Mandy's Thu Blog: Let's Raise Some Money for Some Great Causes Today!

LET'S HELP RAISE SOME MONEY WITH OUR VIRTUAL RADIOTHON! Dalton Risner's job on the field is to protect the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Today he's trying to help protect people hurting during this coronavirus pandemic. We've teamed up with his Risner Up foundation to raise money for three really important organizations today. Find out more and donate by clicking here to go back to the KOA Newsradio website!

MEALS ON WHEELS IS ONE OF THE WORTHY CAUSES And I'm thrilled to have Dave Schunk, CEO of Meals on Wheels on today to talk about his organization and all they do to help homebound folks stay connected and fed. Again, go to the KOA Newsradio homepage at this link to donate!

HOLY CRAP THE GOVERNOR IS ON AT 1:35 TODAY TO TALK TO ME! THAT'S RIGHT, he's coming on the show! I only have ten minutes and I already know what questions I'm going to ask. Don't miss it.

THIS SHOOTING IN GEORGIA IS HORRIBLE And the fact that these men are still out on the street is ridiculous. Georgia has a lot of explaining to do about why the two men who allegedly waited for a black man who was jogging to cross their paths to they could confront him with guns and kill him have not been arrested. Of course there is a need for due process, but it's been TWO MONTHS. TWO MONTHS. I'm not saying that the law enforcement agencies are corrupt, but it sure does seem like these men are being given special treatment for some reason. The father in this situation used to work for the DA's office as an investigator and it feels like the "Good Ol' Boy Network" is in full effect. If you haven't seen the video, it's below,


I can't even imagine what it's like being his mother right now.

GOVERNOR JARED POLIS GETS A GOOD GRADE ON THIS MEASURE And I'm talking about the REOpening of Our Economy. You can read the full report here, but if you think Governor Polis has been overly cautious for no reason, check out what other states like Virginia are dealing with.

HOW ABOUT SOME QUARANTINE MOTHER'S DAY IDEAS? Good Housekeeping has some ideas for those of you who are normally "go out to brunch" types. Don't forget the Beau Visage Gift Card. I am looking forward to planting all my plants for my deck garden, as I do every year. At least there is no snow in the forecast as of now.

PERHAPS HOPE FOR PARALYZED PEOPLE A new study out of Ohio shows how scientists were able to use tech to give a man paralyzed in a swimming accident his sense of touch back. I love what's happening in this field right now.

I THINK THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF PEOPLE BEHAVING BADLY This article is about several instances of violence, including murder, that have broken out over masks being worn or not. I fear that much like the internet gives anonymity to those behind a keyboard, some will be emboldened BECAUSE they are wearing a mask to take action they wouldn't normally take otherwise. Don't let your mask make you a jerk.

LA COUNTY IS THINKING OF COMMANDEERING HOTELS THAT WON'T TAKE THE HOMELESS And this is why you should be cautious about taking government money or tax breaks. The Ritz-Carlton, which also houses 224 condos, is resisting the call to house homeless people at their property. The LA City Council is mad about that and is now threatening to "commandeer" properties which don't comply. My question is, how much is the city going to pay for rooms at the Ritz Carlton for homeless people? Are they paying rack rate? Are there not cheaper alternatives in a city with 98,600 hotel rooms?

JOE BIDEN THREATENS TO UNDO THE PROTECTIONS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS HE NOW ENJOYS As he stands accused of sexually assaulting Tara Reade, Joe Biden deserves due process. Just like any college student accused of sexual assault. Now Biden is promising to undo rules changes put in place by Betsy DeVos to guarantee basic due process rights to college students accused of sexual assault. Go figure.


REMEMBER THAT CUTE DOG ON YESTERDAY'S BLOG? He has a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. Sigh. Here is more from that adorable and profitable scamp.

IT'S HARD TO BE A FEMINIST BIDEN SUPPORTER THESE DAYS And this story on a series of columns by feminist Linda Hirshman where she says she's willing to sacrifice alleged sex assault victim Tara Reade because Joe Biden will be better than Trump. I sure hope she now understands all the women who voted for Trump with his allegations because we believed he would be better than Hillary.

YOU DON'T SEE THIS AT MANY SKATE PARKS But I'm suspicious because that fish isn't moving much when he holds it up.

I CAN CONFIRM THIS IS 100% TRUE Baking therapy is a thing and it's effective.

PROVING THAT WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY A paralyzed man changes his bike to allow himself to get some wind therapy when he wants.

MOST NEW INFECTIONS IN NEW YORK ARE FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE STAYING HOME And this is sort of unnerving. Governor Cuomo in New York says a full 66% of people who were recently admitted to area hospitals had been staying at home and not going out much. This sort of blows a hole in the Safer At Home thing, huh. The upside is they didn't SPREAD the infection to others at least.

COULD PFIZER HAVE A VACCINE BY SEPTEMBER? The race for the vaccine is ON and that's GOOD. Pfizer says it has a vaccine in human trials as of Monday and if it works they could roll it out by September. Fingers crossed, people. Don't get excited, because there are usually a lot of failures before success, but maybe pray a little about it if you could.

FRONTIER CAUGHT HELL AND HAS NOW REVERSED THEIR STUPID PLAN TO CHARGE FOR AN EMPTY MIDDLE SEAT And the clapback was STRONG when nickel and dime airline Frontier announced they would let people pay $39 to keep an empty middle seat next to them. The airline has dropped the charge.

SO THE NEW PRESS SECRETARY SEEMS PREPARED At least she was for this question about statements she made while working for the Trump campaign team.

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