Mandy's Fri Blog: It's Mike and Mandy at the Movies for Friday!

MIKE ROSEN IS ON AT 2 AND WE'RE TALKING MOVIES AND STUFF Dave made us watch The Five Pennies with Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong and it was really good. I have no idea what Mike has on tap for today but you'll find out at 2!

THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESSER AT 1 We will hear what he has to say and then jump back to the show asap.

THEY FINALLY ARRESTED THE GEORGIA FATHER AND SON WHO SHOT AND KILLED A BLACK JOGGER And it's about time. The State of Georgia stepped in when it became apparent through the release of a video showing what looks to be a clear cut murder imo that the DA's office had circled the wagons around their former investigator. Now the two men have been arrested. Read this for an overview, but then read this for more. This is shameful. That DA needs to lose his job. We'll keep you posted on what happens here.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO YOUTUBE KEEPS TAKING DOWN? I want to say clearly that I love conspiracy theories and I've watched a lot of nutty conspiracy theory videos just for fun. I feel like I can clearly recognize crazy when I see it. The video linked here (I'm not going to embed another YouTube link because it will be taken down again) has been repeatedly removed by YouTube. I honestly can't figure out why, except someone has decided that you should not hear any other views. I do NOT endorse anything in this video, but I would urge you to watch it. Use your own judgement and make your own decisions. This doesn't mean I think Covid 19 is a "hoax" or not real. It means that perhaps we are not being given the correct information entirely.

ANOTHER OBSERVATIONAL STUDY SAYS HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE ISN'T EFFECTIVE But this is just anecdotal stories from Columbia University. This might be the part of the story I am paying attention to the most:

Patients given hydroxychloroquine were generally sicker than the others, but widely accepted methods were used to take that into account and still no benefit was seen for the drug.

We'll see what happens with a study of health care workers being given this drug as a preventive.

JOE BIDEN HAD A VIRTUAL TOWN HALL AND IT DIDN'T GO WELL Apparently the Biden campaign is not up to speed on the basic technology we've all adopted since the beginning of the pandemic. The Tampa Town Hall was full of frozen screens, people who didn't know they were on camera and more goofs. I'm sorry I missed it.

OH, AND TARA READE'S EX-HUSBAND BACKED UP HER STORY IN COURT DOCS IN 1996 And since when Christine Blasey Ford's husband's testimony was to be taken AS GOSPEL when he backed her up, surely a court document from 1996 that references Reade being sexually harassed when she worked for Joe Biden might work. But I'm sure it won't.

I'M ON #TEAMPRAYINGMANTIS ALL THE WAY Did you see the best hope against the Murder Hornets that are now invading our shores? It's the Praying Mantis. And it's badass. The Praying Mantis goes all zombie killer and eats the murder hornets BRAINS. Whoa.


IF THAT VIDEO DOESN'T SATISFY YOU, HOW ABOUT A UFC FIGHT? Because UFC is back tomorrow night. UFC's Dana White said simply, "somebody has to be first." ESPN is grateful.

GET READY TO HAVE YOUR TEMPERATURE TAKEN BEFORE YOU BOARD A FRONTIER FLIGHT I personally think the reason they are doing this is because they caught such crap for trying to charge for a center seat. They've now announced that they will be checking every passengers temperature before they board planes and if your temp is over 100.4 they will make you sit for ten minutes and test you again.

WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE TWO IDIOTS DOING? Two Trump supporters have taken it upon themselves to perpetuate a series of scams accusing people they deem to be problematic for Trump of sexual assault. From Robert Mueller to Liz Warren to now Dr. Anthony Fauci, they get people to lie about being harassed or assaulted. There are not enough words to describe how STUPID this is and how much it angers me. It makes it harder for women to have their legitimate claims taken seriously. Just ask Tara Reade.

WHAT UP, JUPITER? A telescope in Hawaii caught an incredible image of Jupiter. Check it here.

DAY 1 OF QUARANTINE VS. QUARANTINE DAY 50 This is painfully accurate

HAVE YOU EVER ENCOUNTERED A SNAPPING TURTLE? This is exactly what it's like. They are MEAN. And kinda scary.


NO, THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DIDN'T HAVE ANY EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION And the transcripts of the testimony given to the House Intelligence Committee prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Read this. I've started reading the transcripts myself. I'll have a full report in the next week or two.

OH, AND OBAMA KNEW THE DETAILS OF FLYNN'S CALL BEFORE SOME FBI MEMBERS Including Sally Yates, who says she learned about the calls FROM Obama in a meeting with Comey in the White House.

WANT TO STAVE OFF THE RONA? GET SOME SUN. And I'm not kidding. Low Vitamin D levels are common in the populations most affected by Coronavirus. Correlation does not equal causation, but in this case, all you have to do to take advantage of this potential benefit is get some sun. Your body makes Vitamin D using the sun. That's it.

WHAT THE HELL SAN FRANCISCO? San Fran is providing FREE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS to homeless people they have quarantined. I'm not even making this up. They have 43 homeless addicts holed up at hotel and they are providing free alcohol, marijuana and methadone to them while they are there.

75 YEARS AGO TODAY, WE ACHIEVED UNCONDITIONAL VICTORY And we ended the European front of World War 2. Read this for more.

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