Mandy's Wed Blog: What Would JoeNomics Do to The Economy?

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YES, JOE BIDEN HAS AN ECONOMICS PLAN And I've got Stephen Moore on at 1pm to talk about what might work, what won't work, and why he things Joe doesn't know what to do.

TIME TO CANCEL PENZEYS SPICES You may remember that Bill Penzey, the man who founded and owns the chain of spice shops named after him, has gone full Trump Derangement Syndrome and regularly uses his newsletter to put Republicans on full blast. He is a horrible man imo, but to each his own. However, in the most recent newsletter, he had this to say about cancel culture:

And sorry to throw yet another idea at you, but before our end of June Rainbow Spice/Stonewall Anniversary/Pride emails overwhelmed us with response, we really were planning this offer for the weekend of the 4th of July with hope of speaking out about this whole sudden objection to the “cancel culture.” The short of what we wanted to say is that we used to be against it. Now we are all for it. (emphasis mine)
There is no denying that America’s founders risked everything to move equality forward as much, but mostly more, than anyone else of their time. But there’s also no denying that from our very beginning America has been a cancel culture. The humanity of women canceled out. The humanity of our indigenous people canceled out. The humanity of Black Americans canceled out and then they went back and canceled out two-fifths of their bodies as well. Not good.
You can go into great depths as to why racism exists in America, but there’s some pretty basic math to it as well. The short of it is as long as the costs of racism are only paid by those on the receiving end, racism will always be with us. Shift the costs of racism to those creating it and America changes for the better overnight. This is why the shift in support for Black Lives Matter from the 20%+ it was at in the time of Ferguson when we first started encouraging you to give it a look to the 70%+ it is at today matters so much.
Today you are still more than free to go ahead and livestream yourself explaining to America’s minority community why you support the president’s embrace of the Confederate flag. But where once this kind of thing would open doors for you, now it just means a visit from HR and security with a box to pack your things. That racism now is at that tipping point where it no longer cancels those it is directed towards but instead cancels those creating it may well live in the history books right next to July 4, 1776 and the Emancipation Proclamation. Or it may come before either. These are good times.

So let's take him up on it. Please shop at Colorado owned and operated Savory Spice shops instead. I have no idea what the politics of the owners is but the don't openly express their hatred for me and others because of our political affiliation and their spices are AMAZING. Like Bill Penzey did here:

One of the saddest parts to this time we are living through is that there is no way out of it without, on some level, fighting. There was a time when the question of: “Have you no decency” actually meant something to an out of control Republican because somewhere deep down they had some. In these days where unlimited political spending has seized control of the Republican Party, any decency has sadly departed. For any politician to allow trillions of dollars in damage to our environment, simply because it makes their donors billions, decency has long since left the building.

Keep this in mind the next time you see one of the blatantly lying "Choose Love" stickers from their store. I used to have one. Used to.

WHAT KINDS OF THINGS ARE YOU DOING TO BE THE COVID MALAISE? Yesterday we got a call from one of our favorite listeners Patti who admitted she was really struggling with the depression of isolation. I got some lovely emails with things that people are doing to keep themselves sane, get some human interaction and remain safe. I'd love to hear yours!

THE TRUMP ADMIN IS NOW WORKING DOUBLE TIME TO DISCREDIT DR. ANTHONY FAUCI And in an Op-Ed in Assistant to Trump and director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy absolutely takes out Dr. Fauci using Dr. Fauci's own words via numerous links. Expect Dr. Fauci to disappear from the coronavirus task force asap.

TODAY'S WINNER OF THE UNOFFICIAL BLOG VIDEO CONTEST IS CHRIS! Who sent this because we've all seen it.

AND A CLOSE SECOND COMES FROM ZACHARY With the Karen remix. There are bad words during part of this song. You've been warned.

WOULD YOU TAKE LESS MONEY TO KEEP WORKING FROM HOME? Texas workers say they would. I would not. And you shouldn't either. Technically you are SAVING the company money by working from home and if you are doing THE SAME WORK don't take LESS MONEY. Stop it. Don't devalue your product, which is you.

NEW YORK WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOUR PAPERS When you land at one of their airports that is. They are now requiring that you fill out a form from their Department of Health letting them know where you came from and where you will be quarantining for 14 days. I wonder whose going to enforce this now that police budgets have been slashed?

NOW CONTINUING TO BUY WHITE ART IS VERBOTEN IN MUSEUMS And one former curator for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been forced out for saying that he would continue to curate and purchase from white artists. He didn't say ONLY white artists, he just said he would ALSO buy white artists as the museum works to diversify it's collection. But employees decided they'd had enough of this OBVIOUS white supremacy and forced him out. It must be terrifying to be a boss these days wondering who you have to fire for something super stupid next.

FIRST BERI WEISS AND NOW ANDREW SULLIVAN Andrew Sullivan has been having some fits with his role at New York, as he was recently banned from writing as a columnist about the protests in New York. Now he's announced he's quitting. His Friday column will explain he says.

WANT TO LET YOU SCREAM OUT? TRY ICELAND. Iceland is offering people the chance to record themselves screaming in Covid frustration and then have their scream aired via loudspeaker in a remote part of the country. I don't know why, but I sort of want to do this.

SHAQ IS GOOD PEOPLE And he stopped to help some stranded motorists who blew a tire. This is cool.

MODERNA'S COVID VACCINE IS HEADED TO PHASE THREE TRIALS And you can read more about this here. It will be interesting to see all those people poo-pooing the notion of naturally created herd immunity jump to defend herd immunity with a vaccine, which only works by producing antibodies.

IF SEX IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT HOW CAN THERE BE GENDER DIFFERENCES IN LONGEVITY This is a really good article on the biological differences that make it so women live longer than men. Very interesting, and you guys don't stand a chance.

DISNEY WORLD IS OPEN! But Jim Gaffigan hates it. And he's right.

OUR NEW PUBLIC SECTOR UNION RULES WILL COST COLORADO BIGLY And Jon Caldara writes a column that will make your head explode.

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