Mandy's Wed Blog: The Real Estate Market During Covid-19

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SO HOW IS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET HOLDING UP DURING CORONAVIRUS? I've got Mike Potarf from Chad Madlom Team on today at 1. First off, he's my realtor and I love him. Secondly, he is going to let you know if now is the time to buy or sell and how to make sure you're getting the most for your money or sale. Find out more or list with Chad and his team by clicking here.

RESTAURANTS ARE OPENING BACK UP AND I'VE GOT DETAILS From one of my FAVORITE restaurateurs Holly Kinney from The Fort. The Fort has had to change SO MUCH to get back up and running but they've got an experience planned for you that you will LOVE. Plus Holly is going to fill you in on what you need to look for when deciding where to eat. Make your reservations and check out the menu for the picnic by clicking here!

WILL THE INCLINE RE OPEN ANYTIME SOON? The Manitou Springs City Council is going to decide whether or not the popular grueling hill climb will be re opened and what that might look like in the age of coronavirus. I keep saying I'm going to climb this and THEN THEY CLOSE IT, DANG IT. (that was a melodramatic representation of me pretending to be mad)

A NORTHERN COLORADO CHURCH IS SUING THE GOVERNOR And I'm surprised it has taken this long. High Plains Harvest Church Pastor Mark Hotaling filed a 22-page federal lawsuit that would force the governor to allow places of worship to welcome more in their congregation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotaling said he feels the state is holding places of worship to stricter guidelines than both local and federal rules. Now he's suing.

I'M GONNA START A FIGHT WITH THIS ONE But DANG y'all, this emailer (who shall remain anonymous to protect him/her from all the hate he/she would surely get from writing this) is SPOT ON with how I feel. And I'm guessing we are not alone. This past weekend Trump's tweets nearly sent me over the edge. WHY CAN'T HE STOP BEING SUCH A JERK? He is invoking the death of a young woman to score cheap shots at Joe Scarborough and spreading a stupid conspiracy theory that is very hurtful to the family of the dead woman. So when I read this today, it struck a chord.

Tue 5/26/2020 6:52 PM
To: Connell, Mandy
Hi Mandy,
Although, I could never vote for the “let’s become Venezuela” Democrat option, I wish there was another Highly popular Republican to vote for.
The laundry list of reasons to want a new Republican in the White House is significant:
-Three year old behavior when criticized
-ineffective over use of Twitter (and frequently reflecting a very thin skin).
- Firing skilled staff creating an appearance of constant internal instability
-overstating (candy coating) his relationship with important World leaders. If he actually believes he is a friend of Korean, Russian and Chinese leaders, we are in trouble and he is intellectually deficient.
- incessant bragging
- not hiring underlings that can effectively practice Crisis Management.
- A lack of consistency.
- He has no plausible deniability with regard to Covid19.  By taking credit, instead of assigning a single Manager, he owns the Response (warts and all).
 -Lack of control over conflicting information. This set the foundation for conspiracy theories.
I’ll hold my nose and vote for him in November. Arrrrggghhh.
Take Care and be well.
Best Regards

And this, ladies and gentleman is probably very similar to what a LOT of Republicans are feeling right now. Not ALL, but more than a few. Me included.

WHO WILL BE BACK IN THE CLASSROOM NEXT YEAR? A survey of teachers says one in five says they will NOT go back to the classroom in the fall if schools resume in-class instruction. It also says that older teachers have struggled with the technology while inexperienced teachers are struggling the most with teaching remotely overall. It also says that many American families will NOT send their kids back to school in the fall. So who is going to be there?

TALK ABOUT SAFE SEX... Swiss brothels have created a list of guidelines including sex positions that would be "safer" in the covid age so they can open back up again. In case you're wondering, doggy style and reverse cowgirl are preferred. Along with masks and gloves for workers. How romantic.

AH, RACISM IN THE CITY If you haven't seen the video of an angry white woman lying to police about an African-American man threatening her life, it's a doozy. The woman was identified as Jennifer Cooper and now she's been fired from her job at an investment firm. The two people who outed her have come forward to explain their reasoning and it's pretty sound. They simply said we can't allow this to happen over and over again and not do anything about it.

AND ANOTHER BLACK MAN DIES AFTER AN ENCOUNTER WITH COPS And Minneapolis is erupting with protests about the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Video emerged of a police officer kneeling on the man's neck as he repeatedly said he could not breathe. He died shortly thereafter. The police officers have been fired but protesters are demanding charges be filed. I would expect that to happen, but of course we don't know all that happened from this brief video. But it sure looks bad. Very, very bad.


WE'VE ALL WOKEN UP LIKE THIS PUP And I don't think this is very nice.

KATHY GRIFFIN NEEDS ATTENTION And she has attempted to make her self relevant again by making comments about killing Trump. Yawn.

NEIN MUSIC! Germany has put the kibosh on singing. At least singing in groups. They have banned choirs and hymn singing for fear it could spread coronavirus.

GOOD GUY WITH A GUN SAVES WIFE FROM AN ATTACKER And this is a perfect example of why women should own firearms. A seventy year old man said he could not stop an intruder from beating the man's wife so he went to get his gun. The gun worked. The bad guy is dead and the man's wife is recovering. Weaker people need to be able to defend themselves from a stronger attacker whether they are 70 or female.

A WOMAN TRIES TO PULL OUT HER OWN TOOTH BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS And she was unsuccessful. However, the desperate act of trying to remove a broken tooth on her own with pliers did lead to her getting an emergency appointment with a dentist to remove the tooth. Her dentist initially denied her because of coronavirus.

THIS COLUMN SAYS DON'T BE LIKE SWEDEN And it makes a compelling case that Sweden's model of voluntary actions when it comes to coronavirus would not work here for a variety of reasons (I agree with this) and that Sweden isn't reaching herd immunity fast enough to justify it's high death toll so far. I'm not ready to say Sweden's model isn't a good one just yet. We'll see what happens in five years.

HOW NOT TO RESPOND TO AN UPSET CUSTOMER A Colorado Springs wedding photography company has made a bad situation SO MUCH WORSE by being petty and small online. The story goes like this. A couple paid an $1800 deposit for their May wedding photos. The bride to be died in a car accident in February. Though the contract was non-refundable, the groom tried to get his money back multiple times. Then he took to social media to complain and lit up with bad reviews for the company. Instead of trying to work with the sympathetic groom (his fiance DIED for criminy's sake) they went scorched earth and tried to make him look bad. This is a BAD BAD PLAN.

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