Mandy's Fri Blog: DPS Kicked Cops Out of Schools and Mike at the Movies!

IT'S MIKE AND MANDY AND DAVE AT THE MOVIES! Today we're talking about The Great Escape and whatever Mike brings to the table. Tune in at 2!

WE RESCHEDULED OUR TRIP TO COSTA RICA AND WE'VE GOT A FEW SPACES LEFT! We're now going right after Thanksgiving so click on this and go with us!

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS JUST KICKED THE POLICE OUT OF THEIR SCHOOLS And are doing away with School Resource Officers. You can read all the reasons why here, but let's remember why we HAVE School Resource Officers shall we?

HOW IS DENIGRATING COPS GOING TO HELP FIX WHAT'S WRONG? There is horrible video out today of a bunch of scumbags taunting and harassing Miami police. Watch this.

This is what passes for respect? How in the world is this a good thing on any level? The cops are trying to LEAVE the area until these idiots start hitting the car with their stupid skateboards. Don't even get me started on the shrieking woman yelling about how "this is the cops". My question is, why would ANYONE want to be in law enforcement right now? When everyone retires or quits, do you know who will take those jobs? The stupid cowboys and power trippers who can't get hired today. This is not going to end well.

THE SEATTLE MORONS HAVE ISSUED A LIST OF DEMANDS AND A LIST OF NEEDS And if you want to donate some body lotion apparently they need it.


Their list of demands, which is a delight, is right here. It's really fun. And totally not going to happen in it's entirety. I can't wait to see how this thing ends.

CONSERVATIVES CAN BE FUNNY! And Greg Gutfeld IS funny, really really funny. Now his show garners more viewers than Kimmel or Colbert who solely cater to the Left Wing of America.

THAT CRIME BILL? IT DOESN'T COVER MOST STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT Because the Legislators who wrote it knew there would be a crippling fiscal impact on the State Budget if they did. They do NOT seem concerned how local level agencies are supposed to pay for this new unfunded state mandate. It also treats local and state level officials differently when it comes to liability and the good faith defense BUT ONLY FOR SOME. This is why you don't rush things like this. If I worked for a local law enforcement agency, I might be inclined to sue.

VIDEOCONFERENCING THE RIGHT WAY OR DON'T LIKE CHUCK Senator Chuck Schumer had an embarrassing moment on MSNBC when his unmasked housekeeper walked into his unmasked interview on how black people are more adversely affected by coronavirus than whites. Read about it here and five bucks to anyone who can locate the original video.

DUDE, NOW I WANT A SALAD VENDING MACHINE And it's a THING For real! Check out Sally and get yourself a salad made right before your eyes!

IT'S THE CORONAVIRUS DATA UPDATE! Find out who's up and who's down by clicking here!

MASKS ARE GOOD AGAIN FOR A WHILE Here is a modeling study that says mask usage is a good thing. Not a medicine study mind you, just a spread modeling study. I don't really believe in these as much as I used to. I'm still wearing the mask in public places when I am around people even though I still think it's stupid. Such is the life of a rule follower.

THE SECRET TO CRISPY CRUST PIZZA IN THE MICROWAVE? I DON'T BUY IT But you can read about the trick of putting a piece of pizza in the microwave to reheat it with a glass of water here. I think it's bunk.

AND NOW, MEDIEVAL STYLE "WHAT IS LOVE?" Thou must wonder what Haddaway thinketh of this cover.

AND NOW WE KNOW WHO'S FAULT RACISM REALLY IS! Because a bunch of celebrities (full disclosure: I have no idea who most of these people are) have taken responsibility.

I'M COMPLETELY AMAZED AT THIS But mostly because of how much stuff that chipmunk has in his mouth by the end.

ISN'T IT RACIST TO ASSUME THE WORD LOOTING IS ASSOCIATED WITH BLACK PEOPLE ONLY? I ask that question genuinely. The LA Times has decided that it IS racist to use the word looting when the looters are black or something. How is THAT not racist? To assume that a word with a very specific meaning (like this one:steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.) is immediately associated with black people isn't racist in and of itself? I mostly associate looting with pirates, tbh.

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