Mandy's Tue Blog: Life as a Black Dude in America

I HAVE A WONDERFUL MAN ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT HIS LIFE IN AMERICA And his name is Jonathan Dickerson and he's a dad, a husband, an MBA and a thoughtful and kind human who happens to be black. He has been posting some really poignant commentary on his Facebook page and has agreed to come on to share his experiences as a black man in America to maybe help those of us who aren't black understand what the protests are all about. He's on at 1.

DID YOU RAISE YOUR KIDS THIS WAY? More information from a man who was raised differently than I was.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DISBAND A POLICE FORCE? It's happened in Mexico and the end result is what you might expect. It starts with militias and doesn't end well. But I'm sure it will work in Minneapolis.

DUMB TOPIC FOR TODAY: WHAT'S GADGET DO YOU LOVE? Dave bought a butter crock, which is an awesome little bowl to keep butter fresh on your counter so it stays soft. What gadget do you have that you absolutely didn't know you HAD to have but now can't live without?

COLLEGE STUDENTS WANT ANYONE THEY DISAGREE WITH FIRED And these are two examples from UCLA that would be laugh-worthy if they weren't real. One college professor who declined to make the final...which is the ENTIRE grade for his accounting class...a no-grade final. The other is a reliable liberal professor who read MLK's Letter from a Birmingham jail and SAID the N-word (it's in the letter) and then showed a movie depicting a lynching in a class about the history of racism in America. If UCLA caves to the demands to fire these two they have immediately reduced themselves from a top tier university imo.

KENTUCKY'S GOVERNOR IS AN IDIOT And I mean that in the nicest possible way. He's now proposing to provide healthcare for all black and brown people in the state. Which is a lofty goal, but there are a LOT of non black and brown people without healthcare there and many of them are in poor health. I'm sure this will go well. His father was an idiot and he is too.

THE MLB SEASON IS GONNA BE SHORT IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL And I have to say, I am on the players side on this one. The concessions being asked for by MLB are unreasonable imo. If they want the players to share in the financial hit that this year brings, they need to share with the players in the boomtimes. All that said I hope they can get it together so we can have something of a season, even if it's asterisked.



CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE AND LITTLE FINNEGAN AND MAXWELL KNOW HOW TO DO IT You may have seen the absolutely adorable video of two city kids running to greet each other. If not, enjoy.

Now the dads are speaking out about the encounter and how much it means at a time like this.

NEW TREATMENT FOR MACULAR DEGENERATION ARE ON THE WAY! And WOW this is good news! Macular degeneration robs elderly folks of their vision and dramatically limits their lives. This article says lots of good stuff is coming.

THE POLICE REFORM BILL HAS SOME GOP SUPPORT NOW As language has been changed on several more contentious issues like cops paying settlements when they believed they were following the law and use of force restrictions in violent situations. We'll see how it ends up but I think increased data collection and body cam usage is a big positive.

YOU CAN VOTE TO END LATE TERM ABORTION IN COLORADO The measure that would end abortion after 22 weeks will be on the ballot and I sure hope you will support it. It provides outs for medical necessity. A baby in the womb is a BABY, not a clump of cells. Stop the horrific mutilation of babies after 22 weeks. Please.

TEXAS HITS A NEW HIGH IN CORONAVIRUS HOSPITALIZATIONS And the news media is quick to remind you that Texas opened back up early. They have a record number of people in the hospital but still have plenty of beds to go round.


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