Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor and A Deep Dive on the KKK in Denver

PROFESSOR BOB GOLDBERG WROTE A BOOK ABOUT THE KLAN IN COLORADO And he is going to join us to give some perspective on Mayor Benjamin Stapleton, whose name is already being scraped off neighborhood signs in the neighborhood that used to be named after him. If you're really ambitious, you can buy a copy of Professor Goldberg's book by clicking here, but it's out of print and not inexpensive.

MLB AND BASEBALL NEED TO GET THEIR CRAP TOGETHER And play some damn baseball already. The WORLD is sick of the bickering and this article does a brilliant job of explaining the how and why of the bickering. JUST PLAY BALL ALREADY.

SPEAKING OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL This is not a surprise to me. One longtime scout and talent coach from the Dominican Republic is sounding the alarm about Major League baseball teams exploiting young Latin American players...some as young as 12...and locking them into contracts with a handshake that are CLEARLY illegal. Here's hoping someone pays attention to this article and this man before he dies.

EVEN IF YOU AGREE WITH THE OUTCOME, THE LGBTQ RULING AT THE SUPREME COURT IS GARBAGE I don't think anyone should be fired simply for being gay or transgendered. However the ruling from the Supreme Court actually created a new definition that fits neatly into an old law and that is just wrong. That is not the court's role. Ever. And conservatives are freaking out, and justifiably so, because the new protections for LGBTQ and Trans people should have been passed by CONGRESS, not the Supreme Court.


THIS WOMAN HAS MOVES AND MADE ME HAPPY Because she is a badass. I'm just mad it got cut short.

ISN'T IT ILLEGAL TO JUST HAND OUT FIREARMS? And yet, "Raz" the self described warlord of that idiotic autonomous zone in Seattle is handing out AR-15's from his trunk. But I'm sure it will be fine.

RAND PAUL SAYS TRUMP SHOULD VETO THE PATRIOT ACT BILL Until real reform of the FISA courts take place. Considering that Trump's campaign was spied on using the FISA courts based on a garbage warrant, I hope he does to. Read the column here.

NO CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY DID NOT DISBAND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT They disbanded the UNION and started over with a LARGER police force where they could fire bad cops. Read the whole thing here.

COULD THIS BE THE GOOD NEWS FOR THE ECONOMY WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR? Retail sales rebounded BIGLY last month as we all got back to shopping after months of pent up demand. Retail regained much of the prior months losses while gaining 17.7% but is still down a bit over 6% year over year. I'll take that and I'm guessing retailers will to.

YES, DEFUND THE POLICE IS AN AWFUL SLOGAN And the head of the Congressional Black Caucus said it on a podcast the other day. I sure hope they keep using it though.


NY Post Sick Hypocrisy cover

And then there's this, where DeBlasio is instructing his Covid Contact Tracing team TO NOT ASK IF PEOPLE ATTENDED A PROTEST. You heard me right, they are NOT EVEN ASKING if someone stood in a crowd of thousands of people with coronavirus. THIS IS WHY WE DON'T CARE anymore what people in government say about coronavirus anymore.

THERE IS A CHEAP AVAILABLE DRUG THAT SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES THE RISK OF DEATH FROM COVID And it's a simple steroid that the Brits have had excellent results with. And it's also widely available and cheap, so there's that. It helped people on ventilators the most, those receiving oxygen a bit and those just sick not at all, but I'll take what I can get.

WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW BEFORE HITTING THE AC? I find this outrageous. A new study says that people will sweat through FIVE NIGHTS of sweaty non-sleep before turning on the ac. Not me. When it hits 75 outside my ac is on. Chuck and I both cold house people. As in our house is FREEZING all the time. But we like it that way. And it's important to be with someone who shares your thermostat etiquette.

THE PUSHBACK HAS BEGUN ON THE TRANS MOVEMENT And I've got two columns from Quillette that are long but totally worth the time. This one is about how JK Rowling, the author of and billionaire from the Harry Potter series has created a huge kerfuffle by daring to state that sex is biological and not some choice to be made at a later date. This article is about an anthropologist who used to support the trans orthodoxy until she realized it's fundamentally anti-woman. Both are worth your time. Just as a point of order, trans people are PEOPLE and they have a condition that leads them to believe being the opposite gender would help. However, that does not make them the opposite gender imo. I realize some might find this offensive, but science trumps feelings on this one.

THE DATA IS IN AND LOCKDOWNS NEED TO END And if you're the sort who has followed all the rules because a model said it was the best way to stop the spread of Covid 19, you really want to read this. Older models based on bad data are being replaced with newer models with hard data and the results say it's time to open back up for business. Social distancing rules are just about as effective as lockdowns. Let's just do that instead.

LONELINESS IS A DISEASE And as we age it's more and more serious. This article articulates how loneliness is changing health outcomes, and decreasing mental acuity. This is why I'm already strategizing with friends for our own old lady tiny house community. This is why I wish more seniors would consider living in a communal environment.


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