GOV. POLIS: Three Suspected Cases Of MIS-C In Colorado Children

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis speaks on Wednesday, May 20. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis says doctors are carefully watching for a possible growing number of cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Disease (MIS-C), which effects children or young adults and appears to be related to COVID-19.

The governor says there are three suspected cases of MIS-C in Colorado.

"At least half of children are not showing the fever, the cough [associated with COIVD-19]. any of those symptoms but some of those after that, a week or two later, are showing a very odd set of symptoms, including several here in Colorado."

"While the syndrome is seldom fatal, it often requires clinical intervention and it can cause lasting heart damage as well. The good news is as far as we know, MIS-C is rare. Children typical recover after the acute crisis phase. Just like any new risk that we find with this virus, we're taking this very seriously."

Dr. Sam Dominguez of Children's Hospital Colorado says symptoms can appear similar to Kawasaki disease but MIS-C usually affects chidren who are older than those who typically suffer from Kawasaki disease.

"Most cases of MIS-C have occurred in older children, from ages five to 15 years old. It's an inflammation of the blood vessels that primarily affects the medium-sized arteries. In particular it can cause inflammation and potentially damage the arteries that supply the heart, the coronary arteries," Dr. Dominguez said.

Here are MIS-C symptoms he says to look for:

--Multiple days of high fever

--Severe abdominal pain

--Symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease: any combination of red eyes, red lips or a rash

If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, Dr. Dominguez says to call your pediatrician or primary care doctor.

More information is below in the governor's full news briefing.

5-20-20 Gov. Jared Polis

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