Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor Is On Today and We're Talking Homelessness

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY And I have a LOT of questions about the disgusting hot mess that we are seeing all over downtown, sanctioned homeless camps and the destruction of our city parks. He's on at 1.

COULD HERD IMMUNITY BE CLOSER THAN WE THINK? As Mayor Andrew Cuomo is taking victory laps after he killed a bunch of old people in nursing homes there may be new science that shows he really didn't do ANYTHING to stop the virus, it may have stopped itself through a higher level of infection than previously thought. This editorial from the Wall Street Journal gathers some interesting information about the virus as we now know it. I put emphasis on this because some very important assumptions about the virus are turning out to be wrong. From the editorial:

Chinese authorities say they first identified a case in Wuhan in November, but Beijing didn’t lock down Hubei province until Jan. 23. For two months direct flights ran from Wuhan to 30 cities outside China, including London, New York, Paris, Rome and San Francisco.
So why didn’t a Covid-19 outbreak occur outside Wuhan for months without social distancing and lockdowns? New studies suggest mutations might have made it more virulent. A Los Alamos National Laboratory study found that a single-letter mutation in the 614 gene, which appears to have emerged in Europe before March, altered the shape of the spike on the virus, enabling it to attach to cells more easily.
Genetic sequencing of virus samples shows that the G614 strain, which swept through Europe and New York in March, seeded most U.S. infections. The D614 strain, which doesn’t have this mutation, showed up on the West Coast earlier in the winter. The G614 variant overtook the D614 strain in most places even though it arrived later—suggesting it may be more infectious.

But that's not all. It seems that many people will mild or asymptomatic cases may not develop antibodies but they DO develop long lasting T cells with a special knack for stopping the virus.

Recent studies have also found that many people with mild or no symptoms who test positive for Covid-19 later don’t show antibodies when tested. Patients with mild symptoms produce a weaker antibody response than those who get more severely ill. Most antibody tests are primed to minimize false positives, but as a result are less sensitive.
These people, however, have been found to have long-lasting, potent T-cells that can ward off future infection. A small study last month from France found that six of eight close family contacts of sick patients didn’t develop antibodies but did develop Covid-19-specific T-cells. A new study from Sweden finds that moderately ill patients developed both Covid-19-specific antibodies and T-cells. But twice as many healthy individuals who donated blood during the pandemic and asymptomatic family members of sick patients generated Covid-19 specific T-cells than did antibodies.
“SARS-CoV-2-specific memory T cells will likely prove critical for long-term immune protection against COVID-19,” the study concludes. “The observation that most individuals with asymptomatic or mild COVID-19 generated highly functional durable memory T cell responses,” not uncommonly in the absence of antibodies, “further suggested that natural exposure or infection could prevent recurrent episodes of severe COVID-19.”

So that's good news. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

WHO HAD A TRENCH DISEASE OUTBREAK ON THEIR 2020 BINGO CARD???? Raise your hand if you have no clue what trench disease is. I had no clue. You know why? It's a disease that was prevalent in WORLD WAR 1. You got that right, 100 years ago. Now we have had four cases of the disease, which is caused by lice infestations, in the Denver metro and the only connection between the cases was they were all homeless people. Remind me again how compassionate it is to let these human beings live like animals?

WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HIRE A SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR IN YOUR COMPANY? This HR firm is for you! UnwokeHR is freaking genius and I'm trying to get them on the show to talk about their HR and hiring strategy for people not interested in bringing a "woke" mentality to their firms. Imagine hiring people who just want to work rather than grandstand and showboat and write Insta posts that get your business shuttered. That world is now with Unwoke HR.

BOULDER WANTS TO MAKE SURE DIRTY HIPPIES DON'T LIVE TOO MANY TO A HOUSE And the City Attorney really screwed over a group trying to get a ballot measure done to increase the number of unrelated people who can live in one home together. They were given bad information and now they want the City Council to get put the initiative onto the ballot. What they don't realize is that the gilded gentry of Boulder will SOUNDLY defeat this as they don't want to live next to some flop house in their nice neighborhood. Poor people be damned! I would suggest these activists go the Governor, since he lives in Boulder, and get HIM to lean on the City Council members. It's not like they don't see each other at Democratic party meetings, I'm sure.

END THE BLIND AUDITIONS THAT WERE CREATED TO STOP RACISM TO END RACISM! WHAT? The New York Times has reached peak wokeness when it comes to orchestras. Back in 1970 two black musicians called out the New York Philharmonic for racism because the audition process was unfair to people of color. Orchestras everywhere began to use "blind auditions" where a performer auditioned from behind a screen so they would ONLY be judged on their musical prowess and nothing else. NOW a columnist says that has lead to TOO FEW BLACK AND BROWN MUSICIANS MAKING THE CUT. So how does he want to fix it? Do away with blind auditions with the understanding that someone SHOULD be hired because of their race. We've completely lost our damn minds. And if you're a black cello player, does this make you feel good? That you have to have a fake leg up to get the job? This is horrible. If you want to diversity symphonies support programs to bring black and brown students into the arts SO THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE THE CUT ON TALENT ALONE.

CAPITALIZING BLACK AND NOT WHITE SORT OF UNDERMINES THE SYSTEMIC RACISM NARRATIVE DOESN'T IT? The AP Style Guide is the bible journalists use to know how to say what they need to say. It has always tilted left, as demonstrated by the use of "anti-abortion" rather than "pro-life". They recently announced that from now on, they would capitalize Black when it refers to Black people. And yet, they will NOT capitalize White the same way. Why not? Read this gobbledygook:

Daniszewski said in a blog post last month that the term "Black" is capitalized to reflect the shared culture and identity of those who identify as black. In Monday's announcement, he said the same considerations do not apply when referring to "white" in a racial context.
"White people generally do not share the same history and culture, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color," Daniszewski said.

To be clear, he says that white people DON'T share the same history and culture even though in order to believe that systemic racism exists, you MUST believe that white people are invested in PROTECTING their shared culture and history, right? If they don't share anything, why would they fight to keep it? This is more woke garbage.


THE LEFT HAS BECOME THE RIGHT And this column by Matt Taibbi is EXCELLENT as he points out that the Nanny type nonsense we used to expect from the GOP has been amplified to a point of ridiculousness by the Left. Read it, it's worth your time.




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