Mandy's Thu Blog:Lady Antebellum Sues the Black Artist Whose Name They Took

LADY A GOT WOKE AND SUED A BLACK ARTIST WHOSE NAME THEY TOOK This is a very unintentionally funny story. The country group formerly known as "Lady Antebellum" apparently JUST FOUND OUT that antebellum is connected to the old slave plantations of yore and decided to change their name. They chose "Lady A" as a replacement. That seems fine. Except there is a black blues singer who has been performing under that name for over ten years. She was understandably not happy. So now, the group is SUING THE BLACK ARTIST over a name they chose in solidarity with black people or something. I am not kidding. This story is gold.

WHY HAVEN'T THEY CLEANED UP THE CAPITOL? The shining beacon on the hill, the Colorado Capitol Building, looks like something out of a dystopian horror movie. Graffiti everywhere, boarded up windows and trash. Why does it still look like this a MONTH after the scumbags who defaced it finished protesting? Because they can't figure out how to keep the homeless from wrecking it again. True story.

NOW A MASK ERUPTION AT A DAIRY QUEEN IN LONG ISLAND And instead of it being directed at a customer not wearing a mask, but a food service worker. A man wanted to know why the food service workers weren't wearing masks, and asked for his food to be remade by someone with a mask. Then the manager got involved and she was not nice. So he taped it and now it's on the news.


TRUMP MAY HAVE TO GIVE NEW YORK HIS TAX RETURNS But he will not be compelled to share them with Congress. In two separate rulings about two separate cases, the Supreme Court ruled that a sitting President is NOT immune from investigation by a state, but Congress can't just demand records in an overly broad fishing expedition, which is what they were doing. Don't expect to see any tax returns before the election though. There are plenty of legal maneuvers that will take place first.

JOBLESS CLAIMS CONTINUE TO FALL And even though unemployment is still super high, it's definitely moving in the right direction nationally. How are we doing here in Colorado? Hmmmm, I'm not sure. Check this out from astute listener Shannon today.

So who is right? The Denver Post combines those applying for state unemployment benefits with those applying for Federal unemployment benefits even though most of those are the SAME PEOPLE applying. 9News does NOT. As in, you don't apply for one and not the other kind of thing. I'm giving the Denver Post a black eye for presenting things this way.

PLEASE SCREAM INSIDE YOUR HEART That's literally the message from executives at a Japanese amusement park as they urge riders of their thrill rides NOT to scream. Is that even possible? Don't you scream kind of involuntarily on a roller coaster? I'm not sure this is going to work.

NEW YORK IS NOT EVEN TRYING TO KEEP THE CITY NICE AT THIS POINT And in a video in this story you see a man adding to some really bad graffiti on a public building just a few blocks from City Hall. All the while the NYPD is standing about 30 feet away. Why don't they DO SOMETHING? They are NOT ALLOWED.

BANDIMERE IS FIGHTING JEFFCO And good for them. JeffCo is trying to cause them all kinds of problems because of their 4th of July event where they did everything possible to keep fans apart while sitting OUTSIDE. Follow this story, because this is the kind of case that could create a Supreme Court challenge down the road.

IN THE AGE OF COVID, GREENIES WANT TO PACK YOU INTO BUSSES At least in Denver. The Climate Action Committee has come up with a bunch of super fun ways to spend a crap ton of money to have little to no effect on the changing climate. Read the nonsense here, but note that it includes EXPANDING bus routes and bike lanes so don't plan on driving downtown. Because you won't be able to afford to park when you get there.

A NEW STUDY HAS GIVEN US A BETTER IDEA OF UNDERLYING COVID RISK FACTORS And this was a MASSIVE data crunch from the UK. Here is some of what they found:

Dr. Goldacre’s team found that patients older than 80 were at least 20 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those in their 50s, and hundreds of times more likely to die than those below the age of 40. The scale of this relationship was “jaw-dropping,” Dr. Goldacre said.
Additionally, men stricken with the virus had a higher likelihood of dying than women of the same age. Medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, severe asthma and compromised immunity were also linked to poor outcomes, in keeping with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. And the researchers noted that a person’s chances of dying also tended to track with socioeconomic factors like poverty.
Particularly compelling were the study’s findings on race and ethnicity, said Sharrelle Barber, an epidemiologist at Drexel University who was not involved in the study. Roughly 11 percent of the patients tracked by the analysis identified as nonwhite. The researchers found that these individuals — particularly Black and South Asian people — were at higher risk of dying from Covid-19 than white patients.

Read the rest here, but maybe this will inspire some who are dealing with obesity related ailments to take control of their health and lives. Just a thought.

THIS POOCH NEEDS TO HANG OUT WITH JINX Who is ALWAYS ready to go for a walk at 6am.

THIS IS A BIG FISH SNACK BAR And I just love nature.

EVER WANTED TO GLIDE THROUGH CLOUDS? This insane dude did it with a paraglider.

WEAR A MASK IN ENGLEWOOD OR FACE A YEAR IN JAIL? That seems to be the ultimate penalty for mask scofflaws in Englewood starting tomorrow. They give you warning and fines and stuff first, but the penalty of a year in jail is just stupid. Talk about excessive punishment.

HEATHER MACDONALD TALKS TAKING BACK STUDIES BECAUSE THEY ARE UNPOPULAR And this is about a study I had on the blog earlier this week which was retracted by the study's author's NOT because it was wrong, but because it was used to disprove the notion of racist cops, which it DID. So I guess the researchers decided they'd rather be woke than scientifically accurate.

DEATHS FROM COVID ARE HEADED UP IN THE STATES WITH OUTBREAKS And I've talked about death being a lagging indicator in this pandemic a lot, so we might be seeing the beginning of some serious bad news on this front. They have been writing about this stuff a lot on so check this out for more.

HEY, MASKS ARE GOOD AGAIN! This study says they protect the person wearing them with a pretty high level of effectiveness. Like you are 65% less likely to get the Rona if you wear a mask.

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