Mandy's Mon Blog: Who is Lauren Boebert?

LAUREN BOEBERT BEAT SCOTT TIPTON IN THE PRIMARY And she ran on a pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Constitution platform to the right of Tipton. How is she going to woo middle of the road voters? The Cook Report moved the race from "Solidly Republican" to "likely Republican". We'll find out when she joins me at 1 to talk about why she wants to be in Congress and how she thinks she's going to get there. Find out more about Lauren or show her your support by clicking here.

CAN'T EVERY PARENT FEEL FOR KELLYANNE CONWAY RIGHT NOW? The Conway girls are teens now and KellyAnne's daughter made news over the weekend after getting woke and trashing her parents and their marriage on social media. Anyone who has had teenagers can all cringe together and be grateful that they are not in the public eye because oh, but for the Grace of God go I on this one. Read about it here, but say a prayer that this family can get it together.

IF THE GOVERNMENT WON'T BREAK UP LARGE PROTESTS, WHY SHOULD A BUSINESS COMPLY? Bandimere Speedway held some races over this long weekend and they did a VERY good job of limiting spectators according to the photos I've seen, plus the people that WERE there were socially distanced in the stands. But JeffCo government is coming for them. Why? Because the OUTDOOR venue broke the arbitrary "no more than 175 people" rule. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME??? We had THOUSANDS of people in the streets for two weeks and local governments did NOTHING to stop them. I sure hope Bandimere pushes back against this and pushes HARD.

THE PRESIDENT WENT TO WHAT USED TO BE A "MAJESTIC" MONUMENT THIS WEEKEND But is now a monument of two slave holders on land stolen from Native Americans. That's all from CNN by the way. Trump's comms director sent out this Tweet

In case you can't read it, he points out how CNN covered Mount Rushmore when Obama visited. Or Hillary. Or Bernie. Or Bill Clinton. They all went. And if you really want to know what was in Trump's speech, read it here or watch it. Just don't believe the press accounts that he spent the entire speech talking about "dead traitors". Because he didn't.

THE LINCOLN PROJECT IS GETTING IT'S FOUNDERS RICH Maybe not rich, but considering that a VAST majority of the money spent by this anti-Trump organization has gone right into the pockets of it's board members for "services" that seem to be very overpriced. Nice work if you can get it. Nothing surprising in this to me. Way to own the libs by having them donate to enrich you, huh George Conway?

AN EIGHT YEAR OLD BLACK GIRL WAS MURDERED IN ATLANTA SATURDAY NIGHT And she wasn't killed by cops, she was killed by someone near the makeshift memorial at a burned down Wendy's restaurant. The Mayor of Atlanta is begging people to turn the murderers in. They won't. This is exactly why many white people want to shine a light on violence perpetuated against black people BY black people. There will be a time to have that conversation. And we will have it. I'm just going to put this here until then.

AND 16 PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN CHICAGO And an additional 69 were wounded. One of the dead people was a seven year old girl. Her name didn't even make it into this article. None were shot by police. None of the shooters is in custody.

NINE PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN NEW YORK CITY None by police. From the article:

So far, murders are up by 23% this year citywide, with 176 slayings as of June 28 compared to 143 during the same period last year.

But please tell me again how the police are the problem.



REMEMBER HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE? IT'S KEPT PEOPLE WITH COVID ALIVE And this is SUPER inconvenient for those who reported with glee that it DIDN'T work because President Trump said it was a game changer. Those people would probably rather see people die than give him a win. Just my opinion. Now it seems that a decent size study showed the drug to be VERY effective in saving lives. Go figure.

JOHN HICKENLOOPER HAS TO BE CANCELLED* Because he attended a hunt in Wyoming MULTIPLE times where the egregious crime of white men wearing Native American headdresses took place. He must be cancelled now.

*I am being sarcastic and merely using the hateful and distasteful tactics of the progressive left to full effect.

#CANCELHAMILTON TOO WHILE WE'RE AT IT And this one is especially rich because for some reason hard core lefties LOVE this show and now they have to make a Sophie's Choice about whether to remain in the woke kids camp or listen to their favorite sound track. Heh. #cancelHamilton started trending right after Disney+ aired the show this past weekend.

WHY WON'T BIDEN'S CAMPAIGN RELEASE THE RESULTS OF HIS COGNITIVE TESTS? And since the candidate opened the door for this by saying he was "constantly" tested for cognitive decline, it seems a reasonable request. Of course they won't because these constant tests are "where are you, Joe?" to which he answers "my basement" and they move on.

THESE JOBS WILL WRECK YOUR SLEEP and oddly, Talk Show Host isn't on the list. They must not have ever done morning drive.

NOW A WHITE MAN HOLDING A BLACK CHILD IS HARMFUL AND RACIST And I'm still not sure the logic here but a woman who is on come committee in New York has declared the image of a white man, also on the committee, holding his friend's nephew while doing a phone call, hurtful. Not to the little black boy, who was perfectly happy climbing on and off the white man's lap. But to a white woman named Rachel Broshi, it was BEYOND THE PALE. Thankfully she was there to call the man, whose best friend was visiting his home with his little boy, a racist.

LOVE THE TEACHERS UNIONS? VOTE JOE BIDEN! Because he has officially declared his fealty to the organization that works so diligently to keep children in failing schools.

WILL WE HOLD THE GOVERNOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION DOWNTOWN? Four Republican Senators are asking us too and they have a point in this joint editorial that no newspaper has the stones to publish apparently.


IF HAIR BANDS WROTE SONGS ABOUT 2020 The Holderness Family crushes it again.

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