Mandy's Tue Blog: Mayor Hancock Has a Press Conference at 1

WE'LL CARRY THE MAYOR AT 1 He's supposed to outline what re opening Denver will look like as well as talk about the new mask mandate.

JON CALDARA IS ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT GROVER NORQUIST AND STUFF He's doing a Q and A tonight you can watch online.

NOTHING WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER THAN THIS OUTCOME FROM CORONAVIRUS At least when it comes to the office anyway. Could this virus be the end of the open office floor plan? From this article to God's ears on this one.

CORONAVIRUS KILLED THE PUBLIC OPTION IN COLORADO and I for one will not be at this funeral. Democrats have abandoned plans to create a state run health insurer because of the pandemic. This might be in the upside column.

THE SENATE IS BACK IN SESSION EVEN THOUGH IT'S FULL OF ELDERLY PEOPLE I'm just calling it like I see it. The average age of the US Senate is 62.9 years old, and you can't tell me some of those people don't have high blood pressure. The House is NOT back in session, perhaps because the Speaker is in the highest risk age group at 80 years of age. I'm only being somewhat snarky here. But the Senate is back anyway.

THE NEW YORK TIMES SUGGESTS THE FOX INVESTIGATE THE HENHOUSE AND THE INTERNET ERUPTS If you missed the NYTimes editorial this past weekend where the alleged "Paper of Record" said that the DNC....THE DNC.. form an "unbiased" panel of it's members to investigate the accusations against Joe Biden. WHAT? This is the white flag of surrender by the New York Times. They are officially out as stooges for the Democrats. As if there were any doubt. The internet was not kind.

THERE ARE MEAT LIMITS AT STORES NEAR YOU And I wasn't kidding when I warned you guys to go out and stock up on meat. Costco and Kroger are both limiting the amount of meat you can buy at their stores.

CONGRATS TO GREG GUTFELD FOR BEATING EREBODY IN LATE NIGHT And he beat BOTH Colbert and Fallon. Well done to a very funny guy.

THIS GUY IS MY HERO James Veitch answers spam emails.


THE CORONAVIRUS EXPLAINED IN A SHORT PLAY And it's worth reading because it clearly demonstrates HOW ABSURD this entire situation has become. And unfortunately this is probably more accurate than I like to think.

GOOD FOR ICELAND, BUT THIS MEANS NOTHING FOR US REALLY Iceland has tamed the coronavirus and is beginning to re open their economy with only 11 deaths in the country. Why can't we be like Iceland? Because we have more people in Denver than they have in Iceland, and it's an island with government obeying citizens and the ability to track everyone on the island.

YOU THINK YOUR NAME SUCKS? WELL GET IN LINE Weird rich dude Elon Musk has become a father again with his equally weird girlfriend Grimes. And they named their very cute little son X Æ A-12 Musk. I"m not sure what they will call him or how to pronounce this travesty. It looks like the chemical equation of a drug.

FLATTENING THE CURVE IS ONLY THE BEGINNING And I think everyone in charges has done a crap job of conveying this which is why it feels like they are constantly moving the goalposts when it comes to getting back to normal life. This column does a good job of explaining why we are YEARS away from a "normal" life without the discovery of an effective vaccine. It's depressing to read but at least you'll KNOW.


30% OF DENVER RESTAURANTS MAY CLOSE PERMANENTLY IF THEY CAN'T OPEN IN MAY And the Governor has indicated they are not ready to allow these businesses to open up before then. The guidance is shifting and frankly, that's not fair. I am trying to give grace to the Governor as they try to figure out the safest way to do this, but good grief, give these people SOMETHING. This article says restaurants are in a precarious situation because if they don't open up soon, there is no way they can open up at all. I wonder how people will feel if their favorite is among those that close forever?

GREAT, NOW THERE IS A MYSTERY ILLNESS STRIKING CHILDREN THAT MAY BE CONNECTED TO CORONAVIRUS But doctors in New York who have seen 15 of the mysterious illnesses in children are sounding the alarm bells. None of the children have died, so that's good. But if this is some sort of mutation of coronavirus we are so screwed.

THIS IS WHY WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE Well not me, but this woman.

A FIVE YEAR OLD GETS BUSTED DRIVING TO BUY A NEW CAR And it gets better. The young man was heading to California to buy himself a Lamborghini when his mom had the nerve to say she wouldn't buy it for him. I want to tsk tsk this kid but part of me is pretty sure he's going to be the boss of all of us someday.

WHERE'S THE BEEF, INDEED Wendy's is having to pull their signature burgers OFF the menu in some locations because of meat shortages. So far the menu items have only temporarily disappeared in California, Kentucky and South Carolina.

EVEN WHEN THE VIRUS IS GONE, CORONA ART WILL BE WITH US This story about musicians releasing coronavirus songs made me think about what will truly stand the test of time when all this is said and done. Will it be Gloria Estefan reworking "Get on Your Feet" into "Put on Your Mask"? Doubtful. But maybe some of these songs will be sung by our grandchildren about The Great Pandemic.

IN CASE YOU ARE OUT OF RECIPES, WHITE CASTLE IS HERE TO HELP I love to cook and I'll tell you that there might me a recipe in this list that I MIGHT try. MIGHT. Here is a list of recipes you can make USING a White Castle Slider. Godspeed. Here is the video of the White Castle Castlerole. See what they did there?

PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE DO THIS IN DENVER!! Drive in concerts are up and running in Lithuania! I want this to happen here!

DON'T COUNT SWEDEN OUT YET This editorial warns against judging Sweden's strategy on managing the coronavirus just yet. This is the same line of thinking I've shared all along, that we can't properly judge the outcome for years after the world manages to stop coronavirus, but they do have one aspect correct in that they will be able to get back to life sooner with better herd immunity more quickly.

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