Mandy's Tue Blog: Mayor Michael Hancock Today

THE MAYOR JOINS ME AT 1 And we're talking...guess what? Plus we're going to cover the stoppage of the National Western Complex, giant homeless camps downtown and more.

THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESS CONFERENCE AT 1:30 And we will carry it and get back to the show when the good stuff is done.

HOW ABOUT A VIRTUAL WINE DINNER? I sort of love the way some businesses are getting creative with what they are offering. The Wine Experience Cafe and World Cellar in Southlands is offering virtual wine dinners! You go pick up the food and wine, and then join the vintner via Zoom for a guided meal and wine pairing. I'll talk to Eldon Larson about it at 2:30. You can RSVP by clicking here!

NOW SEARCHING FOR A BABY DADDY HAS GONE PRIME TIME and this is just...sad. I am not the sort to watch shows like The Bachelor where people line up like cattle to try to win a guy/girls heart so it's no surprise that this does not interest me at all. But I'm sure plenty will turn in to see a 41 year old divorced woman date/interview a bunch of guys to choose the one she will then take sperm from to create a baby. And then when the baby is older they can sit down and he/she can see how her donor daddy was picked on tv. Lovely.

A LOT OF WON'T BE GOING TO OUT DINNER OR TO THE GYM ANY TIME SOON And I don't blame you. We've all been terrified into believing if we sit or get near someone we're all gonna die, and eating out and going to the gym aren't REALLY necessities. The latest survey is not good news for businesses hoping for a bounce.

AND NOW, TWO DOGS IN A SIDE CAR Because why not?

THE NEW YORK TIMES FINDS A WAY TO CRAP ALL OVER MEMORIAL DAY And it has to do with military installations like Fort Benning in Georgia, that were named after Confederate generals. Now they may have a point, as we are expected to rename or tear down anything distasteful in history these days, but did they have to pick Memorial Day to make the point? Of course they didn't, but they can't help themselves.

THE STORY ABOUT FLORIDA FUDGING COVID NUMBERS ISN'T REALLY A STORY AT ALL And it speaks to the questions about data from all over the country, including in Colorado. I read this blog posting and began to appreciate how MUCH data is being crunched and processed and put out for public consumption in a way that was never meant to be done. It's really impressive when you think about it that there are not MORE errors. Just as I appreciated Governor Jared Polis making corrections when errors were brought to his attention, I think we need to give some grace with these numbers. Even this story from the Tampa Bay Times confirms what was said in the blog posting I showed. Unless we find out that there is a verifiable concerted effort to fudge numbers ON PURPOSE (which clearly didn't happen in Florida or Colorado) we need to slow down with the conspiracy theories.

THE MILKY WAY MAKES IT WAY ACROSS THE SKY And it's just cool to watch.

THE PANDEMIC HAS EXPOSED THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE! And I've been saying this all along. People who have decided that "science" is infallible and MUST be obeyed are in for a shock when they realize just how little scientists actually know. I saw a progressive friend post a meme that said "Stay home until a vaccine" and I thought to myself, I sure hope history is not an indication of how long this vaccine will take. Still waiting for that AIDS vaccine.

WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS ON SPORT RETURNING! And I am SO READY for baseball I just about can't stand it. Read this about what professional sports might look like when it starts up again.

THE MEDIA JUST NEEDS TO OWN UP TO WHO THEY ARE AND CALL IT A DAY And this is ANOTHER thing I've been saying for years. Now the former News Editor of CBS News is saying it. He recognizes that media bias has now become undeniable and suggests that the media just ADMIT their BIAS and allow people to make their own decisions. YES. Then we could stop worrying about it.

MAYBE THEY WILL USE THEIR SPIDEY SENSE THE NEXT TIME And not let a Black Widow spider bite them in the hopes of turning into Spiderman. That was the plan of three young Bolivian boys who prodded the Black Widow until it bit each of them. Spoiler alert: it did NOT turn the boys into Spiderman.

LET'S PLAY "REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA DID IT" FOR A SECOND And yes, this is "whataboutism" Inspector General edition. People upset about Trump firing Inspectors General need only read this to be reminded that presidents do this stuff ALL. THE. TIME. And when a Democrat does it, Republicans and Fox News complain. When Trump does it, the rest of the media and Democrats complain. You are forgiven for not noticing when Obama did it for those reasons.

BUILD THE PERFECT SQUIRREL FEEDER And this guy is awesome and has way too much time on his hands.

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