Mandy's Mon Blog: Why Did Denver Cancel It's Halfway House Contract?

THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESSER TODAY AT 1:30 And we'll make sure you get the info you need and then get back to the show!

DAVE'S MOVIE FOR THIS WEEK'S MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES Is The Five Pennies with Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong. Watch it by clicking here.

SO MANY CHARITIES HAVE BEEN HIT HARD BY THIS PANDEMIC and though their big fundraising galas may have been cancelled this spring, the needs that they serve still exist. Dana Davis from the Children's Diabetes Foundation is on at 12:30 to talk about World Giving Day and how you can help.

DID THE CITY OF DENVER CANCEL A HALFWAY HOUSE CONTRACT OUT OF SPITE? Kelly Sloan recently wrote this column about the curious case of the end of the contract with a private company to manage Denver's halfway houses. In it, he shows how a former mayoral candidate who previously held the contract and Communist City Council member Candi CdeBaca cancelled the contract without a viable replacement in place. I'll talk to Kelly about it at 1. It does seem that Miss Cdebaca does communism right, where the well connected have the power to disrupt a viable bidding process.

DEAR COLORADO LEGISLATURE, SHOULDN'T YOU GUYS BE DECIDING WHAT'S CUT? And I'm talking about the budget. Of course with the makeup of the current legislature there is no doubt in my mind that most of the Governor's suggestions will be taken without question. Some Republicans are making hay of the Governor's hard sequestration caps, but they say it isn't going to be enough. We'll see what they do when they finally come back into session.

DEAR FLATLANDERS, STAY HOME that's the message from our mountain communities who say that the influx of you heathens from the city is stressing their first responders and making everyone feel unsafe or something. This sounds like cover for people who have access to the beautiful outdoors not wanting to come in contact with those from elsewhere. If you're worried about first responders being put in danger, place signs at every trailhead that anyone from out of the county is not going to rescued if they need it. (I'm being cheeky, they won't do that)

MOST UNEMPLOYED COLORADANS ARE MAKING MORE BY STAYING HOME And the break point is $30 an hour. Make more than that, and it's more effective to go back to work. Less than that, and you are making bank! I don't blame you by the way if you want to stay home! I'm sad that once again government has made things worse by allegedly trying to make things better, but here we are.

SOME OF US AREN'T GETTING FAT DURING THE PANDEMIC Though some of us *cough* certainly are. Connected scales checked the data being uploaded by it's customers and say most of those people are not gaining much weight, if any, during the pandemic. But fun fact, the people more likely to have a connected scale are those who are more health conscious anyway. Just saying.

TWO THIRDS OF AMERICANS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE RETURNING TO THEIR WORKPLACE And I have to wonder when people say they won't return until at least August if those people are enjoying more money on unemployment than they are at work. How confident are you returning to work? I'm asking this question today.


AND THEN DID YOU SEE WHERE TRUMP CRAPPED ALL OVER IT? If you want to know why I do NOT like the man who is our President, this is a prime example. W put out a video TO THE PEOPLE asking people to be compassionate and come together and Trump immediately has to make it about him. Ugh.

HERE IS WHAT BASEBALL COULD LOOK LIKE THIS YEAR As MLB tries to find some way to make this season work without forcing a lot of unnecessary travel on players and teams, they have cooked up a scheme that would result in three divisions and expanded playoffs. I'm all for it. Let's do it.



BIDEN IS REFUSING TO RELEASE RECORDS AND BE TRULY TRANSPARENT and this is a problem is he's trying to grab the moral high ground from President Trump. And let's be real, Trump hasn't exactly set the moral high ground bar very high. Biden is not going to allow the release of his records in Delaware for fear they may be "taken out of context". I think the real fear is they will be taken IN context.

IF YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF BED GET A SAINT BERNARD Because when a 140 pound dog jumps on you in bed, you will get up. The average American says they need two alarms and a snooze before getting out of bed. I'm a jump right up sort of person. I know, it's weird.

HEY DENVERITES, MASK UP OR YOU'LL FACE RIDICULOUS FINES my favorite part is where businesses are supposed to bar entry to people without masks on, and then deny service if the person does come in without a mask. So we've essentially put retail workers in charge of enforcement. This should be fun. The fines are up to $999 in case you were wondering.

THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING COLUMN FROM A DOCTOR IN THE UK ABOUT CORONAVIRUS And it's oddly comforting. This former ICU doc decided to volunteer to help out at his local hospital and found it to be not so bad.

RIP TO ONE OF THE GREATEST COACHES EVER DON SHULA He passed away this morning at the age of 90. Thanks for the memories, Coach.

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