Mandy's Tue Blog: So What Is Having Covid Really Like?

I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE SAID IF YOU HAVE A BAD CASE Because I've got a guest today at 1 who had a very bad case and was in the hospital for 32 days, and on a ventilator 15 days and given all the covid drugs. Ron McPhail joins me to discuss his ordeal.


TODAY'S WINNER OF THE "THIS HEADLINE SUCKS" AWARD GOES TO The rag Newsweek, who published the following headline:

Texas Newspaper Prints 43-Page Obituary Section As Coronavirus Deaths Soar

But if you open the screaming headline, you see this in the FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS:

Novel coronavirus cases continue to surge in Texas, nearing 262,800 with in excess of 3,200 deaths, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.
The Houston Chronicle, the country's third-largest Sunday newspaper, has printed a standalone obituary section paying tribute to those who died this year, including deaths from COVID-19.

So the Houston Chronicle puts together an extended stand alone Obit section with EVERY OBITUARY since January 1st. and that is the headline? You be the judge about Newsweek from now on.

I KNOW IT'S NOT NICE TO LAUGH AT SOMEONE GETTING THEIR BUTT KICKED, BUT Y'ALL... This was on my Twitter feed yesterday and there is so MUCH FUNNY about this. First off, it has some curse words so you have been warned. Apparently some Antifa punk in Portland decided to try and open the car door of a black man. He did not take it well. Things to watch for: the leg sweep that knocks the perpetrator down, the asking about lost and found, and the man's concern about the antifa jackasses saying they got it on film. I'm sure glad they did. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for enjoying this so much.

BURGER KING IS GOING AFTER COW FARTS And even as I typed that, I realized it's just...well...odd. Burger King says they are having their beef providers (at least some of them anyway) add lemongrass to the cow's food as it's supposed to reduce methane emissions from cow farts by up to 33%. Huh. So do people in Thailand ever fart because I feel like everything in Thai food has lemongrass in it. You can get the reduced methane burgers at select Burger King's in the most liberal cities in the US. The rest of us are too smart to pay extra for that.

THE CHINESE COMPANY THAT WAS HOPING TO OWN 5G IS LOCKED OUT IN THE UK They were already locked out by the US under the Trump Administration worried about Chinese spying using the network. Now the UK has reversed a January decision to allow Huawei to participate in the deployment of 5G in the UK. This is kind of a big deal in the geopolitical space. We know the UK has no real love for Trump, so I'm guessing that we shared some information with the Brits that gave them pause.

OPRAH IS ALL IN ON THE GARBAGE 1619 PROJECT And I get it, although Oprah herself is evidence that this country willingly accepts black people in powerful positions. She is now going to produce media based on the wildly historically inaccurate project by the New York Times designed to recast the United States as a country based on racism rather than freedom and equality. Watch out for this and support films that give an more historically accurate version of events, k?

YOU CAN MAKE AN NBA JERSEY WITH F*CKPOLICE ON IT, BUT DON'T TRY FREE HONG KONG And we've talked about the fact that the Communist Chinese government pretty much makes all the NBA's decisions for them by punishing the NBA is they step out of line. The government has blocked games from being shown when a coach had the nerve to tweet his support of Hong Kong. But this seems pretty extreme, even for the NBA. They have long let fans customize jerseys with their own names. Now you can put social justice messages on the back of jerseys, like "Fuckpolice" (which I spelled out here to demonstrate that IT IS ALLOWED) or "BurnJews" but don't you DARE try to put FreeHongKong on the back of a jersey. NOT ALLOWED. This sport is garbage. *** you CAN order your jersey with FREEHONGKONG if you are inclined to support a sport who gets it's marching orders from Chinese Communists. I am not.

IF YOU LOVE COSTCO LIKE I LOVE COSTCO You will find this list of who private labels Costco's stuff very interesting. Although it IS in a "slideshow" format which serves no purpose but getting the website traffic.

THE NFL IS UNVEILING A NEW FACE SHIELD FOR HELMETS FOR COVID And honestly, it doesn't look that different from the face shields some already use, although larger. It will stop an eye gouge quite effectively, not what about when it fills up with flecks of spit and dirt and all the other crap that happens during a game? We shall see.

I'VE BEEN IN A BIT OF A RAT PACK MOOD And found this gem with Johnny Carson singing with the boys. Epic.

NO, THE LONELY ONLY CHILD THINGS ISN'T As the mom to a kid who is essentially an only child (her brothers are grown and gone) I found this very interesting. I grew up with two siblings, and Chuck grew up with five, so we are both concerned that Q is "missing out" when it comes to family. Except she's not. She had advantages I could only dream of and this article says I needn't worry about her so I won't.

THE CASE FOR REOPENING SCHOOLS Is made perfectly by the Wall Street Journal in this editorial. I'll share it today so don't worry about the paywall.

THIS PARROT WOULD PROBABLY BEAT ME TOO I'm not good at those games where you have to watch the pea under the shell and remember where it is. Apparently neither are these Harvard students who got beaten at it by an African grey parrot.

GET SOME FREE KRISPY KREME DONUTS THIS FRIDAY! The venerable southern donut chain is turning 83 years old and that means by a dozen get a dozen free this Friday! Find your store by clicking here, although we've only got a few in the metro.


NOW THAT ZOOM IS OUR NEW OFFICE MEETING SPACE YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS Sure it was cute when your cat jumped onto your computer during a work meeting. The first time. Here are some GREAT rules that everyone using Zoom should know.

WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE RISE OF CHINA? You need to read this. It's a great piece on the passing of the global torch to China, and it's happening right under our noses. Don't let our normalcy bias allow China to rise further to be the ONLY superpower.

THIS IS A GREAT OVERVIEW OF SLAVERY IN THE US AND THE WORLD And though it's certainly not comprehensive, it does address some commonly held beliefs that are just wrong. I'm trying to get the author on the show now.

A NEW YORK TIMES OPINION PAGE EDITOR QUITS IN SPECTACULAR FASHION As only a writer can, by dismantling everything about the ideology that runs the Times now. Read it here. I'm sharing it today for sure.

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