Mandy's Thu Blog: It's Make Your Case Thursday

IT'S TIME TO MAKE YOUR CASE FOR STAYING CLOSED OR OPENING UP Because I'll be perfectly frank here, I don't know what the right answer is. A BIG part of me is all THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND And get back to living but the other part of me thinks YOU IDIOT YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE SICK. So I thought I'd put it out to you guys to make the case for or against. All positions will be considered. Get ready.

THE MAYOR HAS A PRESSER TODAY AT 1 And we're taking it because he's talking budget cuts and whatnot.

DAVE'S BARBER PAUL JOINS US TODAY To talk about the challenges facing salons and barbershops as they re open. He's on at 2ish after the Mayor!

THIS GUY SAYS TOSS ALL THE STUFF WE'RE DOING NOW AND START OVER And this column about shifting paradigms could apply to SO many of our problems in this country. Read this from the column:

The wrong way is to analyze the present system(s) focusing on problems and where things don’t work very well. This is “problems-based” thinking and it generally leads to fighting, finger-pointing, and even more friction. It seldom, if ever, works very well with the odds of failure being far greater than those of success.
Unfortunately, this is how most people attempt to address the present impasse. At its core, our political discourse is flawed because it remains mired in the same paradigm that caused the problems in the first place. In practice, it often means communication-based on “if I just repeat myself a little slower and a lot louder those dumb SOBs will finally understand!” thinking.
The other way to analyze and rebuild a system is to mentally toss it and all it was built upon in the trash and to start anew with a completely blank slate. With this thinking, one doesn’t focus on problems since there are none yet. This might sound counterintuitive but it leads to far better results.

It makes sense, doesn't it? I feel this way about our healthcare system. We need to tear it down and start over completely.

WHAT COOL THINGS HAVE YOU DONE DURING THIS LOCKDOWN? I know some people who have gotten a TON of stuff done during this lockdown. We are actually redoing The Q's room (I painted this morning as you can tell from my yellow hands) and I'd love hear about any sort of project or fun thing you and your family have done lately. I'm sick of complaining and need some good stuff today!

WHISTLEBLOWER WARNS OF DARK WINTER IF WE DON'T DO THE THINGS WE'RE ALREADY ALLEGEDLY DOING And by that I mean ramp up testing and urge people to wear masks and wash their hands. Immunologist Dr. Rick Bright is sounding the alarm in front of Congress where he says he was unfairly re assigned to another HHS department because he was saying things Trump didn't like. This is what he says we need to do to prevent the "dark winter" of coronavirus:

— Establishing a national testing strategy. The White House has urged states to take the lead on testing, even as the federal government pushes to make more tests and better ones widely available. Trump says the U.S. has “prevailed” on testing through this strategy, but in Congress Democrats are demanding a federal framework to encompass the whole nation.

— Doubling down on educating the public about basic safety measures such as frequent hand-washing andwearing masks in public placesas guidelines indicate. “Frankly, our leaders must lead by modeling the behavior,” said Bright, in a not-too-subtle reference toa president who conspicuously goes maskless.

— Ramping up production of essential equipment and supplies, from cotton swabs for testing to protective gear for health care workers and essential workers.

— Setting up a system to fairly distribute equipment and supplies that are scarce and highly sought. Eliminating state vs. state competition would increase efficiency and reduce costs, he wrote.

So there you have it.

MAYBE POSSIBLY MOUTHWASH COULD HELP PREVENT CORONAVIRUS? And I say it like that because there is NO evidence that mouthwash prevents the growth of coronavirus, just a THEORY that it MIGHT. So let's now have a run on Scope just yet.



AND NOW, A REAL COYOTE CHASES A REAL ROADRUNNER And this is what happens when man steps back and lets mother nature take over.

NOW COMPANIES ARE USING TRACKING SOFTWARE ON EMPLOYEES And these employees are working from home. If I were using MY computer and MY phone to work, which I am, I would simply say NO to a request to install keystroke tracking software on anything. If you are using company equipment I could make the case they have the right to know WHAT you are using it for. But I stand by my earlier comments that if you are getting your work done remotely does it even matter if you surf Wayfair for half an hour in the middle of the day?

THIS CORPSE APPEARS TO BE WAVING GOODBYE Though a bit creepy, the hand movement you can see if you look carefully at the coffin in this video is caused by rigor mortis. BUT WHO PUTS A WINDOW IN A COFFIN ANYWAY???


GRAFFITI ARTISTS ARE FINDING UNLIMITED CANVASES IN BOARDED UP BUILDINGS And they are going to town while they can in empty cities.

ONE PITCHER SAYS HE WON'T PLAY FOR LESS MONEY DURING A PANDEMIC And I get his point. Major League Baseball is asking players to take a 50-50 split of reduced revenues this year while not sharing excess revenues when times are good. He's got a point. I do think he's going to tick off baseball fans, but how many of them are working for LESS pay in more dangerous environment? I want baseball, but I get where he's coming from. They should actually get hazard pay. MLB made a record $10.7 BILLION in revenue last year. They can share.

CNN MADE GRETA THUNBERG A CORONAVIRUS EXPERT AND THE INTERNET WAS NOT KIND The dour 17 year old climate activist has now apparently expanded her expertise to coronavirus and CNN named her to their panel of "experts" for their upcoming town hall on the disease. The internet erupted.

WHEN DID FLATTEN THE CURVE BECOME FIND A CURE? STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING There is a LOT of cursing in this video, but I must say, this guy is my Spirit Animal right now.


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