Mandy's Fri Blog: Joe Biden is Down with the Brothers

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Y'ALL THIS IS THE MOST PATRONIZING THING EVER In an effort to get down with the urbans Joe Biden slid right into his CornPop mystique. Check out this.

And then when you're done laughing, watch this.

Watching him pander is just...painful. But maybe black people think he's charming? I have no clue.

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER TODAY AT 1 We're excited to get the gang back together for some nerdy word and grammar questions, so get them ready for 1!

IT'S MIKE AND MANDY AND DAVE AT THE MOVIES And today, the Q has prepared a review of Scoob, the new Scooby Doo movie. I know we'll be talking about Best in Show and I'm not sure what Mike has for us. That's at 2!

THE TEACHER'S UNION WANTS TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE SACRIFICES BUT THEM This column is not kind to the lobbying happening by the teacher's union right now. We are looking at cutting 20% from Colorado's budget this year because of the government shutdowns of the economy. Since education is LITERALLY the largest budget item IN the budget, they are going to have to absorb some of those cuts. But not if the CEA has it's way. Read this and then shake your head in disgust as I did.

WANT TO GO TO A CONCERT THIS WEEKEND? Even if it's in your own living room? Our cohorts at KBCO have put together a MASSIVE virtual concert and it's a wonderful benefit for the Colorado Music Relief Fund. Find out more about it by clicking here and then tune in Saturday!

IS IT TIME TO REALLY CONSIDER A FOUR DAY WORK WEEK? The entire WORLD has been upended by the coronavirus, so why not use this time of severe disruption to see if we can create a better way going forward? Studies have shown that people who work a four day work week are not only happier they are more productive. Why not use this disruption to give people their lives back? This is a very persuasive column that we should do just that.

NO WONDER WE'RE ALL CONFUSED ABOUT WEARING MASKS Because the CDC has changed it's tune completely on this issue. This is a good timeline of what and when the CDC said. Currently, we are supposed to wear masks.

WHAT MAKES A BAD FIRST DATE? If you want to know how to totally screw up a first date, watch this.

NOW I HAVE TO GET JINX A HORSE Because she would play tug with a horse ALL DAY LONG.

HOLY CRAP, THERE IS A SKINNY GENE And it's not skinny "jeans" it's a gene that people who remain skinny while eating and drinking whatever they want have. Now we just have to figure out how to share it.

A SNAPSHOT OF THE SWEDISH MODEL SAYS IT'S TOO SOON TO TELL This is a long haul thing, but in the short term, Sweden doesn't appear to be fairing much better than it's neighbors when it comes to economic damage, while it's death totals are higher. Will this change as Sweden reaches herd immunity faster than it's neighbors? Quite possibly. Here is the latest.

HOORAY, A COMMERCIAL MAKING FUN OF THE PANDEMIC! Or at least trying to make it fun anyway. Burger King has rolled out the Social Distancing Whopper with extra onions. I love this!

DANG IT THERE PROBABLY ISN'T AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE AT ALL I am disappointed to read that yesterday's story on the blog about cosmic rays shooting out of the ice in Antarctica could mean that there are parallel universes is wrong. Not that I truly understood what they were talking about anyway.

DON'T BLOW UP YOUR CAR WITH HAND SANITIZER Apparently there is an issue with alcohol based hand sanitizers blowing up when left in hot cars.

DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT MEMORIAL DAY IS ALL ABOUT? It's not about thanking those currently serving, or even veterans. It's about remembering the men and women who gave their lives in the service of this great nation. We all stand on their shoulders, so please don't spit on their graves. Too bad half of Americans have no idea what the holiday is about.

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