Mandy's Tue Blog: POTUS on at 1

THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS AT 1 About the Paycheck Protection Program so I'm not sure how much show I'm going to have, but here's what is currently planned.

DR. GARY IS ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT A BUNCH OF STUFF The state shut down chiropractic offices without taking into account that many people can't function without regular treatment. He's on today to talk about boosting your immune system and getting help when you need it without going to ER. Find out more or schedule by clicking this link.

PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO MAKE HAY OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD FOR JOE BIDEN And I think this may get interesting after all. We'll see if it comes up in his Women's Town Hall tonight. Spectator USA did a fun story where they went and found quotes of recent Biden advisers talking about Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser. Note the difference on Joe Biden's accuser. I wonder why? You do have to give an email to read the whole story here. This is all the more egregious because more people are coming forward to corroborate Ms. Reade's story.

IS MICHELLE OBAMA GEARING UP TO BE VP? Michelle and Barack have been busy as board members of Netflix. Now they are gearing up to release a new documentary about Michelle's book tour for her best selling memoir Becoming. Many are speculating that this means she is gearing up for a higher profile and maybe a VP slot. I have some words on this.

GOVERNOR POLIS SAYS IF WE DON'T ALL ACT THE WAY WE SHOULD HE WILL GIVE US THE HOSE AGAIN And of course he didn't ACTUALLY say that, but he did say that if we all ran out and made other people sick he would lock us up again. I don't think we will go quietly into the night this time, but that's just me. He also encourage people to snitch on their neighbors and I know some of you will totally do this. And shame on you. Shame on you.


DID YOU KNOW WE ARE IN A PACT WITH CALIFORNIA BUT NOT OUR NEIGHBORING STATES? Our Governor decided to have us join what's being called the Western States pact with California, Oregon and Washington to decide how to re open OUR state. Nevada signed on yesterday too. You know who is missing? Our border states. You know, the ones that will be the most directly impacted by our decision making? Here's a map, in case you need reminding of WHO borders our state. By the way, Governor Polis said this wasn't political. But oddly, only Democrat Governors have signed on.

Map of the US

HERE ARE TWO ER DOCS WHO SAY QUARANTINE IS A BAD IDEA On the heels of the article I shared on yesterday's blog we have a couple of ER docs who are urging the end of the lockdowns and quarantines. They did a press conference last week and discussed it. Fun fact, the press conference was shared on a television station's YouTube channel. The presentation, which is TWO DOCTORS talking about covid, was taken down for violating YouTube's standards.

I'M STILL WATCHING SWEDEN FOR YOU And here is the latest on how their "herd immunity" strategy is going, but don't get too hyped up about these numbers. Sweden is using the "rip the bandaid" off approach while the surrounding nations are using the "peel it off slowly" approach. I think a comparison in three years of total Covid deaths will be the most appropriate comparison.

WHY EVERYONE HATES THE MEDIA, PRESS CONFERENCE EXAMPLE One must wonder if this woman even knows that the word "journalism" means. She reminds me of that gossip columnist in Harry Potter.

TROLLS 2 COULD BE THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR THEATERS Because the new animated film was released straight to demand three weeks ago and has made more in those three weeks than the original did in five months in theaters. They have my money. It's cute, fyi. Now studios are realizing that they can make money without the middle man of theaters.

HERE'S A CHALLENGE FOR YOU But not for me because these just seem stupid, but whatever floats your boat, amiright? Now people are making dresses out of shopping bags. That's it.

BOULDER ADMITS PLASTIC BAGS AREN'T ALL THAT BAD Because they have continued the suspension of their bag fee during coronavirus because reusable bags are more likely to spread the illness. Heh.

A PLASMA DONOR GETS TO MEET THE MAN HE HELPED SAVE Plasma donation from someone who has recovered from Covid 19 is being used to help people who are fighting the illness. A man in Texas was on a ventilator until he got a plasma donation. He got to thank his donor.




NEED A LITTLE 20 MINUTE PICK ME UP? Listen to my friend Kyle's podcast called Sinkful of Dishes. I really dig it! He does use some bad language so you've been warned.

YES, WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT FOOD SHORTAGES ABOUT NOW Did you see that the CEO of Tyson foods bought a full page ad last Sunday to warn the country about the massive hits the food chain supply has taken in the last few weeks. What that means is that pretty soon, it is going to get a lot harder to get your hands on some foods, and meat is particularly at risk here. Multiple processing facilities have been shut down due to coronavirus outbreaks and that means animals will not be processed for human consumption. Before PETA rejoices, those animals will still be destroyed, they just won't make it to grocery store meat cases. I'm not telling you what to do, but if you like meat, you may want to fill your freezer today or tomorrow.

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