Mandy's Wed Blog: An Election and a Vaccine Reaction on The Same Day!

HOLY COW, Y'ALL THE SHINGLES VACCINE FLATTENED ME YESTERDAY And people need to know about potential reactions and plan accordingly. I shall explain.

STEVE MOORE IS BACK FOR NERDY ECONOMIC TALK AND STUFF Because I just enjoy having him on the show and it's always fun.

ONE PROMINENT ENVIRONMENTALIST IS APOLOGIZING FOR CLIMATE ALARMISM I am a fan of Michael Shellenberger because he is truly interested in seeking the best solutions for our environment while also recognizing how good our high energy usage society is for humans overall. He's a fan of nuclear, and now he's written a book which will make him a pariah in the world he has inhabited for 30 years...environmentalism. Oh he hasn't turned his back on all his prior work, he's just coming clean about how climate alarmism is wrong and bad and prevents real solutions from being reached. He wrote this mea culpa to announce his book. I'm going to have Dave get him on the show.

PROTESTERS BLOCKED I-25 IN THE SPRINGS AND COPS DID NOTHING AND I THINK THAT MIGHT BE THE RIGHT MOVE And I should say they didn't do "nothing", they blocked off the road and made all cars exit before where the protesters were blocking the road. They didn't approach them, they just let them vent their spleen and they eventually left. I got some angry emails, but the more I think about this, the more I think this is the way to go. "Remove the audience" is a strategy I employed when Q was little to great results.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS FAILS AGAIN TO GET CANDIDATES ELECTED And frankly I wish we could stop pretending that they have any political muscle left in this state. Read about it in this, but let me grab the important paragraph for you:

Education consultant Tonya Van Beber, of Eaton, had 57% of the vote in her House District 48 race against oil industry worker Grady Nouis, of Milliken. Outside groups spent nearly $314,000 on the race, most of it supporting Van Beber. But some mailers brought up Nouis’ past criminal record.
Sen. Vicki Marble, of Fort Collins, was losing to Windsor businessman Michael Lynch in the House District 49 seat that includes parts of Weld and Larimer counties. Lynch had 66% of the vote in the early going. Outside groups spent more than $276,000 in the contest, most of it supporting Lynch.
Former Erie Trustee Dan Woog had 63% of the vote in his House District 63 contest against Pat Miller, who served in the House in the early ‘90s, and a write-in candidate. Super PACs spent more than $210,000 on the southern Weld County race, mostly supporting Woog.
And Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer had 56% of the vote against political newcomer and Windsor businessman Rupert Parchment in Senate District 23, which includes parts of Weld and Larimer counties as well as Broomfield. Marble previously held the seat.
“I think that the electorate is ready for new faces and new ideas and a new way of negotiating,” said Calida Troxell, treasurer of the Weld County Republican Party. “I think it’s a new chance for the conservative effort in Colorado.” 
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a group considered to the right of the National Rifle Association and closely allied with House Minority Leader Neville, supported Marble, Nouis, Miller and Parchment. 
Each of the GOP winners will face Democrats in November, but the seats are considered Republican strongholds.

So there you have it. Nasty mailers and all, they failed again. Go away RMGO. Go away.

AMERICAN AIRLINES IS JOINING UNITED BY BOOKING FULL FLIGHTS AGAIN And they are getting crap from the CDC about it. Southwest says they will keep the middle seats on all flights open until September 1st. American does have a point that it is truly impossible to socially distance on a plane, but as one who just flew and had a middle open seat (thanks, Southwest) I did feel better about it.

UPSTART GUN ENTHUSIAST KNOCKS OFF REP. SCOTT TIPTON And although I find Lauren Boebert to be very engaging and smart, she is not one to try to make nice with people who don't share her views. I'm not sure but I think this may put this seat in play for Democrats. I'm going to get Lauren on the show to discuss how she plans to engage moderates in the general election. Check her website here to see what I mean.

AND NOW, A DECADE OF THE SUN Literally, this is the sun, using time lapse photography, in a decade.


RETAILERS ARE STUCK IN THE MASK MIDDLE And I'm telling you, some kid at some store is going to get shot because people are acting like complete jerks about wearing a mask. I have expressed my hatred for wearing a mask (although now that I've switched to paper surgical style masks I can actually breathe) BUT I STILL WEAR THEM. If wearing a mask allows the economy to open and flourish, I'm going to wear a mask, just ask I've been wearing shirts and shoes for YEARS lest I be denied service. Business owners should NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for the government's edicts to wear masks. And jeez louise ladies, y'all have acted like complete idiots during this whole mess.

