Mandy's Fri Blog: It's a Thomas Crown Affair Kind of Day

IT'S MIKE AND MANDY AND DAVE AT THE MOVIES! And if you've never seen the Steve McQueen version of The Thomas Crown Affair it's GLORIOUS as only a movie from the tail end of the swinging 60's could be. We'll talk about it at 2.

IS THE WORLD COMING TO AN END? We've had coronavirus, race riots, locusts, murder hornets, earthquakes, and now a cloud of dust from Africa. What's next? No one knows but I'm making sure my family knows I love them, stocking up on ammo and getting right with God JUST IN CASE. Read this if you really want to freak out.

UM, IS ANYONE PROTECTING OUR CAPITOL BUILDING? Because now there's a huge homeless camp outside, it's covered with graffiti and idiots tore down a statue dedicated to UNION soldiers. Oh, and last night they tore down a statue from Civic Center Park that itself wasn't anything to do with Christopher Columbus, but had a plaque dedicated to him on it's base. These people are behaving like uneducated savages at this point. Denver School Board member Tay Anderson, who is instrumental in remaking Denver into a city he wants it to be through threats of violence, has decided the vandals who tore down the statue should not be charged. Why? Check this garbage out:

“I don’t believe these individuals should face charges. The riot is the language of the unheard,” Anderson said, referencing a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Got that? Well I don't think I'm being heard by Mr. Anderson. Should I "riot" at his house?

Oh, and in case you missed it, the Governor is on record saying the scallywags who brought down the statue honoring Union soldiers will be caught and charged. But then he injected some comedy by saying:

“The State of Colorado is going to fully cooperate to hunt out and prosecute anyone responsible for defacing a monument to those who lost their lives to end slavery,” Polis said. “I don’t think anyone knows yet whether it was Confederacy sympathizers or white supremacists or hooligans or drunk people.”

Got that? White supremacists. They might have been the black white supremacists who tore down the Columbus statue as well. It must be exhausting to be a Democrat being smacked in the face by bad behavior by Black Lives Matter and have to try to spin it as white supremacists.

WHEN HAS WOKE GONE TO FAR? This is an OUTSTANDING column. As in you MUST READ IT. It asks the simple question for you to pose to your woke friends and family, which is, when does woke go to far? Where is your line? Mine may be Mount Rushmore at this point, although looting and destruction couched as protest is right up there.

THOSE DENVER RESTAURANT PERMITS ARE NOT BEING ISSUED AS QUICKLY AS PROMISED And restaurant owners are NOT happy with the process, which has been made as difficult as humanly possible because it's government. Restrauntuers Restaurant owners are losing their shirts while they wait for this to go through. Here is a long story on what the hold up is all about.

JOE BIDEN HAS KILLED OFF MOST OF THE COUNTRY And if the Dems want to win this thing, they've got to get Joe back in the basement. Watch this.

AND HE'S ALSO GOING TO MANDATE MASK USAGE VIA EXECUTIVE ORDER And boy, this one should be good. Watch this.

I bet everyone in government right now wishes they had thought of stockpiling PPE right now. How did the Democrats end up with this clown.

A NEW SURVEY DEMONSTRATES THAT YES, LIBERALS REALLY DO WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA And it's almost ASTOUNDING how MUCH they hate everything about this country. Read it here.

I HAVE A VERY BAD CASE OF CORONAVIRUS CAUTION FATIGUE And I didn't know it was a thing, but here we are. Be honest, you have it too unless you are someone with an underlying condition or age that puts you at higher risk. I still wash my hands a LOT, I wear a stupid mask when I go to a business, but so many of the other stupid things like wiping down groceries I did in the beginning.

NOW A SUPER OLD HORSE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF STUPID ILLEGAL FIREWORKS A 33 year old blind horse got so freaked out by illegal fireworks that she broke out of her paddock and injured herself badly and had to be put down. STOP WITH THE FIREWORKS ALREADY, IDIOTS!



THIS IS ADORABLE AND REALLY KINDA SAD A little boy wanted to hug his grandparents.

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