Mandy's Mon Blog: We're Just Living Through A Russian Op Right Now

DURANGO IS UP AND RUNNING AND READY FOR VISITORS And I've got Jack Llewellyn from the Durango Chamber of Commerce on today to discuss what Durango is doing to keep visitors safe as they get themselves up and running again. He's on at 1:30 to talk about what you can do down there! Find out all kinds of stuff to do in Durango by clicking here.

OUR NATION IS BEING RIPPED APART BY A CLEVER RUSSIAN SOCIAL MEDIA OP And I'm not saying our ongoing race issues in this country aren't real, but they are being totally exploited by Russia to divide us. USA Today reviewed a bunch of ads created and spread by Russian bot farms. What they found was that a LOT of the ads had a racial overtone, either subtle or blatant. They would focus ads touting violence against black people to folks who liked Black Lives Matter, and spots about Backing the Badge were shown to those who had Liked law enforcement related pages. The sole purpose was to drive a wedge and create havoc and polarization. You should read the article here. It's really sad that we fell for this so completely. And even sadder that we KNOW we fell for it, but probably won't do anything to stop the hate and anger. The best thing we can do is figure our race issues out once and for all so it CAN'T be used to as a wedge anymore.

GOOD NEWS, WE WON'T HAVE ESKIMO PIES TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE Because the delicious chocolate covered ice cream bar is being rebranded. Honestly this falls under the "you do you" category for me, I truly don't care. But this one did surprise me because how can being named after delicious ice cream be a bad thing? It does have me wondering what ELSE needs to be renamed now. Hmmmm....

NOW WE'RE REMOVING STATUES THAT BELONG IN A MUSEUM FROM A MUSEUM And I have a serious questions as the MUSEUM of Natural History in New York says they are removing the statue of Teddy Roosevelt that stands in front of THE MUSEUM. Why is this any different than the Taliban tearing down Buddha statues? Blowing to bits art because they don't like it? It doesn't fit their dogma? I totally get removing Confederate statues from the public arena, but TAKE THEM TO MUSEUMS. What I don't get is a Museum bowing to cancel culture. This is just stupid virtue signaling. I wish some other museum would call up and take this statue.

YES, BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A MARXIST ORGANIZATION And I say this because I want people to work on race issues in their communities but not for a second think that Black Lives Matter is after equality of opportunity for everyone. They are after a revolution ending in a communist state. That's what Marxists want. And one of the founders of BLM went on record saying this.

MULTIPLE CHILDREN NOT SHOT BY COPS THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO And this is not going to get any better before it gets a lot worse I'm terribly afraid. There were 104 people shot and 14 killed THIS WEEKEND in Chicago. None by cops. The youngest was a 3 year old little black boy. As a matter of fact, I am relatively certain nearly all, if not all the people shot were people of color. Just because we are focusing on problems between black and white does not mean these people and this child should die without anyone knowing.

THE CHAZ SENTINELS SEEM TO BE DOING WELL THOUGH And that's sarcasm, as one person was murdered this weekend and a deaf woman was sexually assaulted in the Zone. Reporter Andy Ngo, who is a one man wrecking ball when it comes to covering the real story of Antifa, spent five days in the zone to report on it here.

TWO IDENTICAL TWINS, TWO VERY DIFFERENT DIETS And this is really cool. One identical twin went carnivore and his brother went vegan. Both got results, though in different ways. Check it out here.

THEATERS ARE RE OPEN NOW AND IT'S ALL ON RUSSELL CROWE'S SHOULDERS And I hope it works out, but I don't think it will. They are banking on a few big releases but I'm not ready to go sit in a theater just yet. Read more here.

TRUMP'S RALLY WAS SORT OF A BUST BUT IT WASN'T TIK TOK'S DOING I personally think if the President had a rally in a stadium OUTSIDE he may have filled it up, but as dumb as some people think Trump supporters are, they aren't so dumb as to throw their own personal health the wind to go to a rally. I've also seem some accounts that the BOK Center made things EXTREMELY difficult for supporters to get through the process in a timely fashion while also limiting the number of people they allowed in. I'm sure it hurt Trump's feelings, but seriously, we're in a pandemic here people. And no, kids from Tik Tok didn't sabotage the event.

NOW WE HAVE PROOF, TOO MUCH EXERCISE WILL KILL YOU It's TRUE! A Japanese study found that kabuki theater actors who train relentlessly for this type of performance, actually died sooner than artists engaged in less rigorous forms of exercise. IT'S SCIENCE, DON'T ARGUE WITH ME. Read it here.


HOPE ALL YOU DADS HAD A GREAT FATHERS DAY And now you can enjoy an explanation of father's day from a 2 year old.


THIS HAND SANITIZER COULD POISON YOU Because it contains methanol. It's made in Mexico and you can find out more here.

HILLSDALE COLLEGE ISSUES A STATEMENT And it is truly beautiful. I may read it today but you can for sure read it today. Compare it to the craven responses of other state and Ivy League universities.

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