GOV. POLIS: Test Now Available For Everyone With COVID-19 Symptoms

Gov. Jard Polis speaks at STRIDE community health center on Monday, May 18. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

With COVID-19 testing now more available in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis said Monday people showing symptoms of the coronavirus should get tested.

"We've been advising people that they should stay home and self-isolate if they have symptoms," the governor said. "But we are now encouraging you to get tested so that's the change in policy today."

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or flu-like symptoms in Colorado can now get a free COVID-19 test.

The change is due to the fact that more tests are available.

"A month ago that wouldn't have worked because we didn't have enough tests. So we said self-isolate, stay at home, assume you have COVID even though it's only a 20 percent chance you do, don't go out until five days after your last symptom."

The governor said the new policy is different.

"Now we're saying if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should get tested. You can stay home and self-isolate but you should get tested. We are now ready to encourage more testing versus a month ago where we were unable to accommodate more testing,"

"There's still no clinical treatment for COVID-19 unless you need to be hospitalized," the governor continued. "They will send you home and say you need to get better unless you need hospitalization. Then get hospitalization. But we are now encouraging people to get tested. I do expect people will respond to that. It's now easier, it's now simple, they now know it's free and more people with symptoms will get tested."

Tests are available through a variety of sources including one's own doctor, healthcare providers such as Centura, UCHealth, Children's Hospital and the like, private partners such as King Soopers or Wal Mart or at a community health center.

The list of the community health centers is at

Typical COVID-19 symptoms can include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath or loss of sense of taste or smell.

The governor spoke at STRIDE community health center in Jefferson County on Monday.

His full remarks are below.

5-18-20 Governor Jared Polis

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