Mandy's Wed Blog: Listen to This: A Podcast Debunking the 1619 Project

THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESSER AT 1:30 and we'll cover the Governor speaking and then get back to the show.

WE'VE TALKED ABOUT THE 1619 PROJECT AND HOW WRONG IT IS And I don't mean theoretically, I mean it's bad history done badly by the New York Times. Well the Claremont Institute noticed to and has done a podcast rebutting it. Listen the podcast by clicking here and I'll talk to the Claremont Institute's Ryan Williams at 1.

AND THE NEW YORK TIMES WON A PULITZER FOR THAT GARBAGE This is why the Pulitzer jumped the shark years ago.

I AM SO ANNOYED THAT MY TAX DOLLARS ARE NOW SUBSIDIZING DEMOCRATIC STATES WITH BAD GOVERNANCE And I'm not only talking about how California gets a crap ton of federal money as part of our budgeting system, now they have been approved for a massive bailout loan to pay their overly generous unemployment benefits without taking any more money out of their 147.8 BILLION dollar budget. That compares to Colorado's $48.4 billion dollar budget. And YET, here we are, bailing out the free spending blue state. This is sickening. Illinois and Connecticut have been approved to borrow as well. Talk about good money after bad.

WHY WON'T ADAM SCHIFF RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS A BIPARTISAN VOTE APPROVED FOR RELEASE? That's the question I'm asking asking after Acting Director of National Intelligence sent out a rather terse letter DEMANDING that all the transcripts from interviews from the House Intelligence Committee's Russian collusion investigation. Why hasn't he released them SINCE HE'S HAD THEM BACK FROM THE INTEL COMMUNITY SINCE JULY 2019??? Only Schiff knows and we all know when he's in charge of the Schiff show, things don't go right.

WOULD YOU TAKE A PAY CUT TO KEEP WORKING FROM HOME? According to some recent polling by a company that helps people work from home, the answer is yes. At least for 48% of respondents. I say those people are dumb. Why take a pay cut? If you are producing the same amount of work at home, you deserve the same money. NEVER DEVALUE YOUR PRODUCT, PEOPLE.

INTERESTING OR TERRIFYING? Should we be looking at alternatives to lockdown? This column makes the case quite effectively for what he calls "centralized quarantine". Think leprosy houses. Although I personally am not keen on the thought of being forced out of my home and into some sort of centralized other place where I can ride out a suspected case of Covid-19, it does appeal to me on the level of letting everyone get back to work. It really depends on what sorts of sacrifices Americans are willing to make for their fellow man, and since we have a bunch of people who can't even be bothered to protect others by wearing masks, I'm not sure it would fly.

SCIENTISTS MAY HAVE FOUND A WAY TO TURN OFF OUR FAT GENE And though this study is only in mice, it does raise an interesting theory that by controlling our inflammatory responses we may be able to control our weight. It also expands the theory that inflammation is a big part of the problem of obesity. This might be a line of research to watch.


THIS IS THE KIND OF THING THAT MAKES THAT CENTRAL QUARANTINE THING UNLIKELY As a mom in Dallas is going to jail for SEVEN DAYS because she had the nerve to open her hair salon. Watch this story.

HERE IS THE NEW TRAILER FOR SPACE FORCE The new show about the proposed Space Force.

AND HERE IS CHRISTIAN TOTO'S COLUMN ON THE SHOW And let's just say he isn't convinced this isn't just another vehicle to bash Trump. I hope not because the case it amazing.


NYC SHUTS DOWN SUBWAY FOR DEEP CLEANING And not for nothing, why did they wait until NOW? Mass transit is going to be found to be a mass spreader of Covid 19, and this is why LA hasn't been hit hard while New York and Chicago have. This morning for the first time in it's HISTORY, the entire subway system was shut down for deep cleaning. Again, why not before now?

THIS IS MY DREAM WHEN I'M OLD AND HAVE TIME A couple in England have created a gardening wonderland during this pandemic. I have goals.

IF JOE BIDEN WERE FORCED TO ABIDE BY THE STANDARDS HE SUPPORTS FOR COLLEGES, HE'S GUILTY AS HELL This column reminds us of that time when Joe Biden was part of the Obama Administration when they sent that letter to colleges telling them that women who accuse young men of sexual assault should not have to do ANYTHING to prove their case or be subjected to any questioning about the incident by the accused. By his own standards, he's guilty. But that was THEN and about SOMEONE ELSE so it doesn't matter now.

ELON MUSK'S BABY MAMA EXPLAINS THE IDIOTIC NAME OF THEIR NEW SON And now that I know what it means I think it's more stupid than before. Read it here.

NOW TWITTER WILL REMIND YOU NOT TO BE A JERK A few years ago I interviewed a 17 year old girl who came up with an add on for social media that flagged certain bully words and gently nudged the poster to choose better words. That idea has taken off (I sure hope she patented it) and now it's coming to Twitter. I honestly think people on Twitter will not care about said warning, but we'll see.

THE REAL REASON JOE BIDEN DOESN'T WANT HIS RECORDS RELEASED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TARA READE And everything to do with his abysmal record on pretty much everything. This guy has held EVERY position on EVERY topic and they don't want him to have to explain all the dumb crap he's said or done in his career. This column recounts some of Joe's greatest hits.

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