Mandy's Wed Blog: Stephen Moore Talks Economic Stuff

THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESSER NEAR 1:30 And we will carry it live.

STEPHEN MOORE IS BACK FOR MORE NERDY ECONOMIC STUFF And you can hear him at 1. We're talking about how to open up the economy again.

DAVE WILL HAVE A FULL REPORT ON JOE BIDEN'S CHICK TOWN HALL LAST NIGHT Although we already knew that Hillary was going to be there and endorse him.

WHY DOES CORONAVIRUS HIT MEN HARDER THAN WOMEN? It's not speculation, it's born out by the data. Men are more likely to die of coronavirus. Why? They don't know. It could be chromosomal, it could be related to testicles, it could just be that coronavirus hates men. I made that last one up.

CHINESE COMPANY STRONG ARMS UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BY BANNING THEIR FILMS AT AMC I had a story yesterday about how the straight to on-demand release of Trolls World Tour had gone so well for Universal Studios that they were planning on releasing other films on-demand the same day they released in the theaters. AMC, which is owned a by a Chinese billionaire, did not take kindly to this and have responded that they will no longer show Universal Studios films. I think this is a gross miscalculation by AMC. They are underestimating how happy we all are to watch stuff on our giant tvs.

I JUST DON'T SEE THIS ROBOT PARENTING THING ENDING WELL And an AI specialist says that by 2050, parenting will be entirely optional. Or you could just turn your kids over to robot caregivers instead. I'm sure this is much like things used to be done, where servants raised the children to the manor born. Only with robots. This unnerves me somehow. Sad thing is, many parents would jump at the chance. Letting robots do the heavy lifting during the teen years does seem appealing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL! The MLB is somewhat confident they are going to be able to get a shortened season up and running by late June. Not the normal way, but with re aligned leagues and less travel. I'll take it. I'll take anything. And I'm buying as many rookie cards from this year as I can, because they will be special. No fans in the stadiums, but BASEBALL.


DE BLASIO IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING And he stepped in it yesterday by calling out the Jewish community after a huge funeral for a rabbi was busted up by the cops. It wasn't enough that the cops did that, DeBlasio sent out the following tweet:

This is after he was busted for breaking his OWN travel restrictions to take a stroll in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Let's just say the tweet was not well received.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WORK FROM HOME: WEAR PANTS Especially if you are going to do a live shot with Good Morning America. Reporter Will Reeve got caught without his and it's actually very funny to me. He had on some sort of shorts, but still. Fun fact: I've seen evening news anchors come out from behind the desk wearing a suit jacket, shirt and tie and basketball shorts and shoes.

BEST. MAKEUP. TUTORIAL. EVER. This is what happens when a husband and wife have too much time during quarantine together. It's perfect. I cried watching this today.

THERE IS ONE LUCKY DUDE IN PUEBLO A guy who has played the same numbers for 30 years has won 2 million bucks from two tickets he bought for the Powerball.


COULD WE HAVE A CORONAVIRUS VACCINE BY SEPTEMBER? Some Oxford University researchers are hopeful that their vaccine will be ready to go by then. They had a jump start because they've been working on vaccines for similar viruses and have already moved their vaccine into the testing phase. Say a little prayer that this works!

IF YOU'VE GOT THERMOMETER QUESTIONS This article has thermometer answers.

SHE HAS THAT EFFECT ON US TOO, JOE Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep during his town hall with Hillary Clinton. Who can blame him? Watch this.

It's not like he's been busy with campaign events.

YOUR PUP COULD BE SAD WHEN YOU GO BACK TO WORK And dog experts are warning that they could suffer from separation anxiety when you go back the office. Cats, however, have started to mark the days until they can be left alone again.

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