Mandy's Thu Blog: John Bolton and Happy Independence Day Weekend Erebody!

SO I'VE BEEN TRYING TO READ JOHN BOLTON'S BOOK And I have to say, I am not impressed and am actually disappointed. I am disappointed by how my impression of John Bolton has pretty much been shattered in reading this. Let me summarize it for you: John Bolton is an intel gathering genius and everyone else is stupid, wrong, in over their heads, unsuited for whatever job they have, etc. It's like a DC Slam book. And yet I will interview him at 2:40 about it. Don't worry, I've got some questions ready to go. Buy his book here if you'd like.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, FELLOW UNGRATEFUL COLONISTS! As you celebrate our nation's birth, please remember that EVERYTHING HERE CATCHES ON FIRE so don't be shooting off illegal fireworks where they can catch stuff on fire. Have a safe and happy long weekend with small socially responsible groups!

RANDOM QUESTION ABOUT BIRDS IN MY SIDING I just discovered the $*^&$ birds have pecked into my siding and have now built a $*(# nest IN my siding. Who do I call to get them out, or what do I do to get them out. Help!

SO LET'S CHECK OUT THE JOBS NUMBERS, SHALL WE? They smashed expectations and though an unemployment rate of 11.1% is not normally good news, during a pandemic it's flipping GREAT news. Don't get too excited as we are now facing more shutdowns again in the hospitality industry so these numbers will be rough for the foreseeable future. But this is good news right now!

MY FRIEND JOE HAS BEEN CRUNCHING SOME COVID NUMBERS And has answered the big question of: how can we have so many new cases and yet still have declining death rates? He did some digging so we don't have to and look what he found in Minnesota:

Minnesota infection rate by age

The huge spike in cases is in ONE demographic, and that's the 20-29 year old group. And oddly, the spike occurred two weeks AFTER the massive protests there over the death of George Floyd. THANKFULLY, we know from media outlets that no one at the protests got coronavirus or we'd REALLY be in trouble. Phew! Now let's look at Colorado broken out by age.

Hmmm, see the big spike in cases in the 20-29 year old category? See how FEW of those cases need to be hospitalized? You can't even see the line for deaths in this age group. From Joe's email:

If you look at the column for the 20-29 year old age group, out of the 6,054 confirmed cases for that age group, only 319 (5%) required any form of hospitalization and there is an almost invisible dark blue section on the top of that column indicating just 10 deaths for that age group out of those 6,054 confirmed case ( 0.17% case mortality rate).

And yet, we're supposed to believe the spike in young people infections is just because of happy hour and parties. Sure. Uh-huh. Not protests. Nope.

THE WOMAN WHO ENABLED JEFFREY EPSTEIN HAS BEEN ARRESTED And socialite Ghislain Maxwell has been snatched up by the FBI. I am really interested in what happens here, because there are significant rumors that she possesses damaging information on VERY powerful men. We'll see if she gets suicided too. Read the indictment here. She is an awful person.

HATE TWITTER? MAYBE IT'S TIME TO PARLER INSTEAD Unlike which is really a site where people discuss politics at a local level as well as a national level, Parler is the free speech version of Twitter. This is a good article with the CEO explaining why is becoming a thing as conservative voices are silenced on Twitter. I get the idea behind it, but are we going to continue to silo ourselves into smaller and smaller groups of people so we only surround ourselves with like minds and opinions? I'm not sure that's good. That being said, I am on AND Parler now. Find me @mandyconnell both place.

WANT TO HAVE MORE PRODUCTIVE POLITICAL ARGUMENTS? This long article may change your arguing life. The author explains that in political discussions it's easy to dismiss the other side as having no morals or values that are inferior to your own. However the real issue is making sure you are arguing from the SAME initial premise, which is a lot harder than you may think. It's worth a read for sure.


PRINCE HARRY APOLOGIZES FOR EVERYTHING And I'm not one to use the phrase "p-whipped" but DAMN it fits here. Just listen to how he STARTS his apology.



THE DEMOCRATS SAY THEY WILL END THE FILIBUSTER IF JOE BIDEN WINS Which means the ONE tool the minority possesses to stop bad legislation will be gone. But don't think they are totalitarians or anything. They just want to be able to ram their agenda down our throats whether we like it or not. Which sure sounds like totalitarianism but whatever. We sort of already know what this looks like in Colorado.

WHY IS JOE BIDEN BEING "CONSTANTLY TESTED" FOR COGNITIVE DECLINE AND BY WHOM? That is the question asked in this column after the Democratic nominee said that very thing in a recent press conference. I don't think someone is constantly tested unless someone thinks there is a problem. As Victor Davis Hanson says in this column, his strategy of hiding in the basement seems to be the best right now.

GIVING TO OTHERS MAKE YOU HAPPY, BUT ONLY FOR A LITTLE BIT And not as much as prior research would have you believe. Read about the very interesting study of people who could take some money or help people instead.

SHOULD WE INFECT PEOPLE WITH CORONAVIRUS ON PURPOSE? That is what is being debated by researchers working on a coronavirus vaccine. This is not ethically a normal thing to do, but with all that is at stake, I'm open to it. But they need to be otherwise healthy people already.


THE KING ARTHUR HOTLINE HAS BEEN BUSY DURING CORONAVIRUS And they have gotten questions. Here is a fun article about the weirdest and best.

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