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IT'S TIME TO TALK ENTERTAINMENT WITH MIKE ROSEN And it used to be movies, but now we're flying by the seat of our pants. We are going to talk about The Last Dance, the EXCELLENT series about Michael Jordan and the Bulls, plus The African Queen. Tune in at 2!

Y'ALL JOE BIDEN IS NOT OKAY. He did another town hall. Just watch this highlight.

As I watch this I have to wonder how any Democrats are going to look at me weird for voting for Trump when this is their candidate. He is not okay. I'm not the only one to think so.

COULD THIS BE THE END OF SCHOOL AS WE KNOW IT? This poll shocked me, not because I'm surprised that people are learning they CAN homeschool their children, but because the number is so HIGH. According to a poll by RealClearOpinion a full 40% of respondents say they are more likely to homeschool after the pandemic than before it. Now this doesn't mean they WILL, it's just that they are open to it. This is a HUGE increase from anything I've seen before now. Are you in this group? If my job allowed me to travel for a year I'd totally pull Q out of school and hit the road!

HERE IS A DOCTOR WHO SAYS WEARING A FACE MASK ISN'T JUST UNNECESSARY, IT'S HARMFUL TO SOME PEOPLE I was wearing an N95 mask the day I felt like I was going to pass out, and now I know that even healthcare workers struggle with them. This neurosurgeon has written an editorial that shows two things. One, there have been NO studies that show wearing a mask prevents infection. Two, that wearing a mask all day could actually create health problems for people. From the editorial:

There is another danger to wearing these masks on a daily basis, especially if worn for several hours. When a person is infected with a respiratory virus, they will expel some of the virus with each breath. If they are wearing a mask, especially an N95 mask or other tightly fitting mask, they will be constantly rebreathing the viruses, raising the concentration of the virus in the lungs and the nasal passages. We know that people who have the worst reactions to the coronavirus have the highest concentrations of the virus early on. And this leads to the deadly cytokine storm in a selected number.
It gets even more frightening. Newer evidence suggests that in some cases the virus can enter the brain.11,12In most instances it enters the brain by way of the olfactory nerves (smell nerves), which connect directly with the area of the brain dealing with recent memory and memory consolidation. By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.13

I am wearing now what I call a "courtesy mask' which is ill fitting and which I can totally breathe in and around. It does no actual protective duties but it looks like I'm complying. I can't breathe otherwise. I'm done making myself miserable without evidence that it's going to do anything.

DUMBASS ON AISLE FOUR, DUMBASS ON AISLE FOUR A guy went to City Market in Dillon wearing a KKK mask. While this is stupid and unnecessarily inflammatory it is NOT illegal so I'm not sure why Dillon Police are looking for the guy. If you want to be this person the First Amendment clearly protects such a stupid action but what the hell, dude? Why you gotta be such an ahole? Idiot. By the way, City Market had EVERY right to ask him to leave as a private business.

IF ANDREW CUOMO WEREN'T A DEMOCRAT, THEY'D BE CALLING HIM THE NURSING HOME ANGEL OF DEATH THIS Is what I've BEEN talking about in New York. New York's nursing homes have been DECIMATED by coronavirus and a lot of that has been caused by an edict that a nursing home could NOT refuse to take a patient diagnosed with covid, which lead to massive outbreaks in nursing homes throughout the New York City area. New York area hospitals have been dumping old patients who weren't recovering quickly enough into nursing homes, which is why their death rate in nursing homes is HUGE. If this were Ron DeSantis in Florida what do you think the coverage would be like? I think we all know. The policy has now been reversed, but it's too late. From the Wall Street Journal:

After mounting criticism and thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes—including several individual facilities that have lost more than 50 residents—the state on Sunday reversed the mandate, which said nursing homes couldn’t refuse to accept patients from hospitals who had been diagnosed with Covid-19. New York now says hospitals can send patients to nursing homes only if they have tested negative for the virus.
The policy before the U-turn is one of several decisions the state made that are now coming under fire, as New York’s death toll tied to nursing homes rises, to 5,398 presumed and confirmed fatalities as of May 12, more than any other state and a significant part of New York’s total deaths.
“The state has failed to protect the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Ron Kim, a Democratic member of the state Assembly whose Queens district has seen many nursing-home deaths. “The fact we maintained and pushed Covid-positive patients into facilities that were not equipped to handle them, it was a fatal error.”

THE SUN IS NAPPING AND WE MAY BE HEADED FOR SOME SERIOUS COLD WEATHER We are officially in a period of solar minimum where we will have much colder temperatures. The sun is producing almost zero sunspots right now, and that means less warmth for us. Although good news, our carbon emissions should keep us nice and toasty, amiright?? I can't wait to see how this is spun by the Warmies.

WE ARE LIVING THROUGH THE END OF THE DEPARTMENT STORE And this one hits me HARD. I've been a faithful JCPenney shopper for my ENTIRE life. First, my Nana would take me there, then I shopped there because they were one of the few stores that had tall size pants IN the store. While I was there, I would buy for Chuck and my sons and Q too. About six years ago, they hired some guy who built the Apple stores to redo their stores and literally DESTROYED everything about the store that brought me there. No more tall sizes. No more salespeople on the floor to help. The WORST lighting in the WORLD in the dressing rooms. All because they were chasing a younger demo whose buying habits had changed. RIP JCPenney, I'm ordering every pair of jeans you have in my size. This is a good story on why the old disrupters are now being permanently disrupted.

THE ROAR OF THE CROWD WILL BE PIPED IN THIS YEAR As the NFL makes plans to move ahead with the upcoming season without fans, Fox has confirmed that you will still hear the roar of the crowd...only it will be recorded from prior years. Now everyone can play the game I play with old shows with a laugh track: try to count how many time they use the same clip. It's fun if you're an audio nerd!

COULD A CALIFORNIA PHARMA COMPANY HAVE THE ANSWER TO COVID 19? This is really cool. A Pharma company in California says they have an antibody that can completely eliminate Covid 19 from someone's body. Read about it here and here's hoping that it works.

TARA READE HAS BEEN TELLING CONFLICTING TALES FOR A WHILE And this long article in Quillette by an author who isn't a Biden fan, though likely a Biden voter. Read it because it's actually pretty damning for the entire Feminist #metoo alleged sisterhood, which I personally find to be a crock.

WHAT DAY IS IT? If you can't remember, you're not alone. We've all given up trying to maintain some sense of normality.

DON'T BURN A FLAG IN GERMANY Because now it will get you three years in jail. The German government just outlawed the burning of the EU flag or any other flag for that matter. It's long been illegal to burn a German flag.

BIDEN SAYS HE WILL NOT PARDON TRUMP WHO HASN'T BEEN CHARGED WITH ANYTHING And this is one of those questions that really lets you know how much people like Lawrence O'Donnell HATE Trump. It's almost like all those people who chanted "Lock Her Up", huh?

A POLICE OFFICER WORRIED ABOUT VIOLENCE BECAUSE OF LOCKDOWN ORDERS IS LOCKED DOWN And by locked down, I mean suspended from the force. Read it here.

ND HE GETS A 10 WITH COWBOY BOOTS ON This cowboy is ready for the Olympics




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