath and how to tame it.

THE EGGHEADS AT MIT MADE A BETTER REUSABLE MASK FOR HEALTHCARE WORKERS And it kind of looks like something from outer space but it could be a game changer for hospitals and supply chains. See it here.

THE TEACHER'S UNION IS EXTORTING SCHOOL DISTRICTS AGAIN And though I do believe that teachers should definitely be part of the conversations about re opening and what that might look like, the union is now saying if their demands are NOT met, teachers will not show up to teach this year. Some of those demands are totally reasonable and make a lot of sense. Some, like providing a computer AND wifi for ALL students, are not. This is again why my kid is in a charter school which has been actively engaging with it's teachers all summer long to figure this out so we can start school on time. Why didn't the union make these demands June 1st?

DENVER'S MASK MANDATE IS GIVEN TEETH UNLESS YOU'RE HOMELESS I spoke with the Mayor about how it is beginning to seem like there are two sets of coronavirus rules, one for all of us and one for the homeless people polluting our streets. Now we know that the Denver mask mandate goes even further than the Colorado mask mandate. From this article:

The city also is now requiring that owners, operators or managers of public indoor spaces put up signs in a “conspicuous place at every public entrance,” using a template by the city. Signs must not be smaller than 11-inches wide and 14-inches tall. They must also be posted by July 28.
This week, DDPHE is also devoting more staff to help evaluate compliance and ramp up enforcement efforts. Businesses will be issued a court summons if a health official finds its employees are not wearing a face covering or if 10% of patrons aren’t wearing masks.
Health officials also are reminding bars, restaurants and other facilities that they can be cited and closed if spacing and face mask requirements are not followed.
The penalty for both individuals and businesses for violating the public health order can result in up to a $999 fine or 300 days in jail per violation.

But go check out the faces of the people living across from the Capitol building. Tell me what you don't see. I sure wish we could just enforce that 300 days in jail for violations, that would clean things up in a New York minute.

AN EASY GUIDE TO CANCELLING ALL SPORTS TEAMS And I feel like this is going to save us a TON of time and just cut to the chase to do away with all sports. It's a very good list, and he makes a good case to get rid of everything. Sarcastically, of course.

KANYE WEST IS HAVING A MANIC EPISODE SO LET'S JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE The Kanye Show has been a trainwreck as of late, as he decided to run for President and then hosted a disastrous "campaign" event in South Carolina. Watching it I know it's a manic episode related to his bipolar disorder. I've seen similar in my life with some relatives. Now Kim Kardashian has issued a statement asking for grace from the media as the family tries to help him. This is the really important part:

Those that understand mental illness or even compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless unless the member is a minor," she said. "People who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judgmental and not understand that the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help no matter how hard family and friends try."

Emphasis mine, but this is the issue. Kanye West seems to be on the verge of a serious psychotic break, but there is NOTHING his family can do. Awful. Just cut him some slack, k?

A NEW BOOK ABOUT MATT DRUDGE PROMISES TO SHED LIGHT ON THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER Read about it here, I'll try to get the author on the show.

THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS A RACIST, SLAVE OWNING PASS And if we are going to cancel the Founding Fathers we better DAMN well cancel the New York Times, as they not only are owned by a slave owning family (IN THE NORTH EVEN) but also actively agitated against freedom for black people in their editorial pages! I can't wait to hear how we aren't to judge TODAY'S New York Times with the paper of old, because if I've learned NOTHING in the last five years it's that context doesn't mean anything ever to anyone. Right? At least they have consistently hated Republicans all along.




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