Mandy's Mon Blog: Stop the Stampede Against Civil Liberties!

WHEN DOES STOPPING THE SPREAD OF A VIRUS ALLOW TRAMPLING CIVIL LIBERTIES? The answer is apparently NOW. Today I'll speak with one of my FAVORITE people from the Steamboat Institute Jennifer Schubert-Akin about their new Stop the Stampede effort to inform legislators of exactly HOW damaging their draconian measures are. Join me at 1 to hear this and find out more by clicking here.

COMMON SENSE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING At least at one Boston Market where a mother took her non-verbal autistic child to cool off while waiting for someone to come pick her up when her car broke down. The employees called the cops because the 10 year old wasn't wearing a mask. They. Called. The Cops. The cops found out what was happening and gave the woman a ride home instead. This is what's wrong with this coronavirus stuff.

THEN THERE ARE PEOPLE FAKE COUGHING ON OTHER PEOPLE JUST TO BE AWFUL Once again another white woman has been caught on tape being horrible to someone else. The issue, she wasn't wearing a mask in a bagel shop. The response was just stupid.


THE VACCINE BILL PASSED AND IT'S NOT AS HORRIBLE AS SOME MAKE IT SEEM When you enroll your child into public schools you have some responsibilities. One of them is to either make sure your kid is vaccinated or at least let the school know they aren't so if there is an outbreak of something AT school they can notify unprotected students or even keep them out of the classroom. The new bill passed in Colorado STILL allows you to opt out of vaccines with either paperwork from a medical professional or merely watching a video put out by the state. Homeschool kids are exempt. Yes, your unvaccinated child will be on a list with other unvaccinated children. But if you don't want to have your child on a list of any kind, homeschool them and call it a day. Please stop acting like they are going to jab a needle in your child's arm against your will.

POLIS' ORDER FOR LANDLORDS IS CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL But what's a thing like The Constitution to get in the way of our Governor! He issued an Executive Order Friday night (huh, I wonder why he drops these things he knows are wrong on Friday nights?) It's being spun as "help" for renters who can't pay their bills but by deciding that landlords can't charge late fees which are more than likely IN THE LEASES (which are contracts) he has gone too far. Perhaps he's not aware of the Contracts Clause of the Constitution? I've linked here to a Wiki about it. From the wiki:

Among other things, this clause prohibits states from issuing their own money and from enacting legislation relieving particular persons of their contractual obligations.

It's pretty clear he can't do this. Will someone sue? I sure hope so.

THE STAPLETON NEIGHBORHOOD IS CHANGING IT'S NAME After caving to pressure from activists concerned over the ties from former Denver Mayor Benjamin Stapleton's to the KKK in the 1920's. No word on what it's going to be called now, but I would suggest "Pleasantville". Here is a great article that provides some context to the life of Benjamin Stapleton. It's not as cut and dried as Wiki makes it seem.


THE PROBLEM WITH POLICE UNIONS Is that they protect bad cops. That's really my issue. And this editorial of the Wall Street Journal feels the same way.

PLEASE STILL BE PROUD TO BE AMERICAN And I will tell you why you should STILL, even with all the madness in our country right now, be PROUD to be an American. We are the country who airs our dirty laundry to the world while we work out our stuff. We fight and fuss but at the end of the day, we are all lucky to live in this country where we still have so much opportunity if we're willing to work for it. This poll depresses me.

POLICE OFFICERS ARE QUITTING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY And this is entirely unsurprising and very scary for those of us who actually want someone to respond to a call if something bad is happening.

A LOVELY REFLECTION ON DINING OUT By one of Dave and I's favorite commentators Joseph Epstein (no relation to Jeffrey) and in this column he waxes nostalgic about what dining out used to be.

FIFTY FOUR SCIENTISTS HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS FOR NOT DISCLOSING THEY WERE WORKING WITH CHINA And I'm not sure how this isn't just plain out old espionage. If a scientist works for Harvard or the NIH or some other organization doing research on behalf of the United States Government is taking MONEY from China and providing SOMETHING in exchange for that money, how is that NOT espionage? Follow this story.

DUDE, THEY ARE CURING HEREDITARY DISEASES WITH GENE SPLICING NOW And this is just incredible. A team has used the CRISPR gene editing process to essentially FIX to different diseases. This is the kind of stuff that starts a huge snowball effect of other uses of CRISPR. Amazing. Read it and nerd out here.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID TESTING IN THE US, YOU SHOULD START HERE This is a very long, very comprehensive story about the US Government's response to Covid 19 when it comes to testing. I will tell you, it was VERY illuminating for me and has completely changed my perspective on SEVERAL major parts of the story. It's worth your time.

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