Mandy's Mon Blog: What Will School Look Like This Fall?

ARE KIDS AND TEACHERS GOING TO HAVE SOME KIND OF "NORMAL" THIS YEAR? The answer here is: we don't know. School districts are moving ahead with plans to re open but teachers are asking for a voice in this, and I think they need to be heard. My daughter's school is full of young and healthy teachers, but not all schools are, and teachers are worried about their own health and safety, as they would likely be far more affected by Covid 19 than their young charges. What happens to a school if there is an outbreak? Can teachers opt only for online classes if they have some underlying health conditions? These ALL need to be answered and I hope the districts pay attention. Read this for more.

IT'S CLICK IT OR TICKET TIME! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED It's time for the annual "We're Going to Pull You Over For Not Wearing Your Seat belt" Week! Wear your seatbelt or get a ticket. Here are some fun and terrifying facts about seat belt usage.

VANDALS STRIKE THE NICEST MAN EVER AND THE COMMUNITY STEPS UP The Coffee Cabin in Parker is a tiny little modular drive through coffee joint. But Wes the owner is a beacon of positivity who takes lovely care of his customers, of which I am when I'm in the area. He is NICEST MAN, y'all. His business is frequented by all manner of first responder and veterans and he has stickers all over the outside of his little place in support. This past weekend some aholes stole some of his thin blue line flags and wrote obscenities on his walls. Parker stepped up and took care of it. I love Douglas County!

THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO COLORADO CONSERVATIVES IS THE FALL OF DUDLEY BROWN As he has stepped down from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners after a series of defeats. He hasn't won anything since I've been here actually. This column does a lovely job of explaining why this guy is a cancer to conservatives and what role he played in turning the state from red to blue. And oh yes, he played a big role.

SO HOW ARE THINGS IN SWEDEN? This is a really interesting video by a guy who loves to crunch numbers and he does the most complete job I've seen analyzing the data.

SO HOW ARE THINGS IN FLORIDA? This tweet about hospitalizations should tell you.

WILL THE NEW BASEBALL RULES HELP OR HURT THE GAME? This column argues that the universal designated hitter and putting a man on second during extra innings is disaster. I don't think the designated hitter rule is THAT big a deal because we're all used to it already, but this new extra innings rule sucks.

REMEMBER WHEN WE SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY TO SAVE HOSPITALS? Because we had to "flatten the curve" so hospitals could keep up? This column says it's time for a reckoning from those hospitals. He makes some GREAT points about how much money hospitals normally rake in on things like fancy birthing suites and joint replacements, money that should have been spent getting ready for a pandemic people have been talking about for 20 years.

MAYBE THIS IS WHY HOSPITALS ARE NOT CANCELLING ELECTIVE PROCEDURES NOW Because they know they can handle it. Read this for more on that. Read these two paragraphs and then remember how if we didn't stay home or demanded to go back to work we were "spitting in the face" of healthcare workers:

Hospitals’ decisions to keep operating rooms open are being guided partly by money. Elective surgeries account for a significant portion of hospital revenue, and the American Hospital Assn.estimates that the country’s hospitals and healthcare systems lost $202.6 billion between March 1 and June 30.
“What we now realize is that shutting down the entire healthcare system in anticipation of a surge is not the best option,” said Carmela Coyle, president of the California Hospital Assn. “It will bankrupt the healthcare delivery system.”

Imagine that...they don't want to go broke. Hmmmm.

LOOKING FORWARD TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL THIS YEAR? NOT SO FAST Because it's increasingly looking like that won't happen, at least according to this article in the AJC. They say the odds of hitting the old gridiron are not looking good after rising cases in the South and elsewhere. I think if they had announced this earlier, everyone in the SEC would have stayed home for a month to stop it.

WE WON'T HAVE THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE Oh, there will still be a team and they will still probably suck, but they will have a different, as to be undetermined name. They have officially retired the name Redskins and the logo.

THOMAS SOWELL USED TO BE A MARXIST! And he knows exactly how to fix this rise of an evil ideology that has murdered millions. Watch this and I bet you will respect him even more. And oh, he dropped out of high school at 16.

THE CDC NOW SAYS THE FATALITY RATE FOR COVID IS .65% And that 40% of cases are asymptomatic. Read the latest update here, where they add those asymptomatic cases to the death rate.

NO, BEING ANTI-CRIME IS NOT RACIST And I truly don't understand how SAYING that you're for "law and order" can be construed as racist UNLESS YOU ARE A RACIST who believes all crime is perpetuated by black people. And yet, that is the myth being spewed by noted Liar Brian Williams at MSNBC. Read this and then ask yourself who wants to be aligned with anti-cop, PRO-CRIME people like this.


MY BROTHER TALKS ABOUT HOW TO ASK FOR A RAISE In his new podcast series where he gives good life advice. Trust me, he knows what he's talking about here. I totally used this in my recent negotiations and it worked. For real. It worked.

THE ACTRESS FROM MY FAVORITE BASEBALL MOVIE HAS DIED Breast cancer killed Kelly Preston, who starred opposite Kevin Costner in For the Love of the Game which is the best baseball movie EVER. She was also married to John Travolta. I guess Scientology can't cure breast cancer, huh?

I AM A MEMBER OF THE PARTY OF LINCOLN, WHO DISMANTLED SLAVERY And this is a wonderful column by historian Allen Guelzo about Lincoln and how he struggled to balance the Constitution's limits on the federal government with his desire to end slavery. It's a great column and short, so read it here.

AOC THINKS SHOOTINGS AND MURDERS ARE UP BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STEALING BREAD And she's so stupid I can't even so just read it here.

I SAW THIS SO YOU NEED TO TOO Keep watching until the end. You're welcome.

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