Mandy's Thu Blog: If Your Business Needs a Deep Clean

GETTING YOUR BUSINESS CLEAN HAS TAKEN A NEW TURN And we've gone from needing trash cans emptied to needing to make sure our workplace is safe from viruses for employees and customers. I've got Aspen Maintenance owner Mark Anderson on at 1:30 to talk about how to make that happen. Find Mark and have him clean your business by clicking here!

NANCY PELOSI THINKS DR. BLASEY FORD LIED ABOUT KAVANAUGH Oh she doesn't address Ford at ALL in this interview, but if you listen to what she says, she clearly states that she is dismissing the allegations by Tara Reade against Joe Biden because no one who worked for Joe Biden at the time of the alleged attack remembers any charges being levied at the time. So she must be lying is the implication. Watch for yourself.

Funny how quickly the goalposts move when the accused is a Democrat. Oddly, this as noted lefty on MSNBC Chris Hayes actually seemed to present the story fairly.

Let's just say the internet was not kind and now #firechrishayes is trending on Twitter.

OH, AND JOE BIDEN APPOINTED A KNOWN SEXUAL HARASSER TO HIS VP COMMITTEE And that known sexual harasser is former Senator Chris Dodd, who took part in what has come to be known as the "waittress sandwich" episode with the late Ted Kennedy. Read the whole story here.

EATING MEAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! BEING VEGETARIAN MAKES YOU SAD. That is the result of a massive study of 160,000 people that found meat eaters were mentally happier and healthier than vegetarians. There is nothing about this that I find surprising. Nothing.

COSTCO SHOPPERS, YOU BETTER BRING YOUR MASKS Costco has announced that beginning May 4th they will return to their normal shopping hours, but they are going to require ALL shoppers and employees to wear masks in the store. I've seen some people madder than a wet hen about this but they have the right to set the rules for their stores and you have the right to now shop there if you don't want to wear a mask. FREEDOM!



A 47 YEAR OLD MANNY RAMIREZ WANTS TO GET BACK INTO BASEBALL And he's got his eye on a roster spot in our beloved Taiwan League. After watching some of their baseball, I'm gonna say he has a shot.

COULD A MANHATTAN PROJECT STYLE TEAM LEAD TO A QUICKER VACCINE? One of the things I love about Trump is his willingness to bring in anyone he thinks may be able to help a situation to solve a problem. It could be from the private sector or the government sector, he doesn't really seem to care. And now he's created a Manhattan Project style team made up of private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and the military to find and produce a vaccine in a shortened time frame. Their goal is to have 300,000,000 doses of the not-yet-discovered vaccine by January. Here's hoping it works. I still happen to believe in American ingenuity.

THE FBI TAKES ANOTHER HIT WITH NEW DOCS IN THE MICHAEL FLYNN CASE The documents released yesterday seem to show the FBI was clearly setting a "perjury trap" so they could charge Flynn with SOMETHING while they were investigating him for a Logan Act violation. Watching the spin on this is amazing. This column in the WaPo alleges that what the FBI did was okay because:

One very valid question raised by the new documents, though, comes when the unnamed official muses about whether the goal is to “get him fired.” It’s one thing to choose between letting Flynn admit his wrongdoing or lie about it; it’s another to suggest a potential aim is his removal from his White House post. That would seem to be something that is beyond the purview of law enforcement, and it’s key to claims that Flynn was personally targeted.
But also keep in mind the Yates development: There was real concern around this time that Flynn had not just done something wrong, but that he had opened himself up to blackmail by the Russians because of his actions. In that case, it may be more understandable that the FBI saw some value in getting him removed from such a high-profile post, irrespective of whether he had committed a crime, because of the possibility that he was compromised.

Got that? The FBI was okay because if THEY decided he MIGHT be compromised THEY needed to get him fired. There is SO MUCH WRONG with that. This column argues that the case should be completely dismissed and I have to agree with it.

GRETA THUNBERG IS WRONG ABOUT CORONAVIRUS TOO Because she has announced she is teaming up with a Danish non profit to lead the fight against coronavirus. Why?

Thunberg said in a statement that “like the climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic is a child-rights crisis” that will affect youngsters now and in the long-term, especially the most vulnerable.

Except children suffer almost no symptoms or deaths from this virus. But you do you, Greta.

WHAT'S THAT? YOU MADE A BOWLING ALLEY IN YOUR HOUSE? People are getting next level creative during quarantine.


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