Mandy's Wed Blog: Steve Moore Is Back for Nerdy Economic Stuff

STEPHEN MOORE IS BACK AND WE'RE TALKING OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT SPENDING In Steve's latest column, which you should read here, he puts into historical perspective the government spending we're seeing now as a consequence of Covid. It's horrifying. We will most certainly spend ourselves into oblivion and become just another footnote to history. Just like the Soviet Union.

DAVE'S CONFESSION IS AT 2. He says he needs help. I am counting on you to spring into action.

I HOPE CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS DOES THE RIGHT THING WITH THIS NEW CHARTER SCHOOL Cherry Creek Schools have lagged behind when it comes to charter schools dramatically but I sure hope they approve this charter. A very well known and successful national charter school company wants to start a charter school for boys of color ONLY. I am a HUGE fan of single sex classrooms. I think they work VERY well. Friendship Education Foundation is submitting the charter. We'll see if Cherry Creek Schools cares that boys of color are falling behind their peers and allow a company with a great track record to help.

A STUPID HOA HATES COPS AND IS HASSLING A CHAPLAIN ABOUT HIS FLAG That's really the only conclusion I can draw when an HOA sent a letter demanding that a police chaplain remove his Thin Blue Line American Flag he displays in support of the officers he works with. He is refusing and I want to hug him. Read the whole thing here.

YES, JOE BIDEN DID SIDE WITH SEGREGATIONISTS WHEN IT CAME TO BUSING And if we're renaming neighborhoods because of connections to racist organizations back in the 1920's it should stand to reason that we should hold a Presidential candidate accountable for wanting to keep schools segregated in the 1970's, don't you think?, which has a very strong Left wing bias, couldn't even cover for Joe. They were forced to fact check whether or not sitting Senator Joe Biden said this in 1977:

Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.

Coupled with everything else Joe has said about Obama being "clean" and telling black people they "ain't black" if they don't vote for him, isn't this disqualifying in our age of Cancel Culture? Oh, my bad, he's a Democrat.

CAN ESTABLISHMENT DEMS SAVE HICK? Hick went from a clear and easy front runner to being in a tight race with Andrew Romanoff and establishment Dems are FREAKING out about the possibility of Hick losing. Hick has run a garbage campaign, and he's now tagged with ethics violations and some racial issues. Read this to get the full picture.


I AM A HONEY CHEX + HONEY NUT CHEERIOS MYSELF But now Kellogg's has some cereal mashups you might like.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE AND WHY IT SUCKS Here is a really simple video to explain why it sucks.

PORN STAR RON JEREMY CHARGED WITH RAPE And I've met Ron Jeremy so this isn't that surprising to me. He has a certain attitude that leads you to believe he thinks he can have sex with anyone at anytime. Now he's been charged with three sexual assaults.


WHO'S AN OLD GOOD BOY? This 20 year old Golden retriever, that's who! Happy Birthday, Augie, you're now the world's oldest Golden!

BASEBALL IS RETURNING TO CAMP JULY 1ST And that means the first games will be July 23rd or 24th. I am happy but still cranky about the fact it took so long to get here because of grown ass men acting like children fighting about money.

MASKS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT UNLESS YOU'RE BLACK And that is what a county in Oregon has made into law. They are mandating mask wearing, but if you are a person of color who worries you will be profiled for wearing a mask LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS WEARING than you are exempt from the law. This is why I don't think masks are everything they are made out to be. The most idiotic thing about this is outcomes for African-Americans who get Covid are FAR WORSE than outcomes for white people. This is so painfully stupid.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU'RE THIS MUSCLY IDIOT A man in Delaware caught a shark with his bare hands and I actually am on #teamshark on this one. That shark wasn't doing anything to that guy from what we know. Dude was just showing off by manhandling a shark who was minding it's own bees wax. See the video here.

A CHEAP STEROID IS SAVING PEOPLE REALLY SICK WITH COVID And it's significant. The steroid dexamethasone has been around for a long time, it's cheap, and it's been proven effective in helping people on oxygen or even ventilators beat back the virus and survive. Not everyone, but a good chunk. This is good news.

MORONS WHO KNOW NOTHING OF HISTORY TORE DOWN A STATUE OF PRESIDENT GRANT And Dave is STILL mad because of Grant's history on race and slavery. So he sent me this, which is commentary by Frederick Douglass about President Grant. If only those protesters in San Francisco could read.

CHARLIE BLACKMON'S GOT THE RONA And so do two other Rockies who have been doing some batting practice at Coors Field. Everyone else who had been there tested negative, but Coors has been closed for a week as a precaution. No word on if it was Charlie who was symptomatic or one of the other two, but two of the three had no symptoms. The Nuggets Nikola Jokic also tested positive, but he's still in his home country of Serbia quarantining.

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