Douglas County Granted Variance To Open Malls, Restaurants, Gyms, Churches

Douglas County has received a variance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that allows for Park Meadows Mall, restaurants, gyms and places of worship to open immediately, provided the facilities meet health standards.

The variance allows those facilities in Douglas County to open at maximum 50 percent capacity.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners received the approval on the variance requests late Friday night.

Details pertaining to the different facilities covered by the variance can be found at the links above or the photos below.

CDPHE could rescind the variance if any two of the following situations arise in Douglas County:

--A 20% increase in positive cases in a 3-day rolling average over a 14-day period

--More than 100 new cases per 100,000 people in two weeks

--A substantial increase in hospitalizations directly to COVID-19 over a 2-week period

--The inability of Tri-County Health to contact trace new cases within 24 hours of a known positive test result

Below are summaries of the requirements the variance puts on each of the various facilities it covers: Indoor malls, restaurants, gyms and houses of worship.

Here are a series of pictures on the variance requirements.

Details on the Douglas County variance for indoor malls (3 pictures)

Details on the Douglas County variance for restaurants (2 pictures)

Details on the Douglas County variance for gyms (1 picture)

Details on the Douglas County variance for places of worship (2 pictures)

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