Mandy's Mon Blog: Monday Motivation with Michelle!

WE'VE OFFICIALLY REACHED THE "THIS TOTALLY SUCKS" PART OF QUARANTINE And if you, like me, have been a bit too free with the bread making, the coffeed cake making and whatnot, never fear! I've got my favorite fitness guru Michelle Zellner on today to give your motivation a bit of a boost. Michelle joins me at 1 to get you up and moving. Buy her book if you really want to start living your best life or have her help you or your company be healthier by clicking here!

HAS EVEN YOUR PET HAD ENOUGH OF QUARANTINE? I've got Carl Peterson, CEO of Bark Busters on today to talk about how to help your pet come out of this better than ever before! Find a local Bark Busters dog trainer by clicking here. Carl is on at 2.

ONE DOC SAYS ENOUGH WITH THE LOCKDOWN ORDERS And he uses HARD DATA to make his case that these lockdown orders were based on very scary and very WRONG models. He says we need to let people get on with life and work to protect those who are most vulnerable. It's a very interesting article. I shall share today.

SO WHAT DOES SAFER AT HOME MEAN ANYWAY The Governor's office sent out guidance LAST NIGHT a few hours before his lockdown order expired. So what does this mean for you and the things you like to do? Well, it depends. On where you live, what you want to do and other stuff that isn't addressed at all. No mention of fitness centers of any kind so don't pack that gym bag just yet. Here is an overview.

MY FRIEND KELLY IS LIVING OFF HER FARM FOR A YEAR And you should follow and subscribe to her YouTube channel for magic like this video of her trying to make bread with a toddler and a baby goat.

OTHER THAN THAT, MRS. LINCOLN, HOW WAS THE PLAY? The Longmont Times-Call had to issue a correction SO BIG one must wonder why they didn't just retract the whole store altogether. The original story was a hit piece on oil and gas and air quality. Oil and gas pushed back with considerable facts and the paper was forced to admit the entire article was a crap piece of alleged journalism. I'd like to know how the reporter was disciplined.

JOHN MCCAIN LEAKED THE STEELE DOSSIER FOR SURE Although this was widely "known" we now have somewhat confirmation via emails FINALLY released by the FBI after a 2017 FOIA request by Judicial Watch. Read this whole story. I do not like John McCain. I think he was a weasel and petty and small and because he was mad we are saddled with Obamacare forever. And now we know he was a liar too. From the story:

While acknowledging he had given the dossier to the FBI, McCain had denied being the source of theBuzzFeeddossier report. Butcourt filingswhich were unsealed in March 2019 show the Arizona Republican senator and an associate had shared the dossier with several media outlets.

He was a liar.

ENOUGH WITH THE SAPPY CORONAVIRUS ADS ALREADY THIS COLUMN READ MY MIND. Don't get me wrong, I am all for showing gratitude and support to those health care professionals working hard right now, but ENOUGH with the "in these uncertain times" ads. Enough. Read this for more.

WE'VE GOT SIX MORE SYMPTOMS FOR CORONAVIRUS! The CDC added more common symptoms of Coronavirus to their website. Now bolo for these:

The CDC now recognizes chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell as possible symptoms of COVID-19.
Previously, the public health institute associated the symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing with the disease.

So we've got that going for us.

WOW, BELIEVE ALL WOMEN DIDN'T LAST LONG And Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade is calling out the media for their GLARING (more GLARING than normal even) lack of coverage of her believable accusations against the Democratic nominee. Weirdly, the episode of Larry King from years ago where Reade's mother called his show to ask what a woman whose concerns were being ignored should do has been Epsteined from the Google archives. CNN says not only are those episodes not licensed to Google (they don't play when you try to click on them) but CNN has NOTHING to do with those listings so someone at Google made that happen.

GUYS, IF YOU'RE PICKING UP A DATE, CLEAN YOUR DANG CAR A dirty car is a MAJOR turnoff in the dating world. I concur. If you have a date, clean your car. Period. Oh, and it's a major turnoff for clients as well.

THIS KID IS GONNA RUN THE WORLD. And how many of us would have judged this dad differently before seeing this video? Dad of the Year, imo.



WELL THIS IS A SURPRISE At least it's short.


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