Mandy's Thu Blog: Have to Make a Decision? Grab a Coin!

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THE GOVERNOR AND THE MAYOR HAVE A JOINT PRESSER AT 2PM And this is the LAST press conference of the week so hallelujah.

REP. COLIN LARSON JOINS ME AT 1 TO TALK RE OPENING THE ECONOMY And he's got an actual PLAN to get us all back to work. Read the plan here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE Q! She turns 11 today! I can't believe it.

PEOPLE WHO MAKE DECISIONS WITH A COIN FLIP ARE HAPPIER And I find this study fascinating. I am a quick decision maker at this point in my life and don't spend a whole lot of time beating myself up when I'm wrong. Why? Because it's a useless exercise. Learn from the mistake and move on. This study says that people who made decisions in a random fashion, like using a coin flip, end up happier in the long run. We shall discuss. I think it's because it can push us out of our comfort zones.

REMEMBER ROMANTIC DINNERS OUT? Or just dinners out? Until a vaccine or herd immunity becomes a thing the restaurant industry is changing in a big way. From shower curtains between tables to smaller menus and limited interaction with your server, this is the new foreseeable normal. And it sort of sucks. But you know what? I don't care, I'm going to do my part to support the restaurants I love.

DOLPHINS MISS HUMANS Or at least the free meals they provide. Dolphins around one popular dining spot have been leaving little gifts on the beach and some are saying it's because they miss interacting with humans. I'm going to go with that rather than the probably more accurate line that they miss the free food.

THERE WILL BE FIVE DEBATES IN THE SENATE RACE AND NONE ON 9NEWS And to say Kyle Clark is not happy about this is an understatement. Senator Cory Gardner has issued a formal invite to the eventual Democratic nominee to appear in five debates, three aired statewide, and none on 9News. I can't imagine why. Perhaps it's because of the relentless haranguing he gets from the network's star?

NO, TRUMP DOESN'T WANT TO "CUT" UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS But if you just read this headline on this article you'd certainly be left with that impression. If you read the STORY, you see that what Trump wants to do is end the $600 SUPPLEMENTAL payment that has many people making more OFF The job than ON the job. If you watched the jobs recovery after the 2008 recession it didn't really gear up until AFTER the extended unemployment benefits ran out. If you pay people MORE NOT to work, they will NOT work. It's not rocket science here.


COULD COSMIC RAYS IN THE ANTARCTIC MEAN THERE ARE PARALLEL UNIVERSES? This is pretty high level stuff in this article, but watch the video for a quick overview. I hope I'm cool in the parallel universe.

WE'D RATHER WATCH MOVIES AT HOME ANYWAY We could be watching the end of the movie theater in real time. In addition to the money woes many chains have been facing, we now have a public that isn't particularly interested in packing together into a crowded theater to possibly get infected while catching the new releases. This survey says a full 70% of us would prefer to watch a first run movie premiere in our OWN HOMES rather than a theater. We've been headed there for some time, it's just happening faster because of the pandemic.


SWEDEN HAS NOT DODGED AN ECONOMIC CALAMITY Even as they decided not to do a full lockdown of the economy. They are heavily dependent on exports and as demand has dried up, so has their economy. We shall see if their strategy was the smart one or not in the next year or so.

IF YOU TESTED POSITIVE FOR THE RONA THE COPS PROBABLY KNOW YOUR ADDRESS Though I understand the thinking behind this is just to protect first responders when they head into a home for a call, how is this not a violation of HIPPA laws? When you test positive your address and NOT your name is being provided to 911 dispatch so they can warn first responders to take extra precautions if they have to go to an unrelated call at your house. Do the patients give permission to have this information shared? How secure is this list? I have a lot of questions about this and a great deal of uneasiness about our increasing comfort with a government surveillance state.

THE US TAXPAYER HAS TEAMED UP WITH ASTRA ZENECA TO DEVELOP THE OXFORD VACCINE And I'm not sure this is so much a vaccine that ELIMINATES covid 19 so much as renders it pretty harmless. Either way, we are giving them $1.2 BILLION to speed up the process. I certainly hope that this level of investment means they will not be able to gouge consumers for this drug.

LEFT WING ACTIVISTS LIVE WITH THEIR MOMS And that sounds like a childish schoolyard taunt but it's FACT. In Germany anyway, where they studied people who had been arrested for political activities. They found they were overwhelmingly young males and 92% of them lived with their moms. Of course they did. Of course.

IS THIS JUST EL REY TIGRE? Two Bengal tigers were walking down the street in Mexico. Because that should happen.

CORONAVIRUS IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR THOSE OVER 65 But the rest of us, not so much. Read this article breaking down how few younger people and how many older people are dying of the Rona. In Colorado, 90.9% of deaths have come in people OVER the age of 60. Almost 55% have come from people over 80. We need to be creating policy to protect older folks and let the rest of us get back to work.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BRUDDAH IZ! The wonderful Hawaiian man who made the second most iconic version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow would have been 61 today. He died of obesity related causes when he was just 38.

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