MAYOR HANCOCK: Denver Under Curfew Sat. And Sun. From 8 p.m.-5 a.m.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock speaks at the city and county building on Saturday, May 30. (Photo: Facebook screenshot)

Mayor Michael Hancock says the city of Denver will be under a curfew from 8 p.m. - 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The curfew is scheduled to be lifted on Monday.

The move is in response to violence on both Thursday and Friday nights. The violence came after peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd earlier on both days.

"This is about safety," Mayor Hancock said. "This is about making sure that we keep the people of Denver safe and we continue to elevate and illuminate the message around George Floyd and the reason why these demonstrations are taking place in our city."

"If you are coming to Denver for one of the demonstrations scheduled for today, once 8 p.m. hits, our message is very simple: Go home," the mayor added. "If you are planning to come downtown tonight, stay home."

Mayor Hancock said the city will be enforcing the curfew.

Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson noted the following exceptions to the curfew:

--Law enforcement


--Medical personnel

--The Colorado National Guard

--Members of the news media

--People traveling to and from work

--People traveling to and from Denver International Airport

--People that are fleeing dangerous situations

--People experiencing homelessness

--People who need medical care for themselves or their families

Mayor Hancock said Gov. Polis has authorized the Colorado National Guard to assist law enforcement in the city and other municipalities will also be sending officers to Denver to be part of the effort to curb any additional violence.

"We had hoped that we would not have to take these steps. But the aggressive and dangerous actions taken by some individuals and groups under the cover of darkness has made it necessary," Mayor Hancock said.

The mayor cited damage to the McNichols building and the Greek amphitheater as a couple of examples of the destruction wrought by the rioters during the night.

"We have individuals who were arrested for arson, who were arrested for burglary, who were arrested for criminal mischief, damage to property both business and to our city and state buildings" said Denver Chief of Police Paul Pazen. "We have individuals who were arrested for weapons violations. Three assault rifles [were] brought to what is supposed to be honoring the tragic and horrific loss of life. There's no place, in the type of positive change that we need in our community and our entire country, to bring instruments of violence to what should be a peaceful protest."

"We cannot allow the destruction of businesses and city buildings and the violence to protesters and other civilians in the area," Bronson said. "The agitators who are vandalizing and looting are sending the wrong message. They are weakening the type of change that many of these protesters are so desperately seeking."

"We cannot tolerate lawlessness and we will not tolerate lawlessness," Bronson said. "To those seeking to create chaos and incite violence, we must show no margin. We must protect our city and keep our residents safe."

Joining Mayor Hancock at the news conference on Saturday was Police Chief Pazen, Director of Safety Murphy Robinson and City Attorney Kristin Bronson.

The full audio is below.

5-30-20 Mayor Michael Hancock

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