OR THE SOCIAL DISTANCING POLICE EITHER Because a brawl broke out in an Arkansas restaurant over social distancing. Watch the insane video here.

ED HENRY GETS CANNED BY FOX NEWS This after a sexual misconduct complaint was lodged by a former employee. No details on the complaint are available, but Fox addressed this on the air, which is a big change from the way things used to be. Read about it here.

COLORADO BARS ARE CLOSED AGAIN And I'm not sure how these business owners are supposed to survive with this level of uncertainty. Now I am largely unaffected by this, as I don't know the last time I went to a bar only, but dang, this sucks for someone.

PROTESTERS MAY MAKE THE COST OF YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE GO UP And it's all because of a decision by DORA to force insurers to cover any injuries sustained during a "community protest". Now they stop at forcing insurers to cover stuff during a riot, but they don't clearly define when a community protest moves to a riot and when those injuries may not be covered. So why will this make your insurance go up? Because they have to charge more to EVERYONE when they are forced to plan for greater coverage. Read more here.

THE CHOP HAS BEEN INVADED Police have moved into the CHOP zone in Seattle and clearing out the entire area after two murders in the zone last weekend. I knew this was going to happen when protesters showed up at Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan's house last weekend. So CHOP is over.

SCHOOL CHOICE WON BIG AT THE SUPREME COURT YESTERDAY And the bigoted Blaine Amendments which have stopped states from funding parochial schools is on the ropes. The decision said that a Montana plan that gives tax credits to families who donate to a special education fund IS Constitutional even though it allows moneys to be funneled to religious schools. Now that we have that taken care of, expect a surge of Muslim schools in this country. That is what Freedom of religion really means. For the record, I have no issue with Muslim schools as long as they don't teach hatred of Western culture. We already have enough of that in our public schools now.

NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE DYING OF COVID TO HELP JOE BIDEN WIN And here is a fun analysis of the media coverage declaring that a covid "time bomb" would prevent Trump's re election because the southern states that were huge for him are all going to have massive outbreaks. Except there's a problem. Not enough people are dying. As a matter of fact, my friend Joe shared this story from Houston, a hot bed of coronavirus right now, about how the Houston hospital system is ACTUALLY doing right now as opposed to what you might be seeing in the news. From the article:

“What you’ve been hearing is a report that we are at 97 percent or so capacity across the Texas medical center. At Houston Methodist, we’re somewhere in the low 90s right now in terms of capacity of ICU beds, but let me put that in perspective … June 25 2019, exactly one year ago … It was at 95 percent. We are highly experienced at utilizing our ICU beds for the sickest of the sick patients day in day out … and it is completely normal for us to have ICU capacities that run in the 80s and 90s. That’s how all of us operate hospitals, and how all hospitals operate.”
“The capacity that’s being reported is base capacity … we have the ability to go far higher than that in terms of the ICU beds that we can utilize for COVID.”
“We have, across Houston Methodist, 24 hundred beds 330 or so of those are our ICU beds on a normal day, but there is an ability to flex beds back and forth. We can turn regular beds into ICU as we need to with appropriate staff, ventilators, and other equipment. We can turn many other areas in the hospital like some of the recovery areas, pre and post surgical areas, and places like that into ICUs.”
“We are seeing younger patients, we are seeing a shorter length of stay, we are seeing lower immortality, and we are seeing lower ICU utilization right now.”
“People need to come to the hospital when they have clinical issues … People need to come to the hospital or emergency department to receive care and not allow bad things to happen to them because they are somehow inaccurately afraid of coming to the hospitals. That’s a very key message.”
“The time is now, as Houstonians, to band together and act like the can-do Houstonians that we are, and do all of the right things, and that means every single person in the community needs to be wearing a mask when they’re outside of the home, they need to avoid leaving the home or avoid going to social places or places where they congregate together whenever possible, they need to keep socially distanced, they need to do obsessive levels of hand hygiene. We’ve done that for months in our hospitals and we keep our employees and patients safe. We can do that across other businesses, across our lives, and get this virus level back down.”

And those quotes are from hospital CEOs in Houston.

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