Mandy's Mon Blog: Old People And Tweeting Aren't the Best Combo Right Now

LET'S TALK SUPREME COURT DECISIONS FOR A MOMENT And we've got Jim Burling Vice President of Legal Affairs from the Pacific Legal Foundation on at 1 to discuss the court's latest rulings.

TRUMP'S TWEETS ARE CREATING A NEW FRESH HELL FOR HIS CAMPAIGN And this time it comes in the form of a video from the massive retirement community called The Villages in Florida. There was a Trump parade complete with protesters. This is what it looked like initially.

Just watch, but be warned, THERE IS SOME VERY BAD LANGUAGE IN THIS.

You can clearly here one of the men in the gold cart yell out "White Power" as he is accosted by a protester yelling "Racist" and "Where's Your White Sheet" and this is what has the internet in a tizzy because Trump retweeted and then deleted the video. THIS IS PROOF THAT TRUMP IS BELOVED BY WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Good grief everybody, is everyone on the left so stupid as to believe that the man in the golf cart is a white supremacist? He's an old pissed off man responding to the screaming old pissed off man with sarcasm because BEING ASKED WHERE YOUR WHITE SHEET IS IS SO STUPID. I've responded sarcastically to stuff like before myself (even on Twitter where there is a tweet somewhere asking if I can wear my white sheet after Labor Day). Of course they AREN'T so stupid as to believe it, but Trump has delivered into their hands ammunition during a time when race tensions are very high. A time when Republicans have a great case to make that Democratic leadership in big cities is a huge part of the problem. He's an idiot for continuing to word vomit all over Twitter all the time. But here we are.

DID THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY REALLY KEEP THE RUSSIAN BOUNTIES IN AFGHANISTAN FROM TRUMP? If you saw the story in the New York Times on Friday about Russian agencies paying Afghanies to kill Americans you need to read this too. It seems that there is a growing consensus from unnamed sources that the report WAS NOT a part of the Presidential briefing or PDB and Trump WASN'T told about this. Why? No one seems to know, but it certainly girds the point that there are people within the Administration who are not working in the best interest of the President.

ONE OF THE BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES OF ALL TIME US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven gave a graduation speech. It's worth your time.

THIS IS FRUITLESS BUT KIND OF AWESOME AT THE SAME TIME A woman in Larimer county is using Governor Jared Polis' unconstitutional order to allow virtual petition gathering against him. She is running a recall election and wants the state to certify that she can gather signatures to boot the Governor virtually. Heh. This makes me laugh although I think she will fail as the first recall failed. But heh.

GOT SIXTY MILLION LAYING AROUND AND WANT SOME ART? There is a virtual auction tonight and some lucky buyer will pick up some Francis Bacon artwork via Sotheby's. This is the first time a high art auction will completely virtual and Sotheby's is hoping someone will drop 60 million to pick up some paintings which I find ugly, to be honest.

UNITED IS ADDING THERMOMETERS TO THEIR FLIGHT ATTENDANT UNIFORMS And not to take the passengers temps, but to take the temps of the flight attendants. The only problem I have with this is that we now know that people are also contagious BEFORE they show symptoms, but at least they can act quickly if someone does start to feel ill. I can't even imagine finding out you've got coronavirus ON a trip and having to recover in a hotel room somewhere. Ugh.

SCHOOLS ARE MAKING PLANS TO RE OPEN WITH SOME CRAZY NEW RULES And if you are a parent I know you are out here like the rest of us wondering what the next school year is going to look like. My daughter is ready NOW to go back to school. We will be sending her if it's open. Are you? If not, what is the plan? I'd like to know. Read about some of the rules some districts outside Colorado are adopting here.

CHINA IS TESTING A CORONAVIRUS VACCINE ON IT'S MILITARY And I'm cool with that. They say it's too soon to say if this vaccine would be a commercial success and I'm not even sure what that means. Does it mean it doesn't work enough for mass deployment? Or they plan on keeping JUST for Chinese citizens, which would certainly lend credence to the conspiracy theory that this virus is NOT an accident. Read about it here.

SORRY LOCAL PROTESTERS, BUT VIOLENT THUGS HAVE CHANGED THE EQUATION There was a peaceful protest yesterday in Aurora that was met with police in riot gear. Tear gas was deployed after police say there were people hurling bottles and rocks at cops. Protesters who were peacefully demonstrating asking for justice for Elijah McClain were mad, and I get it. But the way things have been going lately, there was no guarantee that this wasn't going to turn into rioting and looting. If you want to protest peacefully please do your best to kick out people wearing helmets and throwing rocks. It's the only way your peaceful voices will be heard. And yes, it's IS your responsibility to make sure your voices are not drowned out by bad actors. It sucks, but it's true.

THE NBA IS ALLOWING SOCIAL JUSTICE MESSAGES ON JERSEYS AND I SURE HOPE SOMEONE PICKS "UYGHUR" That is a masterful joke right there. See, China is slowing killing all the Muslim Uyghurs in China and they are ALL ABOUT the NBA so I sure hope someone decides to make China's human rights violations THEIR social justice cause. They won't. But it still would be awesome. Read about how you will be able to soak up social justice while watching basketball now.

IT'S EASIER TO BRING YOUR OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE WITH YOU NOW And this is a good piece of legislation that the Governor just signed into law. It streamlines the process for people who have occupational licenses to make it easier for them to relocate and start working here, especially for spouses of active duty military. I like this.

Y'ALL WANT TO SEE A DUMBASS? Watch the guy on the left with the small child who sees the giant lightning strike not to far away BUT DOESN'T GO INSIDE. Dumbass.

DON'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A TRAIN ROBBER? HERE'S THE MASK FOR YOU! Although I am getting used to now wearing makeup and being able to move about the city anonymously. But if you want to show your whole face under a mask, check this out.Skip to 1:45 for the good part.

MIKE PENCE WAS ON FACE THE NATION YESTERDAY And the ENTIRE time it was on I was struck by two things. 1. Why can't we write in Mike Pence this year? 2. John Dickerson was hell bent on getting the VP to say that Trump isn't handling this pandemic properly and is a horrible interviewer. Watch it below but just skim Dickerson's questions in this transcript to understand #2.

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