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HOW IN THE WORLD HAVE MICHAEL HANCOCK AND JARED POLIS LET THIS HAPPEN??? I went downtown last night. First I had a lovely appointment at Downtown's Healthcare and then grabbed dinner. Then I asked Chuck to roll by the Capitol Building. Y'all. It is HORRIBLE. It looks like a overthrown third world country down there. Between the boarded up and graffitied building to the homeless squatters camp out front, this is an embarrassment and health hazard. Frankly the Governor has a crap load of cajones to tell people in rural areas that they have to wear a mask to stay safe when there are hundreds of drug and boozed addled zombies wandering the streets with masks under their chins in Denver. Shameful. has written about the lack of plans to do anything about it. My friend and yours Ross Kaminsky did an interview with the Governor this morning and he just dodged and deflected any responsibility for any of the crap at the Capitol building. Listen to the entire interview including where Ross asked him about his authority to issue the mask mandate by clicking here.

Y'ALL. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE SOME OF THE RACE ISSUES IN THIS COUNTRY The first part of this video is the completely professional traffic stop when a white officer pulled over a black woman and gave her a ticket for speeding. She was going to 70 in a 55 zone. The second part of the video is her pathetic, victim mongering garbage social media post where she talks about how threatened and afraid she was during the perfectly professional traffic stop. In otherwise SHE LIED ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO MAKE HER THE VICTIM AND THE COP THE BAD GUY. Too bad the cop was wearing a body camera. I actually hate this woman right now for this. This does NOT HELP ANYTHING.


THAT GOYA BOYCOTT BECAME A BUY-COTT And I must say, if I had a solid business and I wanted a boost, I'd just tick off liberals because they suck at boycotts. Just ask Chick-Fil-A how the sustained attacks by progressives have hurt their business. (trick question, it hasn't). Now the President of Goya foods, a very popular brand of latin focused foods, caused a kerfuffle when he committed the egregious crime of complimenting the President. Immediately nice people like AOC decided the business and all the jobs it creates must be destroyed and so she recommended a boycott. It's not working. Goya products are flying off the shelves.

AN EXISTING CHOLESTEROL DRUG COULD RENDER COVID AS SERIOUS AS THE COMMON COLD And I love reading nerdy stories about how scientists approach a medical problem like how coronavirus works. Israeli scientists looked at how the virus replicates in us and decided to attack it from THAT perspective. And they say an existing non-statin cholesterol drug around since 1975 may be effective in stopping the virus from replicating in the lungs before it gets really amped up. Human trials are starting soon. THIS is what I want to see!

30 YEAR MORTGAGE RATES ARE BELOW 3% FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 YEARS And 15 year mortgages are even lower. Read about hit here, and then call 303-695-7000 to find out if American Financing can help you take advantage of these rates.

THE SMITHSONIAN REMOVED THE RACIST "WHITE CULTURE" CHART FROM THEIR WEBSITE We had it yesterday and called out it's utter racism by assigning mores like hard work and nuclear families as "white" traits. They tweeted out a bunch of excuses but did not explain where the chart came from in the first place.

IT'S NOT OKAY TO LOVE RORO At least Roro's brother doesn't think so. I love dogs.

A WHALE SAVES A DIVER FROM A SHARK And this is just super cool. A marine biologist who has spent 28 years working with whales was confused when a whale began swimming around her and pushing her. Turns out it was trying to save her.

YOU THINK YOU'RE HAVING A BAD DAY At least you aren't a Ukrainian newscaster who lost her front tooth WHILE DOING THE NEWS.

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL MEMBER WANTS TO FIRE WHITE SEATTLE COPS FIRST Just to give you an idea what kind of racists are running that formerly glorious city. Even the black police chief was stunned by the suggestion.

THIS IS THE RAT PACK AND JOHNNY CARSON SONG I FOUND EARLIER THIS WEEK Note the now wildly inappropriate jokes directed at and made by Sammy Davis, Jr. in this bit.


GLORIA GAYNOR AND RONNIE JAMES DIO? I'LL BITE. I love this guy's mashups. They are perfect.

JUSTICE GINSBURG HAS CANCER AGAIN And some macabre types may be gleeful but I wish her all the best in her fight. I wouldn't count her out, she's a tough old broad. Read more here.

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