Mandy's Fri Blog: If You Were Tearing Up Denver Last Night, You Suck.

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WHAT THE HELL DENVER? I realize that we are all a little squirrelly from the lockdown, but seriously people. What happened last night is not going to bring an end to racism, or justice for George Floyd. It only provides those who don't want to try to understand that we have some issues in this country still when it comes to race an excuse not to engage. They will make disparaging remarks about the scumbags who thought it was a good idea to tear things up to make their stupid point. If you were there last night you are a pathetic, angry children incapable of making a coherent argument that could actually help.

THIS PERSON HAS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ACTION Did you see the video of a woman driving through protestors with a guy who appears to have jumped onto her hood? Did you see the part where she turns a corner and he jumps off and THEN SHE SWERVES TO HIT HIM?

People on my social media DEFENDED THIS last night. Yes, he did jump on her car, which is wrong. But the moment he jumped off she should have left the scene and that should have been it. But now this. We are coming unglued.

WOULD YOU BE BLACK IF YOU COULD? It's a simple question that anti-racism activist Jane Elliott has been asking white people for years. She will not make many people happy as she maintains forcefully that white people in American are racist because our schools and lives are built to reinforce white supremacy. It's very challenging to watch some of her interviews and they have made me very introspective about my own inherent biases. Would I call myself racist? No. But can I be better? 100% yes. If you watch nothing else Jane Elliott says, just watch this an answer the question for yourself. I will admit I would not have stood up. I'm not going to talk about this on the show much, this is just food for thought that I hope you will consider.

Here is a British version of the Blue Eye/Brown Eye lesson she has been teaching since the late 60's. I urge you to watch it with an open mind and let it begin an internal dialogue about whether or not you could do better too.


MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY AT 2 And I'm not sure what we're reviewing but I am positive I haven't seen any of it.

SPEAKING OF MOVIES, HERE IS SOME COOL STUFF COMING TO STREAMING And you can finally see Hamilton, albeit on the small screen, and only if you have Disney Plus. Check the whole thing here.

ANOTHER RELEASED PRISONER RE OFFENDS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY A man released by a judge from Weld county because the judge was concerned about coronavirus allegedly attacked another woman in Windsor and choked her. Nice guy.

AND THE ACLU WANTS MORE PRISONERS RELEASED And they've filed suit to protect these paragons of virtue.

MILLENNIALS ARE CHANGING FAMILY STRUCTURES CONSIDERABLY And I'm talking about this later because it's fascinating to me. Millennials are more likely to live with their parents, more likely to be living together and having children while not getting married and less likely to have had children than in previous generations.

WE'RE ALL LES NESSMAN NOW This story about what businesses are doing to make a safer work environment for employees kind of made me laugh when they mentioned roping off every other cubicle to keep people spread far enough apart. Why not just use masking tape on the floor like Les?

WELL THIS IS FUN BY VAN JONES Someone just sent me this and it's it.

MORE CORONAVIRUS CONFLICTING NEWS ABOUT HOW DEADLY IT REALLY IS I am just going to present this without comment because I'm done trying to pretend that I have any faith in any thing about coronavirus coming from any source at this point. However this column uses the data from the CDC and breaks down the numbers in an easy to understand way but the long and short of it is this: A vast majority of Americans are in no danger of dying from coronavirus. Older people should be very concerned. But even the CDC should have a hard time shutting down the entire economy for a disease with a death rate of .2 percent. That is POINT 2 percent. Not even a full percentage point. I'm not sure why we're cowering at home knowing this.

THIS IS A SUPER COOL EVENT THIS WEEKEND FROM OUR SISTER STATION KBCO It's a phenomenal collaboration with CBS4 to help raise money for Colorado musicians with an amazing virtual concert that will air tomorrow night on KBCO 97.3 and CBS 4. I'm so proud to work with these people. Here is the lineup!

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