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CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON AT 2 FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT! So get your word and grammar questions ready or email me with them before 2. Buy his books, they are FABULOUS, or find out more about him by clicking here.

PLEASE DON'T CREATE A KERFUFFLE OVER AUNT JEMIMA Or Uncle Ben going away. As activists are searching for ANYTHING that could remotely be construed as the itty bittiest bit racist expect companies like Quaker to make these changes. And frankly, it's time. Both Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were so called NOT because they were your ACTUAL auntie and uncle, it referenced a mammy or a male slave, both of whom were often referred to as "aunt" and "uncle". Now the ONLY sad part about the retiring of Aunt Jemima is that the woman who initially WAS Aunt Jemima was a freed slave whose career as Aunt Jemima afforded her the chance to contribute anti-poverty programs to help other black people. Her name was Nancy Green. I think she'd be alright with the character being retired. The really, really GOOD news here is that we have so few instances of horrific and awful racism to point to that we're now going after pancake mix and neighborhood names. And Uncle Ben was named after a black rice farmer from Texas who had the very best rice around, although the photo is not. Just wanted to note that even though the brands are outdated and need to be retired so we can move on without racially insensitive pancakes. Oh, and Cream of Wheat will get an update too.

REMEMBER WHEN THE LEFT THOUGHT JOHN BOLTON WAS THE DEVIL? Well they don't now, because a copy of his book has been given to every media outlet in the Beltway and beyond and it is NOT flattering for Trump. I have always liked Bolton's no nonsense style, although he is far too jingoistic for my taste on foreign policy. His new book looks like a barn burner about Trump and the media is having a field day with it. The New York Times has your "takeaways" here, the Washington Post has this on Trump asking Xi Jinping to buy more soybeans to help is re election chances, and you can't swing a dead cat without finding another breathless article about how Trump is unfit for office. There is even an extract in the Wall Street Journal if you want to read it yourself. We'll see how long this lasts, but with everything out now, I hope the White House drops it's challenges and just lets the book be published. How do I feel about Bolton? That's he's probably telling the truth.

AND NOW, A GOAT BEATBOXING maybe not really but it looks like it.

THE GOVERNOR SAYS WE MUST BUILD ANOTHER FAILING LIGHT RAIL LINE Because it was the "will of the people" who voted the entire light rail boondoggle into existence. RTD is failing (at least they would be if they couldn't get more tax money from us) and they don't have the money and yet, the Governor is INSISTING the light rail project between Boulder and Denver be built. How are the already existing lines doing? Not good. RTD is already facing a $1.3 BILLION shortfall through 2025. This is just throwing good money after bad. And I love how the "will of the people" matters except when it comes to all the issues voters shot down three years ago that the Democratic legislature passed anyway. Or in the Stapleton neighborhood, who JUST voted to keep their name. Whatever.

SENATOR CORY GARDNER GOT A BILL PASSED TO HELP OUR NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM And this one is a GOOD one. It takes money from energy development on public land and puts some of it into a fund to actually FUND capital projects and upkeep that have been put off as money has been re directed to other areas. This is a very cool thing if you love our outdoor space in Colorado!



The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University is hosting a webinar TODAY, Thursday, June 18, at 5:30pm ET/3:30pm MT to discuss the Supreme Court's decision on LGBTQ workplace civil rights.
Centennial Institute Fellow Michael Norton will take a look at the SCOTUS decision, answering questions like: What was decided? How did Justice Gorsuch come to his conclusion? Does his decision meet the standards of textualism? Justice Alito and Justice Kavanaugh’s dissent? What does this mean for Christian businesses, churches, and religious organizations?
Thursday, June 18, 2020
3:30 pm MT
Watch here:

So there you have it.

THE SUPREME COURT PREVENTS A PRESIDENT FROM UNDOING AN UNLAWFUL ACTION BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T UNDO IT LAWFULLY ENOUGH And that is the truth when it comes to DACA. The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 ruling with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the liberal wing of the court to uphold a program that was not legally instituted in the first place. If a President has the right to rewrite immigration law by himself than a President should have the right to undo it by himself. I am on #TeamThomas on this one when Justice Thomas wrote for the dissent:

"The majority does not even attempt to explain why a court has the authority to scrutinize an agency’s policy reasons for rescinding an unlawful program under the arbitrary and capricious microscope," Thomas said. "The decision to countermand an unlawful agency action is clearly reasonable. So long as the agency’s determination of illegality is sound, our review should be at an end."


HEY NOT TO FREAK YOU OUT OR ANYTHING, BUT CHINA IS GOING TO DESTROY OUR ELECTRIC GRID And I believe we are seeing what will surely be the new Cold War with what I'm hoping will be Mutually Assured Electric Grid Destruction. The Chinese have been developing weapons specifically to fry our electric grid using an Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack. it's terrifying and makes me want solar and wind power and my house wrapped in aluminum foil to create a giant faraday cage.

THIS STORY IS ABOUT A DRUNKEN MONKEY And I'm not talking about political spending here! An actual alcoholic monkey who went on a rampage and attacked a bunch of people when his booze ran out is now going to be locked in a zoo for the rest of his life. Not sure why the monkey didn't get the death penalty after one of the 250 people he attacked died, but he's in a zoo instead.

THE SAZ SENTINELS AREN'T DOING A VERY GOOD JOB IN SEATTLE At least when it comes to stopping the burglaries and other petty crimes being inflicted on those unfortunate enough to live inside the zone commandeered by idiots. They say police just won't respond unless someone is getting hurt.



YOU NEED A BABY BEAVER IN YOUR LIFE And here is one named Beatrice.

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