Mandy's Thu Blog: A Visit With Steve Moore and End Times Might Be Here

ECONOMIST STEPHEN MOORE JOINS ME TO TALK ECONOMIC RECOVERY And all sorts of things so tune in at 1 to hear his magic

REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE ALL GONNA DIE IN 2012? Because it was the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 12th? Guess what? We switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar a long, long time ago. Those calendars were not EXACTLY the same and we've "gained" days every since then, 11 to be exact. So TECHNICALLY, THIS year is the Mayan 2012. It certainly seems appropriate, doesn't it?

THREE COVID VACCINES ARE MOVING INTO FINAL PHASE TESTING And here's hoping that one of them works. The three drugs have already completed the earlier rounds and will move into testing this summer. Read the details here.

THE MAYOR OF MADISON WISCONSIN APOLOGIZED FOR SAYING NICE THINGS TO THE POLICE And this would be hilarious except there is a significant hostage quality to her apology video. It all started when the Mayor recorded a video thanking the police for their efforts during protests and rioting in her city. THAT IS IT. She didn't disparage protests or protesters, she just thanked police for their work. And after massive backlash, she released this video.

So now you're not allowed to say nice things about the police ever without starting it by saying Black Lives Matter first. We've lost our damn minds.

BERKLEE SCHOOL OF MUSIC APOLOGIZES FOR LETTING COPS PEE And I'm not making this up either. Read it here.

THIS WOMAN LOST A JOB SHE HADN'T STARTED YET BECAUSE OF THE CANCEL MOB and this one kills me. A longtime journalism professor got fired from a job she hadn't even started yet over a tweet that used the phrase "good cops". I kid you not. But it gets better. She is being told she is a racist because she gave her journalism students criticism about their weight, their appearance and how they spoke. Guess what, kids? If you are in television news, you will meet with a consultant who will tell you to lose weight, cut your hair and work on any speech issues. That's what happens when your face is part of your job. But now this dame is out of work.

SPEAKING OF CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS, WHAT THE HELL SEATTLE? Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is nice. A 500 sq foot studio apartment sells for $350k. Now it's been taken over by a loose band of idiots who are giving out free stuff (while it lasts) and there are anecdotal stories demanding extortion payments from business owners in the area. Of course the Seattle Times is covering it like it's a glamorous event that will lead to something significant. This is why I may never visit Seattle again. The inmates are running the asylum. I predict that the ENTIRE Seattle homeless population will move to this new cop-free zone pretty quickly. Wouldn't you?

NO, WE DON'T NEED TO TAKE DOWN STATUES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON And you knew it would come to this and here we are. Two commentators on CNN are demanding the removal of statues of the Founding Fathers because they were slave owners. Although I support moving Confederate monuments that were erected by Democrats in town squares across the South, I am 100% against this sort of revisionist history when it comes to our Founders. They were not JUST slave owners They were not perfect, but they helped create this wonderful space we've been working on ever since.

SAN FRAN NAN WANTS CONFEDERATE STATUES DONATED BY DEMOCRATS TAKEN DOWN I'm just going to gently remind everyone EVERY SINGLE TIME that the Confederate statues that so many want torn down, destroyed or removed, were (probably) ALL put up in the first place by Democrats. Now Nancy Pelosi is demanding 11 statues, donated by Democrat governors, be removed from the Capitol grounds.

GONE WITH THE WIND DISAPPEARS ON HBO MAX AND SOARS ON AMAZON Because GWTW is a movie that portrays a time long gone in the South where black people were servants and slaves, HBO Max decided to pull it from it's offerings. Word got out and now it's #1 on Amazon as people buy it for themselves.

COULD A PROTEIN PILL KEEP US FROM GETTING FAT? This is only in the mouse stage of research, but researchers have found a protein that can significantly up the amount of calories and fat you burn daily. Read about it here.

NASCAR BANNED THE CONFEDERATE FLAT AT ALL IT'S RACES AND THIS IS REALLY, REALLY BIG If you've never been to a NASCAR race in Daytona, or Talladega this might not seem like much. But if you have, you know that the parking lots are FULL of people flying the Confederate Flag. Where I'm from, NASCAR is referred to as "NeckCAR" by everyone, even the rednecks. For NASCAR to finally take a stand on this is pretty courageous because it is going to alienate a chunk of their fan base. Not all by any mean, but quite a few more than you might think. One truck driver says he's out, but he's not that successful so no one really cares.




NOW UNITED WILL MAKE YOU ANSWER HEALTH QUESTIONS AT CHECK IN And I'm actually sort of enjoying the mini-physical I get when I go ANYWHERE these days. Now United, in really what is an effort to make people feel comfortable flying again, will be asking questions of every customer when they check in.

DOES HICK EVEN LOOK LIKE HE WANTS TO WIN? I'm not going to lie and say I watched all of last night's Democratic debate, but I have to say, I don't think Hick's heart is in this race. He looked defensive and didn't have a good answer when pressed on ethics violations. HOW COULD HE NOT HAVE SOMETHING ALREADY PREPARED ON THIS? He just doesn't seem like he really wants it. Just my thought. Read about the debate here.

WANT TO SPEAK 40 LANGUAGES? THIS GIZMO CAN HELP. Two Japanese geniuses may have solved a lot of problems by creating a small device that can instantly translate what you say into it into 40 different languages. I am buying this as soon as it becomes available on the market. Take my money. Check it out.

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