Mandy's Tue Blog: Let's Not Talk About Coronavirus Today!

IT'S TIME FOR A CORONA BREAK Because I'm sick of it, you're sick of it, and so let's do something completely different on the show. I WILL have a bunch of coronavirus stuff on this blog so you can get caught up though.

IT'S TIME FOR AN ASK ME ANYTHING FOR THE WHOLE SHOW! So listener Bill has been sending me radio questions he wants answers to and I thought it might be fun to do an Ask Me Anything. I have some questions for Dave and Angie that I'd like to know the answer to as well!

Y'ALL THIS AHMAUD ARBERY THING JUST GETS WORSE The young man who was killed by two men who thought they were tracking down a burglar (although he didn't meet that standards for a burglar imo) was caught on tape earlier by police. The encounter just made me sad for young men everywhere. Watch this but there is some STRONG language in this.

Was he doing ANYTHING wrong? He complied with police orders and then got mad when the cops continued to hassle him even after they determined he had no weapons or warrants. For the record, I wouldn't let them search my car either. And one hyperactive cop tried to tase him for NOTHING. Oh, my bad, he wasn't "moving fast enough" for that deputy. I sort of feel like this is a window into the world of being a young black man. Read this entire account.

REMEMBER WHEN RIGHT WINGERS CAME UP WITH #BELIEVEALLWOMEN? That is the line of crap being spewed by one of my least favorite women in the world Susan Faludi. There is NOTHING consistent other than victim ideology about Susan Faludi. Now, she's made the feminist hashtag Believe All Women into a right wing conspiracy. Why? To excuse the overwhelming silence coming from women on the Left when it comes to Tara Reade. If you want to read her trash column, it's here, but you should probably just listen to me make fun of it instead.

IF IT WEREN'T REAL, IT WOULD BE A GREAT SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SEGMENT Apparently Joe Biden decided to deliver a campaign speech from his house for online viewing last night. The speech was repeatedly interrupted by honking geese. Watch the video here because I can't embed it.

NO, THE GOVERNOR CAN'T UNILATERALLY CHANGE THE RULES FOR EVERYTHING We know one area where people are actively fighting back against Governor Polis' overreach and that's ballot initiatives. Last Friday night the Guv announced that he was just changing the rules for gathering signatures to get something on the ballot. Two different organizations have filed suit.

WE PROBABLY NEED TO LOOK BACK AT EVERY DEATH CURRENTLY LISTED AS A COVID DEATH We talked yesterday about how the Governor dropped the number of people who died of Covid 10 considerably over the weekend. Now the La Plata coroner is saying that a death of a 90 year old man who at some point had tested positive for Covid even though he had no or mild symptoms and later tested inconclusive was counted by the San Juan Basin Public Health agency as the county's first Covid death. Hmmmm. To be clear, the coroner says this guy did NOT die of Covid 19. I'm thinking we need to review the remaining deaths on the list for similar discrepancies.

IF YOU THINK CORONAVIRUS IS BEING BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION PLEASE READ THIS Because Florida Man thought it was too. Until he and his wife got it. His wife is still on a ventilator and may not make it.

DO LOCKDOWNS EVEN WORK? This column might make your head explode if your business has been destroyed because of the lockdown. The short answer is, maybe? Maybe not? Read it and weep.

ANDREW CUOMO HAS THE BLOOD OF THOUSANDS OF NEW YORK SENIORS ON HIS HANDS And I sure hope the media that has been beating the crap out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will give him some credit for not following the bonehead moves of their current It Boy in New York. Cuomo's decision to send patients recovering with Covid 19 to nursing homes is directly responsible for the more than 5,500 nursing home deaths in that state. How many has that reckless fool DeSantis had in a state FULL of old people and nursing homes? 750 deaths. Why? Because DeSantis would not allow hospitals to dump infected patients into the place where they could do the most damage and that is nursing homes.



WANT TO KNOW IF MASKS ARE WORTH IT? READ THIS This is a GREAT collection of studies about using masks. Be sure and click through the links to get to the actual studies.


THIS TOMATO SORTING MACHINE IS MESMERIZING But only in slow motion. The technology behind this is really remarkable when you look at it in slow motion.


IS IT A BOOKSHELF? OR A COFFIN? OR BOTH? I would have never thought of this personally but it's a really cool idea. It's a book case that can be made into a coffin. And the logic behind it is really cool.

YOU CAN'T GIVE THE VIRUS THE SECOND TIME YOU GET IT In South Korea there was a group of people who got coronavirus a second time. Now researchers believe that you aren't contagious on the second go around. Good news for those unlucky bastards who managed to get this twice.

I HAVE A LOT OF RESPECT FOR ALAN DERSHOWITZ BUT HE'S WRONG ON THIS ONE Alan Dershowitz, the liberal defender of the Constitution (and I say that without irony or disdain) is now declaring that the government has the right to pull you into a doctor's office and stab you in the arm with a vaccine in the name of public health.

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