Mandy's Wed Blog: Late Term Abortion Needs to Be on the Ballot

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WELL DANG IT, THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESS CONFERENCE and it's at 1 so we will get my guest moved around. We will play what you need to hear and not a second more.

MAYBE THE GOVERNOR WILL TALK ABOUT SPENDING ALMOST TWO BILLION DOLLARS WITH ZERO REPUBLICAN INPUT I doubt it but we'll see. The Governor seems to have acted unilaterally while deciding how the CARES Act money the state got totalling 1.6 BILLION dollars. He may have consulted with Democrats, although none have confirmed yet that he did, but we know he consulted with ZERO members of the Republican caucus on this spending plan. And here I thought the Legislature got to create spending bills. I guess it's good to be the king. Just in case you are wondering almost a BILLION of that 1.6 billion is going to education.

DAVE'S MOVIE ASSIGNMENT FOR THE WEEK If officially Best in Show. Find a place to watch it by clicking it here.

HERE IS WHAT RESTAURANTS ARE DEALING WITH AS THEY TRY TO RE OPEN The guidelines are out and I'm guessing some restaurants are going to decide it's just not worth it. Read about them all here.

A BALLOT INITIATIVE ABOUT LATE TERM ABORTION TODAY Today I've got Lauren Castillo, spokeswoman for Due Date Too Late which is currently Inititative 120. They are trying to outlaw late term abortion in Colorado. Even if you believe abortion should be legal, can we all agree that ripping a full term baby to pieced in the mother's womb is barbaric and needs to be stopped? She joins me at 12:30.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ SAYS THE STATE CAN STICK A VACCINE IN YOUR BODY And there is a caveat to this, but his statements have given me a lot to think about. Yesterday I was like NO WAY but then I listened to his argument and he's got a good one. His argument is that if there is a vaccine for a disease that can only kill YOU if you get it, you don't have to take the vaccine. However if there is a virus, like THIS one that can be spread before you even KNOW you have it and it can KILL someone ELSE, that is where your liberty ends. You don't have the right to potentially spread a deadly disease to someone else. He's got a point. Where I think he makes the argument the best is when he says that the alternative is to choose to never leave your house and live in a bubble. It's an interesting point. Start at the 21 minute mark to get to the part about vaccines.

EREBODY IS DRINKING MORE DURING THE PANDEMIC And many of us are tipping one back WHILE working from home. I admit I have gone from a couple of beers a couple of times a week to a couple of beers a DAY during this. Until last week when I decided that was a direction I didn't want to follow. This survey says Hawaiians are most likely to drink during work time. Has your drinking increased?

THE PRESIDENT MIGHT BE OBESE BUT NOT MORBIDLY SO And his last physical shows Nancy Pelosi JUST HOW WRONG SHE WAS. Let the petty bickering continue after the President said Nancy had "mental problems". Great.

WHAT SHOULD WE KEEP FROM THE PANDEMIC? So many businesses have created dynamic changes to their business models in an attempt to just survive this shutdown. Not all of those changes are bad, and this column nominates some stuff we may want to keep from now on.

ARE YOU IN ONE OF THE LUCKY COUNTIES TO GET A DISPENSATION FROM THE GOVERNOR? Various counties are petitioning the Governor's office to be allowed to re open. Are you in one of the winners? Well don't expect to find out from the CDPH because they don't seem to know.

TWO CHURCHES THAT RE OPENED ARE NOW DEALING WITH OUTBREAKS And they are re closing after members and pastors have gotten sick and some have died. They have decided to stop in person services for the forseeable future.

WANT A GOOD PAYING JOB WHEN YOU GRADUATE? GET ONE OF THESE DEGREES And no surprise they are in the "hard" sciences like engineering and computer science. No gender studies degrees made the list.

IT'S NOT SURFACES MAKING US SICK, IT'S EACH OTHER Perhaps you can stop wiping down all your groceries now. The CDC says that the virus is not being spread through contact on surfaces. The primary means of spread is person to person. Which means leave space between people and don't breathe on each other and stay healthy.

WHAT'S WITH THE DEMOCRATS TRYING TO MAKE LOSERS WINNERS? I've noticed this for years but I just had a thought as to why Democrats can't wait to lionize losing candidates like Beto O'Rourke and Stacy Abrams. This is their attempt to prove that the BEST candidate didn't win. Forget the voters and all that voting stuff, THEIR guy or girl was CLEARLY the better choice. Unfortunately when given another chance to realize their mistake, they choose wrong AGAIN. Just ask Beto. This is a great column about it.



THIS IS A FASCINATING LOOK AT THE NIGHTMARE OF SEVERE OCD There is an Instagram star with 40 million followers who also struggles with OCD. This is worth watching if you want to know how insidious this disease is.


HOW DO YOU MAKE DECISIONS? If you use a coin flip, you're likely happier than those who struggle with decision making. Even for BIG life decisions. I don't find this very surprising and it actually makes sense to me. To a certain extent.

THIS DOG CAN DO CPR And I've got to get cracking teaching Jinx this.

THIS VIRAL VIDEO FROM COSTCO DOESN'T MAKE THE MAN WHO TOOK IT LOOK GOOD And hat's off the Costco employee who kept his good cheer while telling a man he couldn't shop without a mask. If you don't want to wear a mask, shop elsewhere.

STOCK UP ON YOUR BABY POWDER BECAUSE IT'S GOING AWAY Johnson and Johnson has announced they will stop selling Baby Talcum Powder in the US and Canada after losing several lawsuits about giving women cancer.

THIS CORONAVIRUS PATIENT LOST 50 POUNDS DURING HIS TWO MONTH HOSPITAL STAY But I'm sure it's just the flu. Check the photos here.

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