Mandy's Wed Blog: The Mountains are OPEN!

WHO IS READY FOR THE MOUNTAINS?? Because Beaver Run Resort is OPEN for business! Bruce Horii is joining me at 2pm to talk about all that is happening in Breckenridge right now so make your plans!! Find more about Beaver Run Resort by clicking here.

UNARMED FAKE POLICE FORCE SHOWS US ALL HOW IT'S DONE And that sentence is the biggest load of sarcasm I've ever typed. In the SAZ, and I'm going to call it from now on, in Seattle (that stands for Stupid Autonomous Zone) they have volunteers providing security, which is fine. What is NOT fine is this absolutely GLOWING REVIEW from the Washington Post. This is just insane. Read this:

A sentinel who goes by the name Mark Markinson said addressing conflict in this way helped him calm a person threatening punches, by offering him a slice of pizza. It turned out he was hungry. “I don’t walk up to any situation assuming that I know who’s wrong,” said Markinson, dressed in black and sporting a cap with the trans pride flag superimposed with a rifle decal and the phrase “Defend Equality.”
“The person yelling isn’t necessarily wrong,” Markinson said. “Ultimately, maybe nobody is wrong. You just have to listen to who is in the argument and de-escalate and mediate, possibly try to get those individuals not to be around each other.”
“You just can’t go into that situation with any preconceived notion about who might be causing a problem,” he said. “Often I feel like police officers go into those situations with a lot of preconceived notions.”
Markinson, who is white, said he struggles with his own implicit bias in the face of a culture that ingrains an irrational fear of darker-skinned people. “That’s something I’ve actively tried to combat for a very long time,” he said. “It’s important to make sure that you’re aware that it’s there and try to learn as much as you can about other people. Diversify your friend group and who you hang out with.”

Got that, PO-lice? See how EASY IT IS?? Especially when you're dealing with violent crimes like someone throwing apples. The whole piece is a love poem to these morons. We'll see how long this lasts or if it devolves into sex crimes and drugs like the Occupy movement did.

MATT TAIBBI SCORCHES THE MEDIA And does so as only he can. I am a Matt Taibbi fan, even though we don't agree on things politically. He's a very good writer who writes for Rolling Stone who seems more interested in the truth than politics, wherever that takes him. He's written a column about how the Left, and especially the Left in the media, have lost their damn minds. It won't surprise any of you who have been aware of cancel culture for conservatives for years, but now that they are cancelling EVERYTHING they disagree with, including people Matt likes, he's writing about it. Read it here.

GOVERNOR JARED POLIS JUST SIGNED THE DEMOCRAT MONEY TRAIN ORDER And he did so by allowing collective bargaining of public sector workers. Expect some sort of demand for more money and strike soon. Just saying. We all know that unions elect Democrats and Democrats give unions more power to negotiate with Democrats for more money for the union that they then give to Democrats so let's be clear what this is all about. It's not about the workers. Period. This is a good article on the history of public sector unions.

MAKE SURE POLICE HAVE THE SAME RULES WE DO That's the message from this Jon Caldara column about gun control and the police. He's right you know.

PEOPLE ARE PUSHING BACK AGAINST THE DICTATORIAL CITY COUNCIL IN GLENWOOD And I fully expect to see more stories like the one we shared with Jennifer Schubert-Akin from the Steamboat Institute Monday. Now we have some folks in Glenwood Springs who are not happy about being painted as uncaring devils for wanting to open the community back up in a timely fashion. They met on the street yesterday.


THE REAL DEMONS UNDER YOUR BED and this totally seems legit.



WE'RE SUPER UNHAPPY THESE DAYS And how could we not be? We're locked down, we're worried about dying of a virus and the world is on fire. This poll confirms it.

THE WHITE HOUSE IS TRYING TO STOP JOHN BOLTON'S BOOK And I can already tell you this is going to make it much, much worse. Just let the book be published and deal with the fallout. If they try to stop it will get the book much more publicity and the marketing will become all "it's the book the White House doesn't want you to see" and that's just worse. What this may do though is to force Bolton to forfeit his earnings on the book or delay it's publishing until after the election. Expect copious unflattering leaks in the meantime if that's what goes on.

NOW SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP ARE RACIST OR SOMETHING As some woman in the UK is calling out the three "white boys" representing the brand and I just can't even with this one.

NOW FLUSHING COULD SPREAD THE RONA Although I don't think anyone thinks anyone has actually GOTTEN coronavirus from a toilet, we now have researchers who say it's possible. Okay then.

ABOUT THAT COCKTAIL ON A PLANE Don't expect to have a few pops on some airlines, as they have stopped serving booze onboard. Check the list here.

HOW ARE AIRLINES ENFORCING MASK USAGE? This is a good article about how different airlines are handling customers and mask usage and it's what you might expect, kind of hit or miss. Although as airlines try to woo people who do NOT want to fly right now back into the air, I would expect them to work harder to enforce the mask rules so people gain confidence in flying. I'm flying this weekend so I'll have a full report next week.

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