Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor IS Here Today!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY And as you can imagine we will be talking protests, budgets and police reform in Denver.

DAVE HAS A CONFESSION AND NEEDS HELP And all I know is that he's got some sort of problem and needs help so we will put our heads together and see what we can do at 2pm.

WAS THERE REALLY A FAKE NOOSE IN BUBBA WALLACE'S GARAGE? I'm not calling it Noosegate just yet, but a blogger is making the claim that the noose in question was merely a garage door pull down. I've searched and searched to see if there is more information about where the noose was found or a photo of the noose in the garage to no avail. This blogger says that's EXACTLY what it was and HE has pictures that certainly seem to gird his point. So why would this be a story then? Because NASCAR is using it to completely break with any racists rednecks who still may be clinging to their sport. Although if it was just a garage pull down I am disappointed that we may have a fake hate crime here, I get why a sport long associated with the Confederate flag may be desperate to change their image.

WHEN IS SILENCE COMMENTARY? I shared the letter from Hillsdale College they published in response for calls from alumni to issue some statement or comment on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Read it here. Now we have an essay by a black female graduate of Hillsdale in response to those calls for a statement. It's lovely and here and I want to talk about it today. Remember this when people are putting black squares in Instagram as if that passes for real action.

DR. GOOGLE SHOULD UP IT'S MALPRACTICE INSURANCE Because according to researchers when people Google their symptoms the results are generally not at all accurate. It only got the correct diagnosis 36% of the time! I am a better internet doctor than THAT.

A CITY COUNCIL MEETING WAS INTERRUPTED BY THE DEFUND THE POLICE CROWD And they took over the meeting, shouted down council members and generally vented their spleens for two and half hours. They demanded that funds be moved away from law enforcement and to mental health or the abolishment of the police department completely. I shall ask the Mayor about this today.

THERE IS A KAREN ON THE LOOSE IN ESTES PARK Although this has "old couple" written all over it. Someone printed out notes that looked like this:

Estes Park Note

Needless to say, business owners are NOT amused and are doing things like offering a free drink to anyone who brings a note in their bar. If you are this concerned, stay home.

JIM CARREY TALKS FEAR IN THIS VERY COMPELLING VIDEO And it's especially true during Covid.


IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A FAMOUS PAINTING RESTORED MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT DONE BY ADULTS And not a kindergarten class or it's equivalent. There is a second case of restoration gone bad and now the Spanish government is thinking of regulating the restoration industry. Apparently they need to. Check this out.

NOW LATINOS ARE BLACK OR SOMETHING At least according to our girl AOC, who said that exact thing on some show the other day. Way to co-opt Black Lives Matter, AOC! The internet responded and they were not kind.

NOW WE'RE FLYING HELICOPTERS ON MARS And maybe I'm ahead of myself, but that's what is going to happen NEXT as NASA gets ready to try to fly a helicopter in Mars' super thin atmosphere. This is just cool and nerdy.

DUDES, IF YOU WANT A DATE, DON'T PUT YOUR CAT IN YOUR TINDER PROFILE And I have no idea if guys do that, but a new study says women are more likely to rule you out as a potential mate if you're posing with your cat. It appears that putting a dog in your photo is the real catnip here.

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, THINGS ARE GOING GREAT IN MINNEAPOLIS RIGHT NOW And by great, I mean not great at all. All hell if breaking loose.

JIMMY KIMMEL HAS A BLACKFACE AND N-WORD PROBLEM And he's taking the summer off in the hopes that his work as a Woke Late Night Host will outweigh his previous cultural appropriation, specifically of Snoop Dogg, and his prior appearances in blackface. Read more here. This is in addition to his misogyny issues from when he had women jump on trampolines at the end of the Man Show. How has he not been cancelled yet?

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IS SQUANDERING IT'S OPPORTUNITY to once again be America's Pastime. Imagine if we were headed to 4th of July weekend looking forward to games being played at a time WHEN NO OTHER SPORTING EVENTS ARE HAPPENING ESPN is showing Cornhole Championships for God's sake! But they players and owners couldn't agree on how to split the filthy lucre and now we will probably have a 60 game season with the shadow of labor disputes to come hanging over the whole thing. I sure hope the NFL is taking note of HOW NOT TO DO THIS. But at least we'll have baseball.

WHAT'S UP WITH FIREWORKS IN DENVER? And it's not just in Denver, it's all over cities in America. Apparently jackasses are just shooting off fireworks all the time. They are illegal in Denver. Just so you know. And yet, it's happening here, where everything catches on fire, so that's nice.

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