Mandy's Fri Blog: Mika Brought the Wood to Joe Biden

THE GOVERNOR IS ON AT 1 For a press conference.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI COMPLETELY PRESSED JOE BIDEN ON THE TARA READE ACCUSATIONS And I have to say, I'm actually impressed with Mika on this one, and that is rare. She was not going to let Biden off the hook and frankly, I think she rattled him badly in the first five minutes and he did not perform well in the rest of the interview. Watch the whole thing here.

Now are they going to invite Tara Reade on the show to get her side of the story? That would be real journalism.

JOE BIDEN WON'T RELEASE RECORDS THAT MAY HELP TARA READE If you watched the interview above, you saw Joe Biden punt the question about opening up the records stored in Delaware. This story gives more context to the entire conversation.

CAN I ASK THE HARD QUESTION? WHAT IF WE ARE ORDERED TO LOCKDOWN AGAIN? This is happening in Spain, Germany, and France right now. China is locking everyone down again to stop a second wave. I have to say, people are getting cagey and don't like being told they need to stay home. I just don't see this going well.

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY AT 2! And I have no idea what I was supposed to watch.

SO SWEDEN ISN'T BEING SO LOOSY GOOSY AS I INITIALLY THOUGHT WITH CORONAVIRUS This article explains the reality of what is happening in Sweden right now. NO, Sweden hasn't officially "locked down" the state as we have here. But they HAVE issued recommendations and most Swedes are following them. Read this for a fuller picture of what's going on. It seems to hinge on the fact that Swedes are much more likely to follow recommendations from government than we are. They may not NEED a lockdown. They just do what they are told.

AND NOW, A SPECIAL REQUEST VIA TWITTER FOR A MUSICAL INTERLUDE Thanks to Twitter pal Inappropriate Gentleman who suggested this song as a little pick me up for the day. Send me your requests via email or Twitter.

AND NOW, A HYMN WRITTEN BY PIRATES I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard but it did.

HOW DO THE ARTS GET UP AND RUNNING IN NEW YORK? This author looks to guidance from how New York handled the Spanish Flu. But it doesn't give any satisfactory conclusions, imo.

TRUMP'S PRESS SECRETARY IS HOLDING HER FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE And it's about time, as her predecessor never seemed to have the time to meet the press. We'll see what Kayleigh McEnany is made of today.

A MAIL CARRIER IS DEAD OVER AN AGGRESSIVE DOGS AND WITHHELD STIMULUS CHECKS and this story is just tragic and unnecessary and reaffirms my belief that some people are just horrible human beings. If you knowingly keep an aggressive dog and can't make sure your mail can be delivered safely anyway, you are a scumbag.

AI BEATS HUMANS WHEN IT COMES TO JUDGMENT WITH FEW DETAILS At least that's my takeaway from this study about a war games situation. Unlike in the movie where the computer nearly starts World War 3 because it accepts bad information as real, it seems AI is more likely to take a cautious approach to starting a war. I am oddly comforted by this when the robots take over.

AMERICANS LOVE THEIR LABS And I'm talking about doggos here. For the staggering 29th year in a row, labrador retrievers are at the top of the most purchased list of dogs. Maybe in a hat tip to the Queen though, corgis are coming on strong!

JOE BIDEN THINKS TARA READE DESERVES A SENATE HEARING Oh, my bad, he thought Dr. Ford deserved one, not Reade.

DRIVE IN THEATERS ARE BACK, BABY! And now that I have a super comfortable car I'd love to do this. The Holiday Twin is back open in Fort Collins this weekend, but all the shows are already sold out.

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW COMETS COULD DISINTEGRATE AND NOW WE HAVE PICTURES From the Hubble telescope. This stuff is so cool. The only not cool thing about it is if the comet DIDN'T disintegrate we would have been able to see it on Earth in May. So dang.

WESTERN CULTURE NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT LEST IT BE LOST And Western Culture is more than slavery and patriarchy no matter how many times you're told it isn't. It's freedom and self determination and free markets and innovation. This column does a lovely job explaining why we need to demand better from our educational institutions than what we are getting now.


THIS IS JUST THE SWEETEST THING EVER A little girl remembers when she met her mommy.

DUDE, LOOK AT THIS KID'S FISH! A THIRTY POUND lake trout! Call me jealous...



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