Mandy's Thu Blog: Could Music Bring Us Together?

SO HOW ARE OUR SENIOR LIVING CENTERS HANDLING ALL THIS? Adam Kaplan is the CEO of Solera Senior Living and he's on to give me an update on how things have changed in his facilities and how nursing homes are working to protect our most vulnerable population in the age of coronavirus. He's on at 1. Find out more about Solera by clicking here.

CAN MUSIC BRING US TOGETHER? Dave sent me this video last week. In case you didn't know, there are THOUSANDS of YouTube channels where people just "react" to stuff. This channel is a young man reacting to music he's never heard. Check this out.

It's just lovely, and it's a reminder that there are inherently beautiful things in life that can be appreciated by ANYONE open to enjoying them. We're talking about this today and just so you aren't embarrassed later, I spent about two hours watching this guy's YouTube channel.

NEED SOME GOOD ADVICE? MY BROTHER IS ON THE CASE With his new advice channel. He's super smart and has great advice and if you could subscribe to it you'll be smarter, I promise. Here he is talking about running a monthly budget.

BEING A PROGRESSIVE SEEMS EXHAUSTING So here's the deal. A guy who works in data published a tweet about an academic paper which showed that violent protests turn people against the protesters and against Democrats. He was summarily called a racist and fired from his job. But that's not all! He belonged to a Listserv group of progressive data people and THEY kicked him out too. But then an article was written about the entire fiasco, which was also talked about on the Listserv and someone on the thread SENT it to Jonathan Chait and here it is. Read it. It must be so tiring to be these people.

YES, OBAMA DIRECTED THE FLYNN INVESTIGATION And we know that now because of the release of handwritten notes by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok. Not that it means anything but it could be used to make some killer campaign ads. Read the whole story here.

NOW DENVER IS LOOKING AT SANCTIONED HOMELESS CAMPS And I'm sure this will go well. The Mayor says all options are on the table as they try to figure out how to get the urban outdoorsman to give up their carefree and responsibility free lives and move to a city sanctioned camp where they can get space and something something and now we will give up another part of the city to the homeless who contribute NOTHING to our city. NOT A DAMN THING. I wonder if bus tickets home are on the table? I'd put up money for that.

JOHN BOLTON DIDN'T GET A PASS FROM BRETT BAIER And this interview is really, really good. Watch it.

RIOTERS DESTROY A STATUE OF AN ABOLITIONIST PROVING THEY ARE MORONS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY I will say that the idiots who tore down the statue of an immigrant who became a leader in the abolitionist movement are essentially the Taliban. They tore down something in a fit of pique because they didn't "like" it and showed how ignorant and useless they were in the process.

NEW YORK BANS PEOPLE FROM THE STATE THEY SENT THOUSANDS TO And it's not just New York, it's New Jersey and Connecticut too. They are requiring a 14 day quarantine from people from states with large numbers of cases of coronavirus. This is rich, since New Yorkers fled NY like crazy when NY locked down, and many went to the states that are now facing a quarantine. Cuomo is the absolute worst.

JON CALDARA TALKS REPARATIONS And he's not against the concept and lays out what he believes the best reparations are undoing the government programs put together by progressives that have held black people back unintentionally. Read it here.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR BLOOD TYPE? If you don't, you are not alone. A recent survey pretty much proved we don't know Jack when it comes to our bodies and how they work. I find this sad because this should be a TOP PRIORITY especially for people over 50. We only get ONE body but we don't do enough to take care of it.

THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION WILL BE A ZOOM MEETING Well maybe not JUST a Zoom meeting, but they have confirmed that the convention will be almost entirely virtual. I don't think this is good news for building excitement for the homestretch race. They are lucky that Trump is so Trumpy. Let's face it, Trump is doing their work them on a daily basis.

CHINA IS CREATING A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DATABASE And it will be searchable for anyone thinking of dating or getting married to someone else. Although I love the concept, this may not fly in the US, where we allegedly believe in second chances. I think if I were dating and thinking of getting serious with someone I'd run a background check on them myself, which would turn up any record. I have the means to do this, many women don't. Heck, many men don't. I'm truly mixed about how I feel about this one.


COMEDIANS PUSH BACK ON CANCEL CULTURE And I wish everyone watches this because it is 100% accurate. THERE IS SOME BAD LANGUAGE BUT IT'S WORTH IT.


CAN SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR JINX? Although I have a feeling the "Play" button would get worn our very quickly

TEXAS STOPS ELECTIVE SURGERIES TO MAKE ROOM FOR COVID PATIENTS And though they did this, Governor Greg Abbott is NOT shutting down the state. And they only stopped elective surgeries in four counties around Houston and Dallas. We'll keep watching this. California has seen an even more pronounced spike in cases and hospitalizations, but it's run by Democrats so the news media doesn't cover it as well.

YES, THERE ARE MORE COVID CASES, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER This editorial is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL about the breathless reporting that cases are increasing across the country. That number means nothing without context and if the context is that young people are getting this and remaining asymptomatic, that is a GOOD THING.

